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Clean n Fresh Bleach Lavender

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3 Reviews

Brand: Clean 'n' Fresh / Type: Bleach / Category: Laundry

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    3 Reviews
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      10.03.2014 00:46



      Great smelling product for bleach

      I don't like to use bleach as the smell of it makes me sick.
      I bought this one hoping the lavender would hide the bleach smell.
      I love it it doesn't make Me feel sick at all. It has a fresh lavender aroma to it.
      I will be buying this again I think it is nice and cheap, but also good value.
      I'm not one to normally write a review on bleach but I thought this one was defiantly worth a review. A
      As someone else might be in the same boat as me when it comes to bleach.
      I have been looking for this lavender bleach with a peek on the lid as it is easier to clean the toilet but unfortunately I haven't seen it anywhere.
      Which is a shame as I use it for cleaning the toilet, sink, plugs, floors, kitchen sides, bathroom walls, patio and much more


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      16.09.2013 22:11
      Very helpful



      A nice bleach!

      One of the things that I buy for my home regularly is bleach. I love a clean and tidy home and for me nothing cleans as well as bleach does and I use it for my toilet, a quick wipe around my sink, my bath, worktops etc and then I feel that things are really clean usually!

      The Packaging:

      The bottle that I bought and have in front of me right now is a purple plastic one and it has an angled nozzle to the top of it (meant for ease of use in toilets I reckon!) and then it has a push down and twist cap to cover that. On the front of the bottle the labelling tells me that it is indeed Lavender Clean & Fresh 'Kills germs, fast effective action' and that it is a 'Thick Bleach' then on the back of that label other information listed includes being told a bit about the product and how to use it in different circumstances, lots of warnings are given along with the ingredients within it, the size is stated (which in this case is 750ml though I think this is available to purchase in other sizes) and contact details for the manufacturer are given. Its a nice enough informative bottle this one.

      The Bleach Itself:

      Being a scented bleach I do be careful where I use this one. I drink strong tea mainly, my boyfriend strong coffee so I do like to once a week bleach the mugs we use however I don't use this as it is so heavily scented and no one wants to taste bleach, even if it is infused with a lavender fragrance eh!

      This bleach is rather thick however it is easy enough to dispense out of the bottle it comes in. It does have the aroma of bleach along with a nice scent of natural lavender to it too however you can still smell the distinctive fragrance of bleach this has to it, however I don't mind that to be fair and this blend is rather pleasant!

      I use this to clean my toilet with, my sinks, my bath, to help me degunk tiles in my kitchen that get covered in grease by my messy cooking, my worktops to make sure they really are germ free and degreased and just really clean and I even use a drop of this in mop bucket with lots of water to clean my lino in my kitchen and bathroom floor!

      I like the fragrance of this but above all I like its cleaning capabilities as its not only meant to kill a variety of nasties such as MRSA, E. Coli, Salmonella and Listeria (according to the blurp written on the label to the back of the bottle) but for me its a great stain remover and it really does degunk my stuff whether its covered in grease (like near my cooker) or to give me peace of mind that simply my floors where people tread are impeccably clean (I do worry about that because of my beloved cat Myrtle!).

      I like this bleach at about 65p when I buy it from Nisa its a great cheaper alternative to a lot of known brands on the market and in my view does the same job of those and so yes, I happy to buy it time and time again in the future!

      If you fancy this do Google for a list of stockists, in my view it may be cheap to purchase but it lacks nothing, certainly not quality!

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username


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        10.02.2012 16:00
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A very good value product


        I'm not the type of person who often feels the urge to write about bleach but I've been so impressed on my last few purchases of this particular brand that I felt the need to share!

        I often buy bleach as I feel it is a household cleaning staple and use it on an almost daily basis, but I don't like to pay extortionate prices. When I came across this Lavender scented bleach by Clean 'n' Fresh in my local Poundstretcher store a few weeks before Christmas I felt it would be adequate for my household's needs and purchased a bottle.

        *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*

        This bleach comes in one standard size to my knowledge which holds a reasonable 750 ml. There's nothing overtly sexy about bleach packaging so it needs little description from me, suffice to say it differs from the dooyoo picture and is more slimline with an angled nozzle. The bottle colouring is an attractive purple to represent the lavender whilst the child safety cap covering the nozzle is in a contrasting red. All in all the bottle does stand out slightly more than the regular blue coloured bottles that seem to adorn the shelves.

        I was pleasantly surprised by the cost of this bleach - in Poundstretcher it is selling for just 40p! I can't say I've bought it elsewhere nor even looked in other shops as there is a Poundstretcher stores within 10 minutes walk from my home so I've always stuck to buying these kind of products from there.

        Clean n Fresh is a Robert McBrides product which is fairly common so the chances are this bleach, and other Clean n Fresh products, will be available in large Supermarkets and stores which sell household products.

        *~*My experience of using this*~*

        I do like to have a bottle of bleach in my home as I think it's paramount to any other cleaning materials in my own personal view. I like to pour some bleach in either my toilet bowl or the cistern a few times a week and also down my plug holes in the sinks, particularly the kitchen basin so I tend to go through quite a lot of bleach.

        Though I have nothing against the likes of Domestos, I find that at the end of the day I am paying more for just a brand name so I tend to stick to shops own brands. What I refuse to buy though is the watery bleach that is so 'wishy washy' that it does nothing but also I'm not overly keen on the ultra thick bleach that is difficult to get out of the bottle without coming out in thick blobs so I like a bleach with a reasonable consistency.

        I have to admit that when I first saw this lavender bleach I did have reservations given the fact that it was the price it was how could it possibly be anything thicker than water? I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that this is actually of a fairly substantial consistency and emits from the bottle (when squeezed) rather thickly though with ease.

        I use this primarily for my toilet and sinks as mentioned and find that though it is obviously a bleach it doesn't come with a putrid 'bleach smell' that can cause headaches. The lavender is rather subtle but is there and detracts from the bleach scent so it actually smells not exactly pleasant but certainly bearable when used. It leaves my toilet bowl looking sparklingly clean and with a fresh lavender scent as well with a hint of bleach.

        As for it's cleaning and disinfectant capabilities I can't knock it all as it cleans just as effectively as a more expensive bleach would so really is a complete bargain.

        All the usual factors apply here such as keep out of the reach of children, don't swallow the bleach or come into contact with skin - I wont be listing them as it's all common sense related at the end of the day.

        This is highly recommended by myself for anyone that uses bleach which is most households I would imagine, and not only that it is extremely economical on the purse front at 40p a bottle.

        Excellent product. Excellent value.


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