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Comfort Pearls Lily & Rice Flower

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Brand: Comfort / Type: Fabric Conditioner / Category: Laundry

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    1 Review
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      18.02.2009 19:04
      Very helpful



      Ideal for fragrant and soft laundry.

      All of us have whims and fancies from time to time and I have to admit that I am no different. I watch the television advertisements and consider adding one of the latest inventions to my shopping list, I should know better by now!
      How my laundry smells and feels is important to me, if im ironing and the clothes smell pleasant then it is not so much of a chore. If what we are wearing feels soft and comfortable and we go to bed in super-soft bed linen then all of my endeavors have been worthwhile.

      Some time ago I was perusing the laundry aisle in Tesco and noticed these rather upmarket looking capsules in a posh packet.
      There were two types on offer, Comfort blue and Lily and Rice flower.
      Maybe it was one of those days when I was throwing caution to the wind but I picked up one of those neat little plastic zipper bags containing ten Comfort Pearls at the cost of no less than £2.29!! and stuck it into my trolley.
      By the time I was making my way out of the supermarket I was berating myself for being so extravagant!

      I had to read the instructions through carefully, the Pearls can`t be used in a pre-wash, on your delicates or the woolens. they can`t be used for hand-washing purposes either. This information narrowed it down a bit.
      So, instead of putting fabric conditioner into your washing machine drawer beside the detergent you put the Comfort Pearl capsule directly into the washing machine tub along with your clothes.
      I do like the way that Unilever have packaged this product, its novel. They have created a type of plastic `wash-bag` for the Pearls which has its own zipper. This helps prevent leakages and lowers the risk of squashing the soft pearls.
      My dispenser drawer if forever getting `gunked up` with the constant use of fabric conditioner, so if these Pearls go straight into the drawer that would help with that problem.

      You load your drum with laundry and then place your Pearl capsule into the heart of the load, using your detergent in the normal way.
      As the washing cycle takes place the fabric conditioner works its way deeply into the fabric of the wash. Instead of the fabric conditioner being released into the wash at a later stage it is in the wash right from the start, getting to work on the fragrance and softness of your laundry.

      Of course when I removed my washing from the machine the results weren't there until the laundry was put through the tumble drier.
      The soft perfume filled the utility room and Boy Oh Boy it was wonderful!
      The finished laundry was soft as a lambs fleece and was beautifully fragranced. When the laundry was ironed it still held the fragrance and it was still there when we wore the clothes again.

      Now we come to the crunch, If I were a rich man I would consider using the Comfort capsules full stop, but a bottle is far more economical and they also have great perfumes in the Comfort range.
      Yes I thought that they were super but I couldn't justify using a 22p Comfort Pearl in every wash. What a shame...


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