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Christmas Cupcake Wax Tart

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9 Reviews

Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    9 Reviews
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      30.10.2012 10:02
      Very helpful
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      A beautiful scented tart, unfortunately it's very short lived!

      I've been working my way through my ten randomly selected Yankee Candle wax tarts over the past couple of weeks and Christmas Cupcake is the third one I have tried.

      Yankee Candle's wax tarts come in a very wide range of scents from fresh and floral scents to food and festive scents - there is something to suit everybody I reckon. The tarts are circular chunks of wax which have no wick, to burn these you pop them into a tart or oil burner and light a tea light underneath. As the flame from the tea light starts to melt the wax tart a fragrance is released to scent your home. These are a great way of trying a fragrance before splashing out on a much larger candle but the fact these are not burnt directly means the scent is much stronger and fresher which I like. Each tart has a burn time of eight hours but I've so far found the scent lingers in the room for a much longer than that meaning the usual price of around £1.20 for one of these is a pretty good deal in my opinion. I bought mine from Ebay where I got ten for £9.50 making them a little cheaper.

      The Christmas Cupcake scent is available in a number of formats including large, medium and small jars and tumblers, tea lights, sampler candles and the wax tart which I shall be reviewing.

      The tart comes tightly wrapped in plastic which shows a picture on the front of cupcakes decorated with Christmas themes. The scent name and the Yankee Candle logo can also be found on this sticker. The tart is white in colour and smells beautiful. I do think it has more a cookie scent than a cupcake one but sniffing this before I burned it instantly made me think of freshly baked sweet treats which was rather mouth watering!

      I decided to burn this one after falling in love with the Red Velvet scented tart which has a similar rich and sweet scent and is perfect for these cold winter nights. After giving it a quick sniff I knew that if I were going to love any of my tarts as much as I loved the Red Velvet one then it was going to be this Christmas Cupcake one. I snapped mine in half (I find they last a little longer this way) and placed one half into my oil burner and popped an unscented tea light underneath. Then I just had to play the waiting game.

      This particular waiting game was a rather short one as after just five minutes I could already detect this gorgeous scent being carried around my room. When being burned I still think this smells far more like cookies than it does cake but it's a beautiful scent all the same. It's sugary and sweet without being overbearing and headache inducing. It's quite a rich scent but again, not so much so that it ever becomes unpleasant and there's a lovely aroma of warm vanilla which is released too. It's a very homey feel, not one I would associate with Christmas myself but definitely a winter fragrance.

      Whilst I find this one to be strong enough when being burned I don't find it lasts as long as some of the other tarts I have tried in different scents. Once the tea light has been out for about an hour I find all traces of this scent have vanished, even in my small bedroom whereas some I have tried I have burned in the evening and still woken up to the scent they released. I don't find this one has as long of a burn time as some of the others either. I tend to snap mine in half and I usually get two tea lights worth of burning from each half. Burning a second tea light under half of this however doesn't release much of a scent at all and I only bothered to burn one tea light under my second half of the tart.

      This tart is beautiful when actually being burned but once the tea lights have gone it's nothing special. A longer burn time would be nice too but I'll give this one four stars purely because the scent of it is so lovely!


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        09.10.2012 16:19
        Very helpful



        Another good quality candle from Yankee.

        My first experience of Yankee's Christmas Cupcake was a votive candle, It was one of the candles included in a Christmas gift box of Yankee votives I received last Christmas. Although the box looked too nice to open, I was looking forward to trying out the different festive fragranced candles inside.
        After using the votive, I recently spotted Christmas Cupcake in stock in a branch of Collectables and purchased it again, but in wax tart format.

        I do like the votive sampler candles and also the more expensive glass jars in the Yankee range, but my favourite purchase has to be the wax tart format as I believe these offer the best value for money in terms of strength of fragrance, besides being the cheapest Yankee product available. Indeed I have found the fragrance released from wax tarts generally tends to be stronger than the votives, tealights and often the glass jars too based upon my experience. Also by purchasing wax tarts it gives me the opportunity to sample the fragrances from the huge range available from Yankee without spending a lot of money, as these wax tarts are usually priced at between 99p - £1.25 per tart, depending on where you purchase them from. The tarts can also often be picked up in Yankee sales for as little as 50p. I have purchased a number of these from branches of Clintons when they have a sale.

