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Charming Spices Home Fragrance Spray

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Room & Linen Spray / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      15.01.2012 17:40
      Very helpful



      A beautiful warm scented Christmas themed room spray


      I adore Yves Rocher products and love Christmas so the two combined has me in consumer heaven as you can imagine. Around October time of each year Yves Rocher starts sending out their regular mailing (leaflets) and emails with yuletide products that tend to have a theme and vary each year.

      One item that has remained the same, and has been consistent in the same theme for a good few years now, is their Home Fragrance collection. Though I have purchased a few different varieties of their items it is the 'Charming Spices' room spray that this review will now focus on.

      *~*Price, packaging & availability *~*

      As usual Yves Rocher products can be ordered from the following places:


      Ebay offers a good selection so it's worth trawling through the pages if hunting something specific

      By phoning 0870 049 22 22

      Or alternatively by visiting one of their stores (check online for your nearest)

      The packaging for my spray differs somewhat to the picture on dooyoo, whereas it shows an elegant glass bottle the packaging has been transformed into a somewhat smaller tin can in an aerosol form. I have ordered this before in the past and though it is the same product I was somewhat disappointed with the new compact version despite it being the same size of 25 ml.

      So please ignore the actual picture and imagine the new design of a small, slimline cylinder shaped can in rich Christmas colours of warm reds and golds. On the front of the can is a sketch of a tree in a darker more matte effect gold which is adorned with red and brighter gold leaves and stars. The Yves Rocher is in a bold font in a matte gold whereas the 'Charming Spices' title is emblazoned on the bottom in a deep red/ brown lettering.
      All this is finished of with a slightly transparent plastic lid in a berry red colour and though I prefer the previous glass packaging personally as it was more aesthetically pleasing, this isn't exactly unattractive and doesn't look as though it has to be hid away with the rest of my cleaning materials.

      Price wise this isn't cheap, but then again there are very few YR products that are. When this was first introduced in the Christmas collection again last year (as mentioned around October/ very late September) it was being sold at nearly £10 which for something that is just going to fragrance my room is a ridiculous price so obviously I didn't buy it then.
      When I purchased some items with some money received for my birthday several weeks later I found the room spray to be on a special offer of just £4 and because I had been impressed with this item in the past I decided to buy it at that price.

      *~*My experience of using this product*~*

      I love Christmas and though I don't mention it very often I am a fan of candles so often have them burning on an evening as I like the subtle scent they emit. Sometimes though when it's not always convenient or practical to light my candles I like to give my home a 'quick fix' of something to make it smell delicious and this is where the likes of this product comes in handy.

      I'm not a big fan of regular air fresheners despite tending to buy them for my bathroom or for eliminating nasty cooking odours, but this spray seems far more than just an *ordinary* air freshener as it offers to me Christmas in a can!

      The main scents to me here in this room freshener are Cinnamon, Ginger and Orange Spices though there is no mention that these are actually used, this is merely what I have been able to detect for myself. If there are any others used then I'm not aware but these three seem to be sufficient enough to make this room spray smell utterly divine.

      On removing the plastic lid there is a reasonable sized nozzle underneath which when pressed a few times pumps the spray which then emits in a fine mist. As with all sprays of this nature it is advised not to aim near the face, so spritzing this the correct way is essential though rocket science hopefully isn't needed to ascertain that!

      The spray is quite impressive in the fact that it is quite strong and seems almost concentrated which makes the price seem a little easier to pay knowing that such a small amount will equate to it lasting a long time.
      On spritzing just once in each room I found the fragrance seemed to cling in the air, as opposed to 'dropping' immediately like some brands and the scent not lingering, this certainly isn't the case with this.

      *~*Results and Recommended?*~*

      I have been using this spray almost daily since purchasing it a few months ago and I am only just nearing the end of the can. Because it seems quite undiluted the scent is really quite strong so literally only one or two (maximum) spritzes are needed each time. I have found that the beautiful scent remains for at least one hour in my rooms and because our house is a small cottage all one level then even less is needed as spraying in one room gently wafts through to another making it even more economical.

      The whole Charming Spices aroma is one of warmth and instantly reminds me of all things Christmassy when sprayed and smells truly enchanting. The scent lingers for an exceptional amount of time for an 'air freshener' and leaves each and every room smelling warm and inviting. My husband isn't a great fan of artificial sprays but even he has admitted that this smells very pleasant indeed, and because Yves Rocher use plant based materials in their products the overall scent is one of a natural essence and doesn't come across as artificial at all.


      If you like Christmas scented products so to speak then you will adore this, I know I do and make sure I try to buy a tin every year if possible. I have spritzed this around half an hour before having guests visit and have been complimented on how nice my home smells on each occasion. The scent lingers for a reasonable amount of time and makes my home smell warm and inviting and especially when used before and and in the run up to Christmas it helps add that magical anticipation that seems to be lacking so often these days.

      A fantastic yuletide scented room spray that gets the thumbs up from me.


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