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Comfort Naturals Concentrate Olive Blossom & Cotton

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Brand: Comfort / Type: Fabric Softener / Category: Laundry

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    5 Reviews
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      18.12.2010 21:04
      Very helpful



      A lovely fabric conditioner I will be buying more of in the future

      I do love my fabric conditioners, as anyone who regularly reads my reviews will have gathered by now, and in particular I like trying out new fragrances that I like the sound of..so when I saw this delicious sounding Olive Blossom & Cotton Extract I *had* to try it.

      This fabric conditioner is part of the new range of Naturals which have been created by good old Comfort Concentrate. I'm a big fan of all Comfort products, so I had high expectations regarding the performance of this newest edition so was eager to give it a whirl in my next load of washing..

      The conditioner itself comes housed in the standard Comfort design of a plastic bottle that has a curve to it resembling a tear drop. The bottle's transparency shows off the contents clearly, which in this case the liquid is a milky white colour. The consistency seems quite thin and watery to say this is actually a concentrate ( meaning less is needed ) but that didn't deter me at this point as I am very trustful of all Comfort products up to press.

      The size this is available in is 750ml and costs around the £2 mark depending on where you shop, though I purchased this from my local Netto store costing just £1.09 a few weeks previous to this review, making it incredibly economical.

      My experience~

      I am a huge fan of comfort products ( which you would never have guessed! ) and am yet to be let down by anything I've tried so I was eagerly anticipating using this as it sounded lovely. I'd already done the obligatory 'sniff' in the shop of the conditioner, so I knew how my clothes were going to smell once this was put to work on them.

      Using this product is easy and I won't go into vast detail as it's the same directions as all other concentrated conditioners - simply pour the required amount ( the brand will advise you to fill to the line, but this isn't necessary as a third of the recommended amount works just as well ) into the cap which doubles as a measure device and apply to your washing machine in the correct compartment.

      I do a lot of washing; having two boys aged 6 and 7 and a husband that works in engineering. I go through a lot of fabric conditioner and buy it frequently but like a product that is value for money. I won't just buy the latest *fragrance* just for the sake of it unless of course it is on offer.
      When I saw this in my local supermarket costing half of the price it would be at bigger retailers I was tempted straight away, despite the fact I already had a new bottle of said item ( in a different fragrance ) at home.

      I put a cap full of the liquid into my drawer in the compartment next to the washing liquid and I was pleasantly surprised by the intensity of the scent. It is called Olive Blossom & Cotton Extract, which gives the impression of a subtle, natural fragrance but it is actually quite strong - in a nice way. The freshness of the olive blossom is the most obvious scent here as the whole conditioner just has the cleanest and freshest of scents..and that's before it's even been infused into my washing.

      After my washing cycle had finished and I opened the door I wasn't disappointed. The fragrance was just as strong and my clothing smelled beautiful, and I was eager to see how it would comply with the heat of my tumble dryer ( due to snowy weather I was unable to hang my washing out which is my preferred method of drying ) and then being ironed..would the fragrance fade, or worse disappear?

      I am pleased to say the heat from both appliances seemed to strengthen the scent and my clothes smelled fresh and were incredibly soft. This particular product is suitable for sensitive skin, and as I am a sufferer I can vouch it didn't cause any adverse reactions nor rashes so it gets the thumbs up from me.

      Would I recommend it?~

      Unless you know exactly what fragrance olive blossom and cotton extract is like, it's hard to pinpoint the precise description of the scent apart from saying it smells incredibly fresh and naturally clean. This claims to contain enough for 21 washes but by using slightly less I have had nearer the 30 mark, making it extremely economical.

      It has left my clothing, and particularly my bedding smelling beautiful for several days after using this in with my washing, and the scent hasn't faded in the least once the washing has dried. My fabrics have been relatively tangle free making ironing a much easier task, and my clothing has felt super soft to the touch. My sensitive skin has been fine whilst using this and so has the delicate skin of my two children who also have my 'affliction'. This is a lovely product that I will buy again and especially so if it is on offer, but I would go all out to say I would even pay full price for this and that's not something I say often!


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        01.06.2010 23:18
        Very helpful



        Leaves your washing smelling naturally fresh, whilst being kinder to your skin

        The Comfort Concentrated Fabric Conditioner Naturals in Olive Blossom & Cotton comes in two different sizes, in handy, easy to use, clear plastic bottles.

        They have a lid that doubles as an applicator, so that you don't use too much of the product. Well I think thats what its for, but the just chuck it in and guess the amount needed style, seems to work equally as well.

        The smaller 750ml sells for around £1.84 and can handle up to 21 washes, whilst the larger sized bottle of fabric conditioner comes in a whopping 1.5 litres.