        Christmas Cupcake looks very festive with a snowman and festive cupcakes on the label. The fragrance is described by Yankee as an irresistible treat with a rich moist vanilla cupcake covered with sweet buttery holiday icing. Now, this is where this particular fragrance surprised me, as I am not a big fan of vanilla fragranced products and there have been one or two Yankee fragrances which include vanilla that I have not liked all that much. With Christmas Cupcake however, I was pleasantly surprised just how much its scent appealed to me as I held it to my nose whilst still in its wrapping. Whilst I could detect the vanilla, whatever else is blended with it here, has made it a very attractive fragrance. There are hints of spice and maybe nutmeg I thought. The scent was quite strong too, which usually indicates that you will get good longevity when burning I find.

        The fragrance appears quite strong, even before removing the wrapping and usually this is a good indicator of the longevity of the fragrance, with the stronger scented ones lasting the longest I have found. Therefore I did think I would achieve the 8 hours burning time stated by Yankee with this one and maybe perhaps a little more, as this often happens with some of the stronger smelling wax tarts.

        When placing the tart in my burner and lighting a tealight underneath, it was only a couple of minutes before I detected the scent beginning to appear in my room as the wax melted. Vanilla and spice is how I would describe it, but not too sweet. Instead it has a spicy musky fragrance with vanilla notes filtering through and the scent quickly filled the room.
        Christmas Cupcake is one of the strongest fragrances I have experienced from Yankee. Its longevity after extinguishing the tealight also was impressive as the scent hung in the air for quite some time.
        I also achieved the 8 hours of fragrance you can expect to achieve from burning a wax tart and this one actually surpassed that, giving me around 11 hours of fragrance before it began to fade.

        Yankee suggest you try mixing the fragrances together to create your own unique fragrance and this is something I keep meaning to do but haven't got around to as yet. It is also suggested that you can leave a wax tart in its wrapping and use it as a drawer scenter and this is something I often do. I always pop them in my drawers until I am ready to use them.

        I was also impressed with this fragrance in its votive format. I have had mixed experiences using votives and would always prefer the wax tart instead as I mentioned earlier, but I am pleased to say that on this occasion the votive was actually very good. Yankee state you can experience around 15 hours of burn time from a votive candle and this was indeed an accurate statement in this case. I can honestly say I did have 15 hours of fragrance from the votive, although for the last couple of hours, it was slightly weaker as the scent was fading.
        The good thing about Yankee votives, which is also a sign of the good quality of Yankee products, is that the wax burns evenly and does not form a well in the middle.

        I will definitely purchase Chiristmas Cupcake again, it is a lovely fragrance to use over the autumn and winter months as well as the festive period of course.In fact I'd be happy to have this fragrance burning all year round!
        It is available from all Yankee stockists online as well as Amazon and Ebay and can be found in department stores, as well as card and gift shops such as Clintons and Collectables.
        The wax tarts are priced around 99p - £1.25 on average and votives around £1.45 - £1.75 each.


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          27.04.2012 14:12
          Very helpful



          Smells authentic and can be used any time of the year in my opinion

          I became interested in the Yankee Candle Wax Tarts around November last year after reading so many glowing reviews on them. I've always been a fan of scented candles and have sporadically over the years gone through fazes of burning oils and incense sticks, though not as much for the latter two finding them to be messy and more hassle than they are worth. When I bought my wax burner I stocked up on lots of wax tarts as there is a Hallmark factory card shop not too far away from my home that sells the wax tarts cheap as they are classed as old stock. As it was coming up to Christmas at the time I bought a few of the festive variety with this one being included - Christmas Cupcake - which my review will now focus on.

          What Yankee Candle Co has to say about this:

          "...An irresistible treat ... rich, moist vanilla cupcake covered with sweet buttery holiday icing..."

