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Comfort Vaporesse Blueberry & Jasmine

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Brand: Comfort / Type: Ironing Water / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Bucket, Broom, Brush etc.

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    2 Reviews
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      26.02.2013 20:51
      Very helpful



      See review.

      I buy ironing water because I find it makes ironing a little easier, I find it helps removing the creases just that little easier. The iron tends to glide easier across the fabric and makes ironing a little more of a pleasurable job. Tends to tackle those really creased clothing garments. I always fold my clothing when it has dried and so it isn't as creased as it would be if not folded. Folding before ironing does help have less creases. I actually enjoy ironing but if you hate it I think ironing water would help you get the job done far quicker without having to struggle to remove those stubborn creases. The fragrance I am reviewing is the Blueberry and Jasmine.

      It comes in a transparent plastic bottle. It is ironing water and so just a water liquid lol. It has a kind of floral and fruity smell to it, a kind of mixture of the 2 blended together. I would say it has more of a fruity fragrance though and one which I find quite a pleasant one. It isn't a very strong smell and not one which is over powering but a decent one.

      The bottle is kind of the same as a fabric conditioner bottle. What I do is pour some of the water into a jug and pour the water from the jug into my steam iron tank. I find it much easier than pouring it directly from the bottle into my iron because it doesn't pour well into the iron. It drips and makes a right old mess. I find using the jug helps stabilised the pouring process and much easier to pour that way. That's how transfer the water from the bottle into my iron.

      Once the water is inside the iron, away you go, just iron in the usual way and the steam releases a really nice fragrance onto the garments. The iron releases the aroma of the fruity/ floral fragrance into the air while ironing the clothing etc. I do love the smell while ironing. The smell is quite a refreshing one in my opinion. The water is released from the steam iron in just the same way as if I had used tap water.

      The water is also designed to prevent lime scale inside the iron tank. The water hasn't ruined any of my clothing and just works in the same way as if I'd used water. Years ago when I first bought this kind of water, I thought it would leave water marks on clothing and was surprised when I didn't see any marks on clothing. This one works in the same way, I haven't seen any marks and it hasn't ruined any of my clothing.

      I always use a fabric conditioner in every wash load and the conditioner does the job of softening my fabrics and leaving them smelling nice, this ironing water doesn't work miracles alone if you don't like to use fabric conditioner when you wash your clothing. But I find it does give the fabrics an extra boost smell if you iron your clothing a couple of days after washing them.

      If you are someone who likes to wash and leave clothing in a basket until you want to iron them before going out, then I think this water would be a good one to use because it will just freshen the items of clothing you are ironing with an instant boost fragrance and to wear the clothing immediately after ironing them.
      For a 1 litre bottle this costs around £1, I think it is a good quality water and good value for this price. Comfort is a good brand and this one is a good one to add to their collection of products.

      I will buy it again in the future because I like the fruity and floral fragrance. Gives my clothing a clean fresh smell. I am pleased with the results.

      The bottle can be recycled after use too.

      I give this water 4 stars. Dropping a star because I have to transfer the water into a jug to pour into my iron because the bottle neck isn't suitable for pouring in my opinion. I think if it had a spout at the top of the bottle to be able to directly pour the water into the iron tank it would gain another star.

      Also on Ciao under my username pinky50.

      Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.


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        05.11.2012 20:08
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A fresh fragrant ironing water to ease the ironing and lessen the lime scale in your iron

        Sometimes I have found that with washing powders the fragrance is lost by the time I get to iron my clothes.
        To try to balance this I have bought a few ironing water's with fragrance in them, with varying degrees of results. The current one I am trying is Comfort Vaporesse in blueberry and jasmine.

        ***** THE BOTTLE *****

        The bottle is clear plastic which is great not only as you can see how much is left but when pouring you can judge how fast you pour into the iron, hopefully averting any spills. I have noted this as important because one thing the product does fall down on is the top; there is no pouring spout. The top is just a standard round top with a screw lid. This is fine but with a pouring spout you would have much more accuracy with the aim and avoid spilling water onto the hot iron plate that then can make burn marks or wet splodges on the ironing board.

        Another annoying thin for me is the instructions. I admit it is not to tasking on how to fill an iron with water, however the instructions and ingredients etc. are on the sticker attached to the front of the bottle. But they are on the back of it! This means you have to squint through the water filled bottle to read them or peel off the sticker.

        ***** THE PRODUCT *****

        On opening the bottle you do get a lovely waft of the fragrance and it appears quite strong in comparison to some others I have used. The blueberry and jasmine do make a lovely fresh scent ideal for keeping your clothes fresh. With regards to staying power I can notice the smell for a few hours after, but on opening my wardrobe I can't say the fragrance jumps out at me.

        I like to use it especially in the winter as it gives a fresh note to the laundry after it has dried on the airier, in the summer I dry outside so the fresh air is fine and it's not so much of an issue.

        It does seem to make ironing slightly easier the iron glides nicely along. Using the water is supposed to help prevent lime scale build up too which in turn helps the lifetime of your iron.

        You can purchase the product in most big supermarket for around £1.25 for a litre. This is quite reasonable value I feel as the bottle does last quite a while.

        Review maybe posted on dooyoo and ciao under the same username.


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