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Carlton Portable Heating FH4200

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    1 Review
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      12.03.2009 14:43
      Very helpful



      an effective little heater

      A few years ago our heating decided to break down in the winter just before Christmas. We were told we wouldnt have the heating fixed untill after christmas so when out shopping I went looking for a heater. I ended up buying a Carlton FH4200 Fan Heater! I had looked at several of the different heaters and i liked this one as it has a nice shape and was small (my room is pretty messy so i didnt have much floorspace left!)

      The heater is 33cm in height at the tallest part, 24cm wide at the widest part and 21cm deep. The fan is white with a grey dial for the thermostat and a grey slider for the two heat settings and the cool air setting. The fan comes with a circular floor stand which is very sturdy. the fan also comes with a wall fitting attachment so if you want you can attatch it to your wall (very handy!!). Having said this - i have never bothered to mount it and have always used it on the floor or a desk.

      The fan works on 2.0kw power, it has two heat settings so that you can chose how you want it to feel, although i have only used it on the highest setting seeing as my room was freezing! There is a cool air facility which i have tested in order to give a detailed review and i was very pleased with it and look forward to using it in the summer! The thermostat dial is excellent as i turn it up to get the room to the temperature i want and then turn it back till it clicks and it will then keep the room at that constant temperature. The heater also has cord storage in the base of the heater which is brilliant for storage.

      The main thing i have notice about this heater is that is hardly noisy at all which is nice as it doesnt irritate you! The fan circulates hot air around the room and you get an even temperature which makes it comfortable. I have quite a large sized room and the fan heater heats the whole room very well and very quickly which i was supprised at as its only a little thing! The heater is very simple to use but comes with some instructions anyway! I think the ability to have the heater on a stand or fixed to the wall is an added bonus, although i have only had mine on the floor so far. I have found that from turning the heater on it takes about 3-4 minutes to make the room all nice and toasty so that i can get dressed when the heatings off!!

      The heater is very easy to clean as it can just be wiped over with a duster or cloth. I am not sure about maintenace as obviously i have not even had to consider that - although it looks very sturdy and works well and i dont think there is much that could really go wrong with it.

      In my opinion the fan is pretty safe - the casing doesent get hot and it would be quite difficult to injure yourself on it! Obviously there is a warning not to cover the fan but that is what you would expect!

      I think this fan heater is superb value for money! It cost me just £8.99 in Currys and i was amazed at what i got for that price. I cannot fault the fan heater at all and it has been my hero for those weeks where we have had no heating!

      I would definately recommend this heater, it is an ideal size so that it can be stored easily and does not take up too much space when in use. It works very effectively and the price is fantastic for what you are getting. My dad has a larger heater in his room and my fan heater works alot better that his does even though he paid alot more for his!! Since inititally buying it to compensate for the lack of heating I have made great use of this little heater, even finding myself lending it to people when their own heating breaks!


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