        The larger size being double the price and size of the smaller one, doesn't really offer greater value, but at least you can leave it longer before you have to restock. This bigger bottle, can help you get though a hefty 42 Washes for around £3.57.

        The Comfort Naturals range are only available as concentrates, which offer significant benefits to the environment, over and above most standard fabric conditioners, due to the fact that they use less than half the packaging per wash. As less liquid is used per wash than when using standard fabric conditioners, concentrates such as these are also better value for your money.

        The soft olive blossom fragrance has a light and fresh smell which is achieved by blending it with some kind of cotton extract. The over all result when using this in your wash is very pleasing and the light fragrance remains even on tumble dryed washing.

        Another great benefit of the product is the fact that it has been dermatologically tested and has been specially developed for use on clothing etc worn by those with sensitive skin.

        The other 2 products in this range include: Jojoba oil blended with the fragrance of white orchid, along with an Aloe Vera based fragrance, which is renowned for its lightly soothing skin friendly qualities. Results from both of these is equally as nice.

        Over all the Comfort Concentrated Fabric Conditioner Naturals in Olive Blossom & Cotton seems to be able to leave your washing smelling naturally fresh, whilst being kinder to your skin.So a big 5 stars for this one from me.


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        21.05.2010 17:15
        Very helpful
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        Comfort is a well known laundry brand under the Unilever company. They produce various fabric softeners and liquid tabs for your laundry.


        In 2008, Comfort released a new range of products called Comfort Naturals. The range promotes itself as containing natural ingredients which are kind to the skin.

        The range includes the fabric conditioner that I am about to review which is Comfort Naturals Concentrate Olive Blossom and Cotton.

        Comfort say that this fabric conditioner is a blend of delicate olive blossom fragrance and cotton seed extract. It is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. It is designed for sensitive skin.

        As this is concentrated, it reduces packaging and is therefore helping the enviroment.


        This variety comes in Comforts traditional tear shaped plastic bottle. It is see through and has an orange lid which doubles up as the measuring cup for the conditioner.

        There is a sticker on the front of the bottle with the brand and product name alongside some pretty floral images.

        The sticker on the back of the bottle has some information about the contents, the ingredients, directions for use, warnings and details of how to contact the company.

        We are also made aware that this conditioner is recommended by Persil.


        To use this conditioner, simply pour into your machine machine drawer and never on your clothes or in the drum. How much you use depends on your load type and the inside of the cap is marked for guidelines.

        For handwashing use approx 18ml
        For small loads of 4-5kg use approx 35ml
        For large loads of 6-7kg use the full cap which is 55ml.


        Amongst other ingredients, this conditioner contains : 5-15% cationic surfactants, <5% non-ionic surfactants, perfume, benzisothiazolinone.

        *Availability and Price*

        Supermarkets will stock this in a 750ml size giving 21 washes between £1.60-£2.00. You can also pick this up in Wilkinsons.

        *My Opinion*

        I love my laundry smelling nice and regularly stock up on fabric softeners. Until recently, I had been using my towers laundrette to wash clothes but with my dooyoo earnings, I managed to buy a new washing machine and can wash everything in the comfort (no pun intended) of my home again! Usually I opt for something fruity or sweet like the Exhilirations range but a few months back I found an offer too goo to resist!

        In Wilkinsons, they had the Naturals Conditioners at 98p a bottle. Around the neck of the bottle was a £1 off coupon for the range. Their liquid tabs at the time were also on offer at £1.98 for 9 washes. Well I love a bargain and using my head I bought several of the conditioners then used the vouchers off the tabs. I effectively bought 1 bottle of conditioner and 9 washes of tabs for less than £2! My cupboards are still full of them!

        Both myself and my son have sensitive skin and need something gentle but nice scented. I love the style of the Comfort bottles and I trust them so much that they are the only brand I buy my conditioner from. Yes they may be a bit more expensive than store brand but if you look hard enough, at least one store will have Comfort on offer and it is well worth stocking up!

        So the Olive Blossom and Cotton..this combination doesn't instantly appeal to me as I am not keen on flowery things and certainly don't want to smell like a flower but for price I wasn't going to complain. The conditioner can be seen through the plastic bottle and is a runny, white milky shade. Opening the bottle for a whiff (I do this in shops and I know I am not the only one!) the scent is quite strong as it is concentrated. It smells fresh and a tad flowering but not overpoweringly so. It reminds me of when my Mum did my washing. Ahh happy memories!

        Anyway I have been using this alongside the matching tabs mainly but I have used it with other types and it has always worked perfectly. I am a bit generous with my pouring and would say I get about 15-17 washes from my bottle which isn't at all bad. I pour it into my drawer and put on a 30 wash as alot of my sons clothes need washing on this temperature. If I have bed sheets or towels I will put it on a 40.

