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Brazilian Mango Flower Scented Candle

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Brand: Glade / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      22.02.2012 15:07
      Very helpful



      A decent enough scented candle from Glade okay at sale price but not at full price

      Glade Brazilian Mango candle

      This lovely little glass jar containing the scented candle from Glade jumped into my trolley on my last visit to Tesco. I allowed it, and two others, to stay as they were on special at £2.00 each. I do have quite a collection of candles bought and ones I have got as gifts but I still thought these were worth buying as you can never have too many candles in my view. I always think scented candles are more necessary in winter when the windows tend not to be open and we are inside more.

      The candle is in a small rounded glass jar without a lid. The jar came with a cardboard outer but luckily you could still smell the candle as the cardboard outer didn't cover the entire candle. I tried smelling them all and came away with this and two others. You will have to wait for the next reviews to find out which.
      The jar is an orange colour with a pattern in the plastic sleeve. The jar itself is clear and it is only this shrink wrap sleeve that is colored quite a strong orange colour. There are flowers and patterns decorating the outside of the jar so it does look quite attractive and certainly wouldn't look out of place in a sitting room or bedroom. If you are in to candles in the bathroom then it would look fine in there too.

      The actual candle is weighs 120g. On the front of the cardboard outer is a mango and a flower with leaves and the colours are pale orange and the picture is on the bottom half. I am also informed that the candle will last up to 30 hours but I think they are quite safe in claiming that as I cannot imagine anyone timing a candle burn but maybe I am wrong. I am not going to bother as I have far too many other things to do in my life!

      I lit this candle today and it has been burning for about 4 hours in quite a small room with the door closed as it is cold and we have the small radiator on rather than heating the entire house. Times are hard and we are also trying to do our bit for the planet. As we were all in the room with the two cats I decided to light the candle to make the atmosphere more fragrant.

      I loved the subtle fruity smell of this one and found it quite fresh but it certainly wouldn't bowl you over in a larger room. Glade candles have been quite good I have found in the past and this was one of the nice ones. The smell is fruity and sweet but not unnatural at all. It is as though I have just peeled a mango and made a fruit salad and this is how the room smells as a result.

      How this candle is scented is not divulged on the pack but I am warned that

      "Air fresheners do not replace good hygiene practices".

      So bummer I will have to continue cleaning the house and washing my clothes and having baths. What an amazing surprise. Who do they write these instructions for? Or should I ask "Who thinks of this sort of rubbish to write on packs?" I am honestly almost struck dumb with amazement at things I read on some packs.

      Anyway this candle is not full of natural essential oils and natural ingredients which is probably why it doesn't smell that natural or that strong. It does contain octabenzone, 2-(4-tert-butybenzyl|) propionaldehyde, coumarin. Now doesn't that really tempt you? Apparently this may cause an allergic reaction. I am now wondering why I allowed this to jump into my trolley as it sounds more like a bomb than a scented candle.

      Curiosity has got the better of me and I have discovered that octabenzone, is used to protect polymers against damage by UV light. Then the next ingredient propionaldehyde "is a colourless liquid with a slightly irritating, fruity odour".Then finally coumarin "is a compound that smells like vanilla. "It is usually derived from the tonka bean but can be obtained from other plants. Ha ! so we were right that is where the vanilla smell comes from. No mention of any connection with honey or chocolate at all so no wonder it doesn't smell of either.

      Well the candle has burned about four hours and I keep going out into the rest of the house, suffering the cold, the things I do for research, and coming back in after doing a few jobs and eI come back into our cosy room I can smell the fruity scent which is very welcoming .

      I can say however that if you were depending on this to cover yucky smells then it might well have trouble as it is not a very strong aroma.

      I would suggest that you could have this one burning during a meal as the smell is quite subtle. It might be better during the dessert rather than the main course though as it is quite sweet and fruity. I'm not sure though that any scented candle would add much to a meal so save them for the relaxing area of the house to move into after you have enjoyed your meal. This would be nice and fresh sort of aroma to welcome people into a room and I have also found that it is quite good at getting rid of stale cooking smells if they have lingered from the night before.

      As I said this candle was on special at £1.50 but I am not sure that I would pay the full £3.00 price as I don't really feel it is that good and I have found a Yankee tart would do a better job and last just as long if you bought two which would be the same price .

      The other thing that annoys me with these Glade candles is that they only burn in the middle and after the wick has died you are left with a lot of scented candle wax around the edges of the jar. I have discovered that once you get the wax out (stick the jar in the freezer for about five minutes) then I use this wax as a wax tart and burn it in my burners and this works really well.

      I also take the plastic wrapper off the jar and wash it all out and I keep these for using with night lights or the little wax candles that you put under the burners and in the jars when you have a few of them they look really nice. They look even better if you put coloured and scented ones in there or indeed you can put the led ones in too.

      I also use the jars for putting pot pouri or dried flowers like rose heads in as they look really pretty. At the moment mine are filled with lavender from my garden which gives a lovely scent and they look nice in sets of three in the bedroom. I get my rose heads from the garden or from bouquet I have bought and as the flowers are getting to the end of their life as cut flowers in a vase I cut the heads off really close to the head and then put them on our wood burning stove on the top and they dry really well keeping their shape and a lot of their colour too.

      So in short I would recommend this candle but it isn't the best I have ever had It looks pretty and burns with a pleasant fragrance but not one that is really strong. Don't forget to get the remaining wax out and use as a wax tart and re-cycle the jar into something creative or just re-cycle it with glass as usual.

      Thanks for reading and hope this has been of some interest to you. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.

      © catsholiday


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