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Comfort Jasmine & Black Gardenia Fabric Conditioner

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Brand: Comfort / Type: Fabric Conditioner / Category: Laundry

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    4 Reviews
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      07.03.2011 18:00
      Very helpful
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      The Jasmine and Black Gardenia fabric conditioner is one that has been in my cupboard for ages, after I picked it up on special offer. I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to cleaning products, and if I see something on offer I often buy it, meaning I frequently have more items in my cupboard than I actually need. I am especially bad when I see new fragrances of fabric conditioner on offer and can't resist picking them up, meaning I always have a backlog of them just waiting to be used!

      This particular softener is from the Twilight Sensations range. I had actually been under the impression that the range had been discontinued as it seemed to disappear from the shelves for a while, but it's now back in stock at ASDA. As far as I am aware there are just two fragrances in this particular range - the Jasmine and Black Gardenia that I am reviewing, and the other is Vanilla and Black Orchid.


      All Comfort conditioners come in the same shaped curved bottle, so are easy to spot on the shelves. The Twilight sensations range stands out because it comes in a black bottle. The jasmine and black gardenia one I have is decorated with purple flowers and stars and I actually think the overall look is rather attractive. This definitely looks like a premium brand and I think you can tell it's not a supermarket own brand.

      The cap doubles up as a measuring device and clear instructions along with diagrams on how much to use are printed on the back of the bottle.

      ~Matching products~

      I thought I would mention that washing powder brand Surf actually make matching washing products which can be used alongside this product if you wish. They do both a standard washing powder in the jasmine fragrance as well as a 'Small and Mighty' washing liquid.

      Whilst I would like to give this a try in the future, I am currently using mine alongside Ariel Excel gel.

      ~My Experience~

      Now stupidly when I first saw these on the shelves I expected the actual liquid to be black because of the colour of the bottle! I now see how ridiculous that was, and the liquid is, of course, white.

      The scent of this conditioner is very strong. I know some people don't like their clothes to smell strongly of fragrance, preferring a gentle scent, and if you're one of those people I'd recommend avoiding this and trying an alternative such as Comfort Pure instead. To me there is a definite scent of jasmine in here, but it also has quite fresh undertones which I assume is the gardenia. I really like the smell, but it is intense, and quite floral so I suspect not everyone will be so keen.

      The liquid has quite a runny consistency given that it's concentrated, but at least that means it pours out easily. The recommended amount is a full cap for a 6-7kg load, three quarters of a cap for a 'normal' 4-5kg load and about a third of a cap for hand washing. I will admit I've never tried this when hand washing though, only in the machine. It does stress on the bottle that one cap is more than enough - I know how tempting it can be to put more in, especially when it smells so good!

      After I have washed my clothes with this, I find I can smell the conditioner the moment I open the drawer of my washing machine. I have started hanging my clothes indoors, since my washing line (post and all) was stolen...yes really. I find whatever room I hang them in becomes fragranced with the scent of this conditioner emanating from my clothes!

      I also find that the scent lasts and my clothes smell fresh until I choose to wear them. Once I am actually wearing clothes that have been washed in this, I can't say I've ever noticed the scent on me. I do notice it on sheets and bedding though as it keeps them smelling really fresh.

      I do have eczema and some washing powders and highly fragranced products can irritate it and cause flare ups. Although I have never experienced a flare up caused by a fabric conditioner there is always a worry when using any new product, but thankfully I have experienced no irritation using this.

      ~Price and Availability~

      A 750ml bottle of this costs £2.23 from ASDA. Although this is a nice product, I personally would not pay that much for a bottle of this size, and would wait for special offers. As I said earlier in the review I had been under the impression that this range of conditioners had been discontinued, and when looking online I can't see this particular one on any other Supermarket websites, although that doesn't necessarily mean that they don't stock it.

      You get 21 washes from each bottle, which at least means one bottle should last a while.


      Overall I have been impressed with this. It smells lovely and the fragrance lasts well on fabrics. If I found this particular product on special offer I would buy it again, and if you like strongly fragranced fabric conditioners then I would recommend giving this one a try.

      *Review also posted on Ciao


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        13.06.2010 23:00
        Very helpful



        MY OBSESSION :)

        Comfort is a leading laundry brand under the Unilever company. They have a wide selection of scented fabric softeners and conditioners.


        Here we have Comfort Concentrate Fabric Conditioner in scent Jasmine and Black Gardenia. This is from the Twilight Sensations range which also includes a Vanilla and Black Orchard variety.

