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Candlelite Cotton Comfort & Ocean Breeze Candle

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Brand: Candlelite / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      21.06.2010 22:20
      Very helpful



      It looks like a Yankee Candle until you see the cheap price; better than pound shop candles though.

      When I first discovered BN stores (an extension of Au Naturelle chain stores) I must admit I didn't take much notice of what they had on offer. They have budget household appliances by names I've never heard of, products in their bath ware section that look too garish but for the most part BN caters well either for consumers with tight budgets or consumers who don't really care what they are buying at the time/lack of brand preference. They also sell many scented candles, the more recent company seems to be American in origin and known as "Candelite," who are more famous for their outlandish home parties in the UK charging buyers premium prices for candles that aren't as strong and wavering as Yankee Candle.

      Candle-Lite have been producing candles since 1840 under the "Emery" name before changing to "Candle-Lite," in 1953. Now to many buyers this bit of info may not be important; but to candle lovers and buyers, Candle-lite products are hard to come by in the UK unless you go to a private candle party and I've only ever seen them in BN stores beside BN's own exclusive brand scented candles (which in my opinion are no good for good scents.)

      This is my second venture into Candle-Lite's scented candle range. My first candle was a sweet candle which I bought on a whim and was pleased to find it wasn't as sickly sweet as its Yankee Candle copied design of three different coloured layers of scented wax suggested. Candle-lite have done the same thing again with the "Cotton Comfort & Lake House & Ocean Breeze," a very long title that even I had to shorten to propose here on Dooyoo. Sold at a price beating £2-99, this 22oz/ 160 hour burning time jar candle is about the same size as Yankee Candle's large candle jars but sold at BN for £3 a shot, is five to six times CHEAPER than YC's premium sizing and general price alone.

      When I saw this scent on the BN shelves it was no surprise to see that there were very few left! I grabbed two of the large jars with haste even though when I tried the scent in the shop it smelt of mild washing powder rather than the thick ingesting type of scent you'd get with Yankee Candle. Once I got the jar home I could see several differences in the quality between Candle-Lite and Yankee Candle. Both jar glasses are heat insulated although Candle-lite's jar is made of thinner glass but still retains a similar country look to its style. An air tight pull up glass stopper completes the product and there's a large country graphic drawn label which shows the product's scent title and a couple of pictures of presumably Oceanic plants to explain the "Ocean Breeze," connotations. The jar is dishwasher safe and the candle wick is lead free.

      Upon lighting the candle it doesn't take long for the scent of washing powder to fill the air from the top white layer of wax although it isn't as heavy as Yankee Candle's Clean Cotton scent which best matches Candle-Lite's "Cotton Comfort," at best. Don't worry Yankee Candle fans; this candle hasn't got a patch on the full on washing powder glee of "Clean Cotton"! Give this candle around five minutes and I could start to detect light and pleasing washing powder with a hint of fabric conditioner starting to pervade in the room. Where the Oceanic plants are concerned is beyond me however; at best there's a hint of lemon but I'd never put that down as being a sea plant exclusively! The different coloured wax is made up of three layers and true to their sea like imagery have a combination of dark blues, light blues and a white layer of wax at the top. When combating cigarette smoke, Cotton Comfort doesn't half do a good job! Unlike YC's Clean Cotton, which can suck the nicotine in and thus turn brown at the top, it isn't as viewable in the same clear glass jar of Candlelight's product here. Odours are thus sucked in but not completely masked which can be an obvious downside here even though the candle by trade isn't marketed or made for combating odours such as tobacco smoke. The wax burns evenly when left on a level surface with very little wastage left behind too.

      For light scent, Candelite's Cotton Comfort is probably the best around and much better than the pound shop types that burn through the middle leaving a lot of unused wax behind. The candle does have a long burning time but this is probably due to the fact that I find the candle has to be lit for hours to get the best of the scent pervading around the home rather than the instant accessibility where other brands are concerned. This seems to occur once the top white layer has completely burnt down and mixes into the blue layer of wax. Like Yankee Candle, they mirror the sizes of the other American company, but accessories such as YC's patterned shades are only usable for YC candles and I wasn't surprised entirely to find that my metal shade doesn't fit the similar country like glass jar. An untainted, non-paraffin wick ensures that no strong cough inducing paraffin can be smelt once the candle has been extinguished. However it also means the wick has to be continually and thoroughly trimmed after used to avoid over burning and to avoid the burnt part of the wick falling off into the molten, liquid wax.

      All in all, Candlelite's Cotton Comfort isn't a patch on Yankee Candle's Clean Cotton, granted by its cheap price and, for all that the names are confusingly similar, whilst being American in origin Candlelite would like to think they can confuse buyers. Sadly, not in the case of this candle buyer and at best for the price at £3 a jar, there is some scent available and for that reason alone could well be a considerable purchase when buying more than one at any given time. Over the pound shop types, Candlelite has a lot going for it, but against Price's candles and other premium brands, the latter brands are heavier laden and don't take as long to let the scent escape. The fact that you can only find them at shops such as BN means that perhaps they are worth considering, if only for the fact buyers have been let down by cheaper candles. Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2010



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