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Canova Cedarwood Mans Candle

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Brand: Canova / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      01.08.2010 02:44
      Very helpful



      The price pays for the packaging and fancy graphics but poorly scented.

      A couple of weeks ago I found myself in Edinburgh visiting a restaurant in the heart of the city who are more known for their delicatessen than their restaurant and whilst looking around their coffee shop branch I was delighted to see a series of candles on sale. A closer inspection reveals a novel company called Canova who produce candles and amongst their range, a series of products aimed at "men," and one of them being the "Cedarwood, with the smell of success," candle jar. I took a deep whiff of the candle before I decided "Cedarwood," would be the one for me since there were five other scented variants on sale and none of them impressed me as much as the one I'm reviewing here.

      When it comes to candles I like quality and I don't just mean quality that happens to be matched by price. This past year so far I've only bought a few duds along the way such as the Molton Brown black pepper candela that smelt of very little whilst bargains such as IKEA's cheaply priced Tindra range and Price's slightly more expensive odour eliminators and Shearer's premium Soya based candles have all been surprise, good value finds for the most part.

      The packaging that this candle comes in is quite novel in itself and I'm sorry I have to make such a great big deal about it, but this product is after all, a candle that is supposedly for a man by its very claim! Women aren't allowed, apparently! The presentation box has a tough brown paper old fashioned thick card-kind-of-appeal to it and is dressed in tons of black graphics showing each facet of its square cardboard box in plain writing whilst some facets have stylish writing in different font sizes. The front of the box shows off some colour at least, boldly showing off, what looks like 8 twigs judged in height and a bank note photocopied in the back ground with the words "Cedarwood, with the smell of Success," in yellow writing to the bottom right hand side of the box behind a green background. The twigs turn out to be coins and clearly Canova are really trying to market the candle as being the perfect candle for a man who likes to make money and there's even a thin red diagram taken from a market share graph in the background of the photocopied bank note. Around the back, the "successful man" has tongue-in-cheek "operating instructions," and the whole package has been 100% recycled including the lead-free wick, glass and packaging. Now that is quite novel in its approach for men. When the glass jar is taken out, you'll find the same facet of those 6 piles of coins and the stocks & shares graphical line staring back at you on a peel able clear sticker with gold writing to match the product title. The glass is heat proof and slightly heat proof on the sides.

      The price however is an eye popping £12-95 and the glass here measures 9cm by height and 7.5cm by diameter with a 100% soy wax candle. That kind of price would get you two Shearer's candles with nearly double the burning time and both being Soya with fragrance in content! Soya candles though aren't as strongly laced as standard candles because their content lacks the paraffin scent that brings out the oils used to scent the candles in the first place. It also reduces coughing in the home, not just from me but also from relatives, so the Canova candle in this respect looked like a good idea at the time and I purchased two of different scents to serve as one for myself and one as a up and coming gift for a male pal who is doing up an old Aston Martin DB5 mk1 and thus the "Nutmeg & Ginger," with a picture of a car similar to his car seemed like a good idea at the time. By its own accord though, the biggest appeal for me was the scent of Cedarwood and the fact that all the candles in the Man's range have a long 60-hour burning time.

      The scent of this candle is a rich Cedarwood scent that has mixes of Sandalwood, Oak and a slight sweet male cologne after scent. It also has a delightful sweet hint of Coca Cola perfume to it, which can be found in the box, rather than the top layer of the candle before it is lit. Well, it may well have been marketed for the successful man who has plenty of money, but not this man who hasn't got plenty of money to burn on such an expensive candle.

      After an hour of burning, the scent that arises from this candle is very low. Granted like most candles, it burns level and finely and there's a light peach colour to the wax where a quarter of it lights up when lit. There is some oak scent flying around but it definitely doesn't smell as strong as the cardboard presentation box this product comes in. That is a great disappointment and frankly I feel slightly ripped off. Instead as the candle gets a chance to burn for longer, sweet vanilla tones start to ripen around the wooden edge of the scent and after four hours of burning, my rooms smells lightly of flowery aftershave mixed with sweet and heavy vanilla; the oak tones are difficult to source and Cedar/Sandalwood seems to have been forgotten. At least the candle burns slowly and once extinguished can be trimmed to ensure the lead-free wick burns evenly.

      Upon contacting Canova, I've heard nothing from them regarding their products and that is a great pity for all that they have spent money in dressing up a colourful website and pdf-style downloadable catalogues. Whilst I don't work in the trade, I have friends who do and for this candle sadly, Canova as a company will not get my recommendation even if this product seems to have got a "highly commended gift award 2009," for the Mans' Candle range that seems to have been awarded just on the basis that it's a gift for a man and made in the UK, and not the quality, or rather lack of quality of scent that has been manufactured.

      It is very clear that whatever award was presented for these kinds of candles it seems to have been for the packaging and not the Soya scent. That is a missed opportunity. The prices for these candles are quite frankly horrendous and for the fact that very little scent was given off mine I have no other intention other than advise to stay clear if you do see these products. When my friend contacted me about his gift recently he did say that the candle smelt nothing of the claimed nutmeg and ginger but the glass did look rather snazzy in his office on the shelf. Frankly, I'd rather look for an Aston Martin mug the next time... Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2010



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