          Christmas Cupcake comes in identical packaging to all the Yankee wax tarts; being in a tight sealed plastic wrapping that is transparent enough for the product to be seen. In this case the wax tart has a creamy white appearance with a slight yellow hue to it and on the front of the wrapper is a sticker with a picture relevant in some way to the fragrance of the tart. The scene depicted here is a festive one unsurprisingly with Christmas themed cupcakes and one featuring a snowman. The picture alone conjures up a warm Christmas feeling so I had high hopes that the fragrance would live up to it's appearance.

          This Yankee tart was priced at a reasonable 90p at the factory shop as it was technically classed as last season and having liked the initial aroma that I could detect through the wrapper I bought 3 along with plenty of other fragrances. If interested the wax tarts are available from many outlets as well as online and range in price from 90p to £1.20 on average, though depending on where you choose to shop prices will vary.

          On opening the wax tart I placed it in my petal dish wax burner which tends to live on my window sill in my kitchen. As I have stated in similar reviews before I live in a small cottage which is all on one level, with the kitchen being the most central room. It not only filters any candles/ oils/ wax tart fragrances evenly throughout my home when placed here but also I know that it is safely out of harms way as my window sill is quite high and set back so knocking it over would be a hard task.

          On placing a lit tea light underneath the dish I awaited the Christmas Cupcake aroma and hoped I wouldn't be disappointed..and I wasn't.

          Within minutes of the wax tart being heated up there was a mouthwatering aroma that was emitting from the dish and it was simply deliciously scented. There is a very prominent vanilla theme but it doesn't domineer as the wax tart does actually smell very authentic as if there are real cupcakes baking away in the oven. The fragrance is light and airy but with a real warmth and isn't sickly or cloying like it's sister Christmas Cookie which I found to be too overpowering.

          I found that the fragrance started to waft through to each of my rooms within around 15 minutes of the tart melting and when walking into the kitchen where the burner was based it gave off quite a strong aroma. Christmas Cupcake just smells so mouthwatering and delicious in a wholesome kind of way that there's simply nothing to not like about it. On average wax tarts supposedly give 8 hours of burning time and I found that this one lasted nearer the 10 hour mark, though lessened in scent with each hour that passed.

          Would I recommend this? Very much so, as it may have Christmas in the title but the rich buttery vanilla scent can easily be used all year round and I'm currently burning it now in April and it doesn't seem out of place at all. It's a rich fragrance but the thing I love most about it is it isn't too overpowering at all and doesn't come across as sweet and sickly despite the vanilla scent being more than ample.

          A lovely warm fragrance that gives me near to 10 hours burning time and leaves a warm buttery essence in it;s wake for at least one hour after extinguishing the tea light.

          This is a beautiful scent and is easily one of my favourites and it is one that I will be stocking up on nearer to the festive period to fragrance my home with.


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            29.12.2011 08:52
            Very helpful



            My top fav tart at the mo!

            On the run up to Christmas I decided that I really must invest in some Yankee Candle products. Course as most of us are very aware of by now although called the Yankee Candle company they actually do wax tarts, electric diffusers, even now scented stuff to pop in drawers and the likes....thankfully and the range is absolutely gianormous!

            Over the past few months, albeit late I have become rather a fan of the range and now, near where I live Weston Super Mare pier stocks them in their gift shop and its a huge range too!

            This little wax tart is only about the second or third I have purchased so far from the range and I sniffed about in store and immediately loved it and at £1.15 a tart I thought that it was a fabulous little buy for the quality and burn time you get from them!

            The Packaging:

            Like all Yankee products this is very basically packaged with a see through plastic wrapper around it with a picture on the top of it of a snowman surrounded by cupcakes and then on the base of it other information listed includes contact details for Yankee Candles. Course through the wrapper you can really smell this one too which is what drew me to it in the first place lol.

            The Tart:

            All you do with these tarts is to pop them in an oil burner, well the top bit anyway with a tea light underneath. I've now become a purist and use the Yankee Candle plain and unscented tea lights with my tarts as they seem to last longer and give out a better and more steady heat than others I have used in the past that I can actually pick up cheaper. You don't have to use a Yankee burner for these though again I now do though as they are right size to place the tarts into because with other burners I had to break the tart up prior to putting it in and stuff!