        The fabric conditioner has been concentrated so a little goes along way. This therefore reduces the packaging by up to 50%.

        This conditioner is designed to leave your laundry soft and scented.


        Like other Comfort conditioners, the bottle is plastic and tear drop shaped. The black lid is plastic and doubles up as the measuring cup. The bottle is see through at the base however is a deep purple/black colour around the bottle.

        The bottle is decorated with a pretty pink flower design and random shiny stars. The Comfort logo and product name, scent and wash size are on the front of the bottle. On the back, you will find some information about the conditioner, ingredients, directions for use and details of how to contact Comfort.

        The bottle cam be recycled once used and washed out. The conditioner is also recommended by Surf.


        The conditioner is runny and highly scented. It is a very light pink shade.

        Pour the required amount into the compartment of your washing machine drawer. Do not pour directly onto clothes and avoid contact with face. The recommended dosages are as follows :

        For handwashing - 18ml
        4-5kg loads - 35ml
        6-7kg loads - 55ml


        Comfort Fabric Conditioner contains amongst other ingredients: , 5-15% Cationic Surfactants , <5% Non-Ionic Surfactants , Perfume , Benzisothiazolinone , Benzyl Salicylate , Butylphenyl Methylpropional , Hexyl Cinnamal , Limonene .

        *Availability and Price*

        The conditioner comes in a 21wash (750ml) bottle. It is available in supermarkets and stores such as Wilkos. Expect to pay between £1.50 - £2.00. These can often be found on offer at only £1.00 per bottle.

        Other products in the Jasmine and Black Gardenia range include :

        Surf Powder 2.08kg
        Liquidtabs 10pk
        Small and Mighty Wash 630ml/18washes

        *My Opinion*

        Yes I know..not another fabric conditioner review from me! What can I say..since I got my new machine, I have become somewhat obsessed and my laundry cupboard is literally bursting open with various goodies to make my laundry smell really good!

        My latest purchase was in Tesco last week. I picked up a 21 wash Jasmine and Black Gardenia conditioner for the bargain price of £1. I don't pay full price for conditioner as I know somewhere always has it on offer! I have tried the Surf powder in this scent before but this was my first time trying the conditioner.

        My immediate thoughts on this is wow...stunning bottle! It is very sophisticated in appearance. The black and pink really work well together and this bottle certainly looks fancy in my cupboard! The cap is ideal for measuring the conditioner out though I personally just pour into my drawer.

        The scent on opening this bottle is very strong and overpowering. The baby pink liquid is almost white in colour. I like extra softness so I pour quite a bit into my drawer..I tend to get about 18washes from my bottle. I use this along with my liquidtabs which are quite neutral scented and this means I can get the full benefit from the conditioner scent whilst the liquidtabs do their job in the cleaning sense.

        I did have to look up Gardenia and found it to be a plant. So here we have 2 plants mixed together to form this conditioners scent. You would really expect this to be extremely floral and it is when in its concentrated form.

        After doing my neverending laundry and opening the washing machine door, the scent is not quite as strong as before but is still ever evident. The overly floral scent has been diluted and now resembles floral with a sweet sort of undertone. It is a cross between a bubblegum and candy scent and smells divine! My laundry is extra soft and my towels in particular feel amazing.

        I hang my clothes to dry over the clothes horse and towers go up over the doors. This leads to the gorgeous scent lingering around our flat and is so pleasant that I don't often feel the need to spray airfreshener. The scent lasts even when I remove my clothes from the drawers or the towels from the cupboard and the softeness remains.

        As this is quite a strong scent, I recommend using with a less scented powder/liquidtab/tablet. The reason being is I feel any other scent wouldn't mix well and if you used the Surf of the same scent, I feel this would be far too overpowering.

        Thanks for reading :)


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          10.06.2010 16:44
          Very helpful



          A softener ideal for ladies evening clothes

          As I am always looking for the latest bargains when shopping I was pleased to find this softener on offer and decided to give it a try. The bottle says that it is a jasmine and black gardenia fragrance so I thought it would smell rather nice unfortunately it is not as good as I would have liked.


          The softener comes n a black plastic bottle which has a purple and pink colour on the front and back. The front is decorated with pink flowers and star like pattern and has the product name and brand name across the middle in black lettering. The back of the bottle has all of the product information including dosage and directions for use, ingredients and warnings.

          The top of the bottle is a black plastic lid which also doubles up as the measuring cap.

