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Cole & Bright Strawberry Scented Candle Tin

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Brand: Cole & Bright / Type: Candle Tin

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    1 Review
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      23.04.2012 22:00
      Very helpful



      Nice smelling candle but not happy about the way it burned

      Cole & Bright Strawberry Candle tin

      I had never heard of Cole and bright before I found these candles in my lovely discount store on the outskirts of Derby. This is the same discount store where I managed to get about ten Yankee reed diffusers for £5 each.

      It appears that Cole and Bright do make a range of scented candles and also a huge range of pillar unscented ones as well. They hale from Lincolnshire from the bulb capital of the UK, Spalding.

      This candle cost me just 75p so I thought it was worth giving it a try and when I opened the lid it smelled absolutely lovely; just like fresh crushed strawberries. It comes in a flattish tin with a tin lid which has a plastic transparent centre so you can see the candle inside. The lid was not fixed down at all so I was able to open it and have a sniff before I bought it.

      On opening the lid I was really surprised to see that the candle was decorated with small fruit, in this case strawberries. There were three fruit on mine that looked like dried strawberries and made this look a bit special. Initially I thought these were plastic decorations but it turns out they are wax and they melt as the candle burns. They did look nice on the top though and made it a bit different.

      The blurb on the outside of the tin says this should burn for twelve hours but this is where this candle let me down. I would suggest it probably burned for half that time and left most of the candle around the outside unburned while the centre wick burned away completely. I was left with more than half the candle unused. I hate waste so I managed to remove the wax and use it as a tart in my burner and this worked pretty well but that is not the point the candle should not burn away in the middle like that and leave all the outside wax.

      The SCENT
      The smell however is absolutely lovely and very reminiscent of Yankees Strawberry tart that I had not so long ago. It doesn't smell false at all but more like real strawberries crushed ready for adding to a cheese cake or strawberry smoothie. The smell carried well through the room when the candle was burning so that was a plus but it was a shame it didn't last a bit better as a candle as it promised.

      Obviously the usual safety warning come with this as with any candle and this are on the back in symbol form. You should :
      Never leave a burning candle unattended. If you go out then extinguish the candle as an animal could knock it over or a gust of wind or even the candle could become over hot and burn through the surface. This happened to a friend of a friend who put tea lights on her TV - they melted through the plastic and into the workings of the TV which caught fire!!

      Use on a stable, level and heat resistant surface away from flammable objects. Curtains can blow and catch onto the candle flame so be aware where you place your candle.

      Keep burning candles away from clothing, hair and also out of the reach of children and animals as they can knock candles off surfaces if left unattended.

      Always extinguish candles after use. Don't be tempted to leave even a tea light burning as you head off to bed as the consequences can be fatal.

      Sadly no. They are very pretty and smell lovely but the fact that they only burn less than half the candle is annoying. I am glad I only paid 75p for this and I hate to think what it cost at full RRP as this shop sells things for less than half price. I see on the Cole and bright site that they have small jars and these are selling for about £5 so I suspect this might have been the price range of this candle too. I wouldn't pay 75p again and at whatever price they were selling for there is no way I would go near it again despite the fact that the left over wax did make a pretty good strawberry scented tart so perhaps at 75p I might think about it!

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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