            This tart is cream in colour with a very, very rich, pure and sweet aroma of vanilla to it really. I can't smell cupcake as such but this is a like a dessert smell. Now I love vanilla and I particularly rate this as it isn't a harsh or fake smell but simply really well blended and yummy!

            This starts to melt under the candles heat immediately, lets off a steady flow of fragrance and lasted me the full 8 hours of time promised. It filled my huge flat up with delicious scent that drew plenty of comments and I have to say I really did love this one and find it to be highly scented indeed! Really nice and homely and in my opinion very feminine I shall be stocking up on these before the end of this Christmas period so I have a small stock pile of them lol!


            Available from a wide variety of places prices at about £1.15(ish) each!

            This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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              19.12.2011 17:03
              Very helpful



              I love it..

              This review was posted on ciao in July 2011 though I must have forgot to crosspost so here is the original review with a couple of tweaks!

              Yankee Candle is an American company who specialise in delicious scented candles for your home.

              ~Christmas Cupcake~

              Christmas Cupcake is a seasonal version of Vanilla Cupcake (see recent review). It can be appreciated in various sized candle jars, tealights and samplers. The best way to experience Christmas Cupcake is in wax tart form. A wax tart is a small tart shaped peice of essential oil infused wax. It comes individually wrapped and can be split and used over a period of time. A tart should be placed in an oil burner with a tealight underneath. The heat from the lit tealight allows the wax to melt and release the scent into the air. Each tart claims to offer 8hours of scent.

              Christmas Cupcake is described as being "a rich, moist vanilla cupcake covered with sweet, butterry holiday icing."

              ~Availability and Price~

              This is a seasonal scent but can be purchased online through sites such as Amazon and www.yankeecandle.co.uk. A tart can be purchased for around £1.10.

              ~My Thoughts~

              As you can see from previous reviews, I have become addicted to the delights of Yankee Candle! It started with the votive samplers but since purchasing an oil burner, my heart has turned to the wax tarts. I recently purchased quite a few online and many of them are Christmas themed. Christmas is my favourite time of year and I love to have something scented in my home to reflect Christmas all year round.

              I recently reviewed the original Vanilla Cupcake which I adored. I did however, try out the Christmas Cupcake before the original and must say I love both but the Christmas one is my favourite. This white tart has a fun little label showing a snowman and some cupcakes so there is no mistaking this for the original. As soon as it is unwrapped, a highly appealing sweetness is presented to me and I couldn't wait to try this one out. Judging its sweetness, I decided to use half of this and save half for another burning. It was easy to split but did crumble slightly.

              ~Mmmmm...What Is Baking?~

              I burn my tarts for around 2hours at a time and this tart melted very quickly into a pool of clear, perfectly scented wax. You may assume that this is almost identical to the original Vanilla Cupcake and you wouldn't be far off. It has something distinctive and different about it and draws me in further. The scent offered from Christimas Cupcake, develops as it melts and sweeps around my living room. Within 45mins, the scent travels around our flat and fills it with a welcoming, homely aroma which is a pleasure to detect as I walk from room to room.

              The strength of Christmas Cupcake is more extensive and noticeable compared to the original. It is an intoxicating, heady sweetness which could only be appreciated by those who adore sweet aromas. The scent is strong enough to mask any odours that linger within my home. It becomes stronger as it melts and envelopes my home into a sweet, charming aroma.

              The vanilla once again, is the main scent offered but comes through stronger and more confident that the original. Think cupcakes which are just about ready to come out the oven but are just a tad gooey inside, Close up, it is quite sickly sweet so this is one to be enjoyed from a distance as it filters around. The scent is very rich and smooth and ultimately sweet, heavenly scent. The comforting nature of the scent is very appealing at night and the aroma combined with the flickering of the tealight, offers a cosy feeling.

              So what gives Christmas Cupcake that "festive spirit" when compared to Vanilla Cupcake? The first difference is presented in the strength. To accompany the stunning, sweet cakey presence, there is an almost, fruit sweet undertone. It reminds me of little jelly sweets that would be used to round off a delicious vanilla cupcake. The fruit element adds a touch of something special to even out the strong hearted vanilla.


