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Creda Florida Spa 8.5kW Electric Shower

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Brand: Creda / Type: Electric Shower

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    1 Review
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      07.09.2012 10:30
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      helps shower those stresses away

      Everyone likes a bath, even my kids, who can be the most smelliest of people, enjoy at last one bath a year, even if they don't need it, maybe a birthday treat or something.
      Most times we get through life having a shower as it saves both time and, more crucially, it saves money.
      But finding a good shower unit can be difficult as there are quite a few on the market, offering different shapes, sizes, looks and even KW powers, such as 7.5, 8.5, 9.5 and others.
      It is one particular shower that I am going to mention today; one which has enough power to do what it's suppose to do without breaking the bank. The shower that I am talking about is the Florida spa 8.5kw electric shower from Creda in a range of colours and KW power options... this particular shower is the 8.5kw white casing version

      * What does this shower look like...
      It looks like many other electric showers than don most bathrooms, being a white plastic box shaped casing which covers the electric components that hide away inside.
      The entire shower unit is a mere 300mm high, 195mm wide and 95mm deep, (approx). although the two knobs stick out a further 15mm, (110mm in total, flush against the wall).

      The front has all the controls, well, when I say controls I'm not talking about a mass of buttons, dials and lights, I'm talking more two dials and a single button on the front, with four little red lights running down the right side.
      The four lights are to show you that the power to the shower is on, it's on half heat or full heat and then there's the overheat light*

      * The simple controls are...
      The top dial let's you select half heat and full heat, choosing which heat you want depends on the weather really.

      The lower dial is the actual heat setting, with numbers running around the outside of the dial from 1 to 10, with the lower numbers being for the hotter water flushing through, turning to the higher settings to cool the flow. The hotter the water the lesser the pressure, so the weaker the flow.

      * NOTE:
      Don't panic if the overheat light comes on sometimes as it will illuminate if the shower is used again a few minutes after being turned off, this is normal, (apparently) and the light should go out after a few seconds

      *What about fitting the shower then..?
      Fitting this is pretty straight forwards, being made easier due to the fact that the shower that this one replaced was about the same size and the fitting/connections were more or less in the same place, plus this shower gave several options for where you can actually bring the connection in.
      Anyway, you simply flip off the little logo on the front of the casing, revealing a cross head screw, then you unscrew this and gently lift/wobble the font cover away from the interior workings.
      With the front cover taken off you'll see exactly where the screws need to be so that you can screw this securely onto the wall, plus, how the wires should be fitted and where the water pipes need to come in.
      The water inlet section is on the right hand side of the unit and give you three options as to how the pipe actually enters the shower, either from the bottom, the middle or the top. But what ever way you decide is then covered by the removable plastic cover so that the shower unit looks 'untouched' and slim line.
      The electric cable can come in through the top or from the rear, depending on where the wire is coming from your walls.

      In other words, there is somewhere on the showers body that the pipes and wires can come through without making the showers casing looked 'hacked away'.

      Once you've plumbed it in and connected the wires you simply replace the cover over the workings, thus protecting the electrics from any water flowing over it.

      That's it, you're ready to have your first shower.

      If you need to have a new wire/water pipe connection running from the mains, (both water and electrics), then you may have to call in a professional to rip up the floor boards and smash through your walls in order to hide all the wires and pipes. But as most houses already have a shower fitted then this work should already have been done.

      * Using the shower..
      This is as easy as pressing a button... really, that's all you have to do, press a button and away you go. Although when you first used the shower you do have to turn the lower knob to find that perfect heat setting, but once you're on the right number you can usually leave it there so you just have to press the button on, then press it again to turn off the shower. You may need to adjust the heat setting dial slightly sometimes as the waters heat does fluctuate depending on certain things, like times of day/ water pressure etc... but these adjustments are slight.

      * Apart from the shower unit itself you also get...
      The shower head itself, which has three settings in itself, each one being activated with the twist of the outside ring on the head itself. You can choose to have a gentle spray, a slightly more vigorous spray or the all out massage spray, which does come out like a mini pressure washer, (this one I usually use when I'm cleaning down the shower area as it really does help rinse all the suds away).

      The shower head is attached to a metal coated flexible hose, which is about 1500mm in length, with the entire thing being held up by a lockable catch that slide up and down a 660mm stainless steal pole, which is attached to the wall by two white plastic brackets, making the entire thing look neat and tidy in anyone's bathroom.
      Finally, to add to the style, there's also a white plastic soap holder and hose ring which attach to the pole.

      * My opinion...
      This is without doubt a good shower indeed, managing to get a person clean without costing too much to actually run.
      It is a doddle to fit, especially if the wires/pipes are already in place, as there are several positions pre-moulded in the plastic covering to allow for everything to come into it without making it look like it's been fitted by a drunken bloke wearing mittens.
      The controls are easy to use, being made even easier as once you've found that perfect heat setting the control knobs can stay exactly were they are, which really helps out as I don't have to constantly keep trying to find the right water heat, taking about ten minutes extra in the shower.
      The shower head settings gives you more control over the water output pressure, sort of, with each option having a totally different feeling. To be honest though I tend to use the 'wider' flow option for showering, whilst using the 'massage' option for more rinsing the shower area as it gives more force to get that cleaner feel.

      The 'hose' is a good length, allowing me to remove the shower head from the 'bracket' and use if in my hand, if needs be. Plus, the shower heads pole doesn't have to be positioned right next to the shower unit.

      * What more can I say about this shower?
      Well, there's nothing more to say about this shower as it's, well, it's a shower and does exactly what any shower is supposed to do; it showers a person so that they feel fresh and clean, ready to face the world once again.
      It's stylish with fine curved edges to it, giving any bathroom/shower room a stylish look without taking up any room at all.

      * So what do I have to pay to have a shower then..?
      This shower unit sells for about £80.00, which isn't too bad really for the style and simplicity of what you get.

      In all, if you're after a shower at a reasonable price then this one is well worth looking at, plus, as this range of shower units gives you more options you can get a more kw version, such as the 9.5 or even the 10.5, and you can also get the grey/silver effect version if your bathroom/shower area isn't all white.
      The one I have is a white case but is does come in a grey/silver casing finish and also comes in a 9.5KW power as well, but make sure your cables can take the extra power.

      ©Blissman70 2012


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