        Removing the clothes from my washing machine, they feel soft and look very clean. The scent is very cotton like and extremely fresh smelling. You could say it smells like freshly washed clothes lol. The olive blossom smell is delicate and works perfectly with the cotton.

        I no longer use a dryer for my clothes but instead hang them over my clothes horse at the window and let the sun (haha) dry them. Although the scent is not as strong as other ranges, they do leave a really fresh smell on my clothes which lasts even when in my drawers before wearing. The clothes remain soft and I have never experienced and reaction with this conditioner.

        I feel there is nothing better than going into fresh dried bedsheets and I could really just lie there and soak up the scent before smelly comes in to bed haha.

        This is a lovely fabric conditioner and one I would highly recommend to all.

        Thanks for reading :)


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          01.03.2010 15:51
          Very helpful



          Will buy again.

          I don't really use fabric conditioner as a rule, as I suffer from eczema and figure the less additives I add to my washing, the better. A friend of mine gave me a bottle of this to try, so I'm sorry, I don't know how much it costs!

          Comfort concentrate comes in a 1.5 Litre bottle that is enough for 42 washes. It has an orange screwtop lid, which is also a dosing device. The bottle is transparent so you can see the product inside, which is white and milky looking. In fact, my husband thought is was a bottle of milk and nearly put it in his tea! The brand name is on the front, as well as the logo of the British Skin Foundation, who endorse the product. It is branded as suitable for sensitive skin.The rear of the bottle has usage instructions as well as information about the cleaner planet plan, which has to do with Comfort using 50% less packaging, and has a web link www.cleanerplanetplan.com where you can find out more. Comfort is made by Unilever, and they recommend that it is used with Persil, though I used Fairy.

          A 6-7kg wash requires 55ml of softener,or a whole capful. 4-5kg washes require 35ml and handwashing only needs 18ml. All the dosages are marked inside the cap. You dose directly into the machine drawer and do not pour directly onto fabrics.

          This fabric conditioner has a lovely floral smell, which has a fresh and clean quality about it. The smell is not overpowering, but it does last on the clothing for several days after washing and keeps them fresh in the cupboard.

          Does it work?:
          As I have said, I'm not really used to fabric conditioner, and on normal laundry I don't notice a lot of difference, other than the nice smell and the fact that less things need ironing. I did notice a big difference on my towels, which came out lovely and fluffy,and on fleece clothing and blankets which were irresistably snuggly. I was also impressed at how it left socks feeling and smelling lovely. I had no adverse reaction on my eczemateous skin.

          I've had this bottle about a month and there is hardly any left. I will probably buy another, but restrict use to towels, woolens and fleeces to make the bottle last longer.


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          19.01.2010 11:37
          Very helpful



          Give it a go, it's a good one.

          I decided to try another Comfort fabric conditioner, so I took Comfort Naturals Olive Blossom and Cotton. This fabric conditioner is made for sensitive skin just as Pure one.

          Price and package
          Comfort Naturals Olive Blossom and Cotton fabric conditioners come is a transparent bottle with orange cap. The fabric conditioner is white and as it is concentrated it is quite thick. It has strong scent if you smell it while in the bottle. A little is enough on clothes to have nice scent. I bought a 750 ml bottle for 1.92 pounds in Sainsbury's. I like to stock up a few bottles when they are on offer but this time I bought it on full price. It is available in most of the supermarkets.

          How I use it?
          I always dilute the concentrated version because it is too strong. I use the bottle of the previous fabric conditioner and pour half of the conditioner in the old (washed) bottle and fill it up with water. I pour the fabric conditioner directly to the clothes in the washing machine because I don't like to clean the washing powder and fabric conditioner tray of the washing machine. I found that my previous washing machine's tray wasn't cleanable after a few months as the fabric conditioner spoiled it so much. (I tried everything to clean it but nothing was effective enough.) When it broke down and we bought a new washing machine I decided to pour the fabric conditioner directly on clothes. I never found spots on the clothes so none of them colours the clothes. I use about a cap of diluted conditioner and this way on bottle of conditioner is enough for about 40 washes. Our clothes are soft and they smell very nice for a long time.

          Comfort clothes conditioner contains amongst other ingredients: 5-15% Cationic Surfactants, <5% Non-Ionic Surfactants, Perfume, Benzisothiazolinone.

          My opinion
          I think this is a very nice fabric conditioner made by Unilever. It has olive blossom smell. This fabric conditioner is good for the whole family but I found the most suitable one for men. There are fabric conditioners that are very feminine. Well this one has such a fragrance which I found suitable for men.
          It has cotton extract but I haven't really found any difference between the softness of clothes conditioned with this fabric conditioner or other Comfort fabric conditioner. All of them are really good. Now I used about half of the conditioner and I'm curious for the next one I will test.


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