              I did manage to get around 10hrs of consistent, sweet scent from this tart. I found the scent to be so indulgent and I anticipated each burning experience and emersed myself into a world of freshly baked, sweet topped cupcakes and relaxed. The quality of this little tart is outstanding and I actually bought a small jar to burn during this festive month.

              The sweetness won't appeal to all but to me, this is a perfectly, rich and satisfying treat for me home and I fully recommend it to you all.

              Thanks for reading x


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                15.12.2011 19:58
                Very helpful



                I'm not impressed

                I bought the Christmas Cupcake wax tart last year in the Boundary Mill January sale, for a bargainous 50p. I probably wouldn't have chosen it at full price, since I'd already used the Vanilla Cupcake scent from Yankee Candle and found it to be too sweet and sickly, and that word cupcake made me fear that this would be the same.

                The candle is an off-white colour and the label depicts an assortment of cupcakes topped with red and green sweets, as well as one cupcake that has been shaped into a snowman.

                I bought this in the form of a wax tart. Rather than having a wick, wax tarts are just a disc of fragrance infused wax, which you melt in a tart burner. These burners are available from Yankee Candle at a cost of £5 upwards. If you would prefer a 'proper' candle, you can also buy this fragrance in the form of a votive, tea lights, wax filled glass tumblers or Yankee's signature design, the housewarmer jar, which is like a sweet jar filled with wax.

                I wasn't very sure about the scent of the tart at first. It has a quite sweet vanilla scent to it, with just a faintest hint of spice - possibly cinnamon or ginger. It actually smelled quite plain to me and the spice was so subtle that I didn't find the candle particularly festive. As I burned this, I began to like it less and less. Despite being sweet it wasn't sickly at all, but I just didn't like it. It wasn't anything special and the scent wasn't particularly memorable or distinctive to me in anyway.

                Another thing that disappointed me was the intensity of the fragrance. When I began to burn it, it was OK - I could smell it as soon as I walked into the room, it was a nice intensity. After a couple of hours though, the scent seemed to fade to the point where I could only really smell it if I was sitting near to where the candle was burning. It was quite disappointing really and I can't think of another time I've had that happen with a candle.

                Each tart is actually designed to give eight hours of fragrance, but I'd say after around five this had lost the scent completely, which again was fairly disappointing.

                I bought this from Boundary Mill in the sale, but Clinton's Cards also sell these if you prefer to shop on the high street. Online, try www.yankeedoodle.co.uk or www.yankee.co.uk

                Wax Tarts - Burn time 8 hours - £1.10
                Votives - Burn time up to 15 hours - £1.60
                Tea Lights (pack of 16) - Burn time 4-6 hours each -£5.99
                Small Jar - Burn time 25-40 hours - £7.45
                Medium Jar - Burn time 65-60 hours - £15.45
                Large Jar - Burn time 110-150 hours - £18.45
                Small tumbler - Burn time 35-40 hours - £9.25
                Medium tumbler - Burn time 45-50 hours -£14.49
                Large tumbler - Burn time 70-90 hours -£17.99

                Overall I was really disappointed by the Christmas Cupcake scent and I would not buy it again. For a start I didn't think it was particularly festive. It lost its scent quickly and I thought it smelled quite plain. Not recommended by me.


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                  07.12.2011 08:08
                  Very helpful



                  A nice tart, but not one that is particularly christmassy

                  I am a big fan of the Yankee Candle brand and more often than not I like to purchase the wax tarts as it allows me to sample lots of fragrances relatively inexpensively. In the post Christmas sales last year I picked up a few wax tarts which I have saved to use for the run up to Christmas and one which I have recently used is the Christmas cupcake one.

                  The wax tart is a small flat piece of cream coloured wax which comes packaged tightly in a plastic wrap which I always find a nightmare to get off without scissors or a knife! On the front of the wax tart it has a sticker featuring the Yankee Candle name and a picture of some sweet looking cupcakes and a snowman.