          ~~USE AND RESULTS~~

          It is very simple to use the softener and to do so you place the required amount into the correct compartment on your washing machine. The suggested amounts are for a full load, one full cap, for a normal sized load then ¾ of a capful and for had washing just ¼ of a capful.

          When I first opened the lid I was hit by the smell. It was quite pleasant and reminded me of musky perfume. I noticed this smell and it did get stronger the further into the washing cycle the clothes got. I was easily able to smell this when in my front room with the washing machine being in the utility room and the door only half open. I found the smell lasted right through the wash and even through the drying process when placed in the dryer. I did find that after putting the clothes away and then getting them out a few days later this was still apparent on the clothes and was still quite strong.

          The clothes did not feel very soft as I would have liked them too but you could tell that a softener had been used but not a very good one. The smell for me was more of a feminine fragrance and I did feel bad about washing hubby's army uniform in this and have now stopped. I think this is a lovely fragrance for washing and using on evening clothes as for me this reminds me of an evening out smell with the hint of musk it has. It is very hard to pin point the smell to something exact as I am not sure what the two things this is based on actually smell like. There is certainly not a summery light feel to the smell and it is quite a heavy one.


          The front of the bottle clams that this 750ml bottle will do 21 washes and I can confirm that this is correct, I use just under 1 capful for each load and have now had 23 washes out of the one bottle.

          The ingredients to this softener include:-

          5-15% Cationic surfactants, <5% Non-ionic surfacants, Perfume, Benzisothiazolinone, Benzyl Salicylate, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Hexyl Cinnamal, Limonene

          The bottle is 100% recyclable as it is made from plastic.


          I purchased by bottle from Tesco and it was on offer at just £1 a bottle which I felt to be a fair price. It is available in all good supermarkets and I would say this was around the £2 price when not on offer.


          I am going to give this softener 3 stars as it has good and bad points. The good include the nice lasting smell but the bad include it being more feminine and not suitable for men's clothes. I would have also liked extra softness on my clothes after using this. I would recommend this for the female market if clothes are washed separately but for no one else. Give it a go if you too can find it on offer.


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            09.04.2010 19:20
            Very helpful



            see review

            Yes you all know by now that I have, lets say, an unnatural obsession with fabric conditioners. Well to the point where if it's a new product I have to buy it to "test" it for the sake of Dooyoo of course.

            When I saw this Comfort Twilight Sensations "Jasmine & Black Gardenia" recently on offer at just £1 it was a safe bet that it would land in my basket.

            As stated many times before in similar product reviews; I like a bargain but also I won't pay ridiculous over inflated prices just because of a brand.

            I have used the Comfort products in the past and have rarely been disappointed so I had high expectations of this.

            Price and packaging~

            The conditioner comes in a 750ml sized plastic bottle. The shape is quite eye catching being in a teardrop design and the colour is also a major selling point - a shiny, black with little twinkly stars gives this fabric conditioner a sexy sleek look.

            I paid £1 as mentioned but I have seen this retailing at well over £2, although a lot will depend on where you shop.

            The top unscrews easy enough and as is the norm with these products also doubles as the measure cup. Although it states this contains enough for 21 washes I often find that by not filling up to the line you can get the same effects and get at least 10 more washes out of a bottle.

            My experience on using it~

            Having used most of the Comfort fabric conditioners in the past I knew (or hoped) I wouldn't be disappointed..and disappointed I certainly wasn't!

            The product is a concentrate meaning a smaller amount does the work of a larger bottle, though having seen the consistency I was quite surprised as it seemed VERY watery indeed. Not to be deterred, I applied just under the required amount to my washing machine and left it to get on with the job at hand.

            The fragrance of this is lovely; I couldn't really tell you what black gardenia actually smells like but on removing the lid my nostrils were well aware of the jasmine; and it was lovely and fragrant without being too overpowering.

            The results~

            This ticks all the right boxes as far as a fabric conditioner is concerned as it smelt wonderful, left my clothes feeling soft and very easy to iron whilst retaining the wonderful scent.

            Would I recommend this?~

            Definitely yes.
            This is a lovely scented conditioner that is floral and sweet yet quite sensual at the same time. The scent slings to the fabrics after use for several days and is noticeable without interfering with perfumes/body sprays.

            As said previously I do like good quality fabric conditioners but even more so when they are a bargain, and at £1 this certainly was. It was so nice though I think I would buy this at full price as not only does a little go a long way but it smells gorgeous.


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