                  Wax tarts are designed to be melted in a tart burner using the heat from a tea light candle and so they have no wick to light or anything. After I had placed the tart in the bowl of my burner and lit the tea light I began to go about my jobs for the morning. I returned to the room around half an hour later and really liked the scent which had filled my room. The Christmas cupcake tart has released a lovely sweet smell in to the room and the main scent I could pick out was vanilla which did remind me a little of cakes baking in the oven I suppose. There was, at least as far as I was concerned, nothing in this wax tart that reminded me of Christmas which is a shame because I did expect it to be a bit more festive. This is not to say that I didn't like the fragrance, because I did, as I am a fan of sweet and homely fragrances but it would have been nice to have something which was just a little bit more festive.

                  Yankee Candle claim their wax tarts give eight hours of fragrance but with this one I would say that I have burned it for a few hours more than that and whilst the fragrance isn't quite as strong as it was initially it is still noticeable, especially in my small lounge when I have the door shut.

                  This wax tart will cost between £1.00 and £1.20 depending on where you buy it from and I do think that it is a good price for a sweet and long lasting fragrance. I actually bought mine for just 50p in the sales which is of course a bargain!

                  Thank you for reading my review!


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                    13.11.2011 00:55
                    Very helpful



                    Nice fragrance, but not sure why the label says 'Christmas'...

                    ** My review is based on my experience using the votive version of this fragrance **
                    [it didn't seem worth it to request a new entry for the same fragrance]

                    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                    - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                    CHRISTMAS CUPCAKE smells like - surprise - a vanilla cupcake, with a rich butter-cream overtone. The butter-cream note is strong enough to carry whilst the votive is still wrapped. There's nothing else to add - it is a simple fragrance, but lovely and edible. It reminds me of the little butterfly cupcakes we used to eat at friends birthday parties as children.

                    CHRISTMAS CUPCAKE is one of my favourite fragrances by Yankee as it's so life-like and brings back happy childhood memories. I have already stocked up on backups of the votives and tealights for this fragrance and I'll probably go on to buy at least one jar too.

                    But, having said that, this particular fragrance is something that I'll use all year round, not just for the festive season. The fragrance to CHRISTMAS CUPCAKE just does not have any festive spark to it, so this is not a fragrance that announces "Christmas is coming". I'd expected some spice or festive fruit, to give the fragrance a seasonal air, so even though I do love it, I was a tad disappointed too.

                    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                    Burn baby burn
                    - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                    I recently went to two concerts within a week and my previous CHRISTMAS CUPCAKE votive was lit the whole day for both dates, as well as for two hours or so on additional days. So two eight hour days and two two hour nights means that the votive lasted roughly twenty hours. Admittedly, there was some wax left over from a different Yankee candle in the bottom of my holder, which may have helped prolong the votive's life.

                    As with all Yankee candles, the entirety of the wax is perfumed, so the fragrance lasts as long as the candle does, but I do have to admit that I've noticed that the scent is quieter then the majority of Yankee candles. Even so, I can catch occasional wafts of the perfume whilst the candle is unlit.

                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                    To have and to hold
                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                    Yankee sell some really lovely Christmas holders for their votives and tea lights, as well as toppers for the jar candles. Prices start from £6.99 for a votive holder, so it's a lot more affordable then some of the other Yankee holiday ranges [eg. their Halloween ranges].

                    I've found that the best place to look for the range of candle holders and jar toppers is Amazon UK, as the UK Yankee site [yankeecandle.co.uk] is usually very slow to update; they've only just started listing the Halloween range.

                    I prefer looking out for similarly sized scented candles already in glass and tin holders in Poundland style shops, burning them down quickly and then using the holders to hold the Yankee candles - I've had no problems so far. However, you don't have to spend any more money on a holder; you could take a look in your cupboard and size up shot glasses, small glass tumblers and small jars to find a good fit for the votives.

                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                    Sizes and burn times and RRP
                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                    [A tart is a wickless wax patty, so you'll need to buy a tart burner to be able to use it]
                    6 - 8 hour burn time - £1.20

                    Sampler votive
                    15 - 20 hour burn time - £1.65

                    Small jar
                    25 -40 hour burn time - £7.75

                    Medium jar
                    65 - 90 hour burn time - £15.99

                    Large jar
                    110 - 150 hour burn time - £18.99

                    Tea lights [12 per pack]
                    4 - 6 hour burn time per candle - £6.99

                    The price and variety of available sizes may differ slightly from retailer to retailer as this particular fragrance is a Christmas special.


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                      09.12.2009 09:24
                      Very helpful



                      A lovely aroma

                      When I ordered a Mini Megapack from Yankee Doodle the other month one of the goodies I received was a lovely festive red & green glass wax tart burner. Even though it's very Christmassy looking I've been using it since I got it but now December is upon us I decided I would try out some of Yankee Candle's more festive scents and picked a selection which included "Christmas Cupcake".

                      The wax tart is a disc shaped piece of wax which looks like a little flat and wide candle but it does not have a wick to light it, instead you place it in a tart burner which looks like a an oil burner and is heated by tealight candles. The tart is just over 2" diameter and about 1" thick in an off white colour, it is wrapped in cellophane and you don't really appreciate the fragrance until it has been unwrapped.

                      The Christmas Cupcake scent is lovely and does smell like you have been baking when they are heated up over the burner. The main fragrance of the tart is vanilla but you can also smell a lovely warm spiciness too, which is what makes it a Christmassy fragrance. It is a very sweet smell but I wouldn't expect anything less from a cupcake scented product.

                      According to the information label on the wrapping the tart will give eight hours of continuous fragrance and in my opinion they have slightly underestimated this. I have probably had this heated for 1-2 hours a day for 6 days now and it is still giving off a delicious aroma. On Saturday morning I had a candle lit under the burning for less than an hour as we were going out for the day, when we got back over 12 hours later the lovely smell hit you as soon as we walked in the front door, so once it has been heated the smell does last for quite a while.

                      I like how the smell of the tart when warm is more subtle and in the background than one which overpowers the whole room, some of the wax tarts can give me a headache as the smell is too strong but this isn't the case with Christmas Cupcake.

                      You can also use the wax tart with an electric tart warmer if you'd prefer not to use one which needs candles. Alternatively you can unwrap the tart and place it in a drawer or cupboard to fragrance it, although I don't know how long the scent would last for if you did this.

                      When the tart has lost it's fragrance you should put the burner into a freezer for a few minutes and it should come out quite easily although it might need a little persuasion which should be done with something plastic which won't damage the burner.

                      The RRP for a Yankee Candle Wax Tart is £1.05, although I bought mine from yankeedoodle.co.uk for £1 which seems to be the average price for a Christmas wax tart. I would imagine that most Yankee Candle stockists would sell these in the run up to Christmas, and I have seen them on sale in my local garden centre and several online shops too.

                      I think these are a great alternative to scented candles as you can buy a few different scents instead of having to just choose one, which is great if you can't decide on which one you want to buy or want to try a fragrance before buying one of the more expensive housewarmer jars.

                      If you like sweet smelling things I would recommend trying this for a lovely wintery Christmas fragrance.

                      Other Christmas Fragrances available are:
                      Christmas Bayberry
                      Mountain Pine
                      Sparkling Cinnamon
                      Sparkling Snow
                      Welcome Christmas
                      Autumn Wreath
                      Red Apple Wreath
                      Red Berry and Cedar
                      Silver Bells
                      Balsam and Cedar
                      Christmas Cookie
                      Christmas Eve
                      Christmas Pudding
                      Christmas Punch
                      Christmas Wish
                      Christmas Wreath
                      Cranberry Chutney
                      Cranberry Peppermint
                      Frankincense and Myrrh
                      Happy Christmas
                      Holiday Bayberry
                      Holiday Home Sweet Home
                      Holiday Sage
                      Holiday Twinkle
                      Home for the Holidays
                      Jack Frost
                      Mulled Wine
                      Peppermint Cocoa
                      Royal Frankincense
                      Siberian Silver Fir
                      Snow Angels
                      Sparkling Angel
                      White Chocolate Mint

                      yankeedoodle.co.uk currently have 6 Christmas 2009 wax tarts (1 each of Christmas Bayberry, Christmas Cupcake, Mountain Pine, Sparkling Cinnamon, Sparkling Snow and Welcome Christmas) for £5 plus P&P.

                      As this is a Christmas fragrance it isn't available all year round and normally go on sale around mid October.

                      Thanks for reading.


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