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Cussons Morning Fresh Mandarin & Peach Blossom Fabric Conditioner

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Brand: Cussons / Type: Fabric Conditioner / Category: Laundry

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    2 Reviews
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      05.10.2013 11:07
      Very helpful



      Softens fabrics well and has staying power.

      I use a fabric conditioner in every wash and so when I spotted this conditioner I decided to buy it because it was one I hadn't bought before, so thought I would give it a go.

      The conditioner comes inside a transparent plastic bottle. The bottle is fairly large and has screw off top, the top is fairly large too. It is also fairly tall but kind of slim line and very easy to get a grip of the bottle. The liquid is a bright yellow colour and looks clean and refreshing inside the bottle. It has a kind of fruity fragrance to it and a slight smell of mandarin with a perfume smell. I cannot detect a clear smell of the peach and mandarin and in my opinion it is just a fruity smell. It isn't quite as strong a fragrance as I expected but it is still quite a strong enough smelling conditioner. I did expect this one to have a stronger smell of the mandarin and peach and the perfume fragrance I would say is more apparent but that isn't a problem because it does smell nice.

      It is a rich liquid and not a runny consistency, it is extremely soft and really smooth texture. It doesn't drip from the bottle while pouring it into the machine or into the top.

      I just fill up the top when I am using it for a large wash load and half a capful when I am using it for a smaller load and then just pour it into my conditioner compartment of my washing machine. When I take my fabrics from the machine, I can definitely smell the nice perfume fragrance on my fabrics, so it does leave them smelling nice when wet. The fragrance kind of hits you as soon as the fabrics come out of the machine and this smell is fairly strong too and much stronger than I expected it to be. I was amazed how strong it actually turned out to be because it was very cheap to buy.

      Once dried, I can also smell the fragrance on my fabrics and am happy with the way they smell when I take them from my wardrobe or bedroom drawers. The fragrance has staying power and I can still smell the fragrance a good few weeks after I have washed them.

      This conditioner also softens my fabrics and leaves my towels nice and fluffy, also my bedding has a nice smell when I get into bed at night time. There is nothing nicer than getting into bed and smelling how fresh the bedding smell with that perfume smell.

      I have used it for hand soaking my delicate fabrics, I just pour a small amount into the warm water first then add my fabrics, I don't directly pour the conditioner onto the fabrics. It softens them and is very easy to rinse after the time has lapsed. I only soak my fabrics in a bowl for around 20 minutes or so and that is a well enough length of time to soften them and help them smell nice and fresh.

      The quality of this conditioner is really good and it is excellent value for money. I only paid a £1 for a 1 litre bottle, I think for this price it is an amazingly good one and worth the price. I bought it from a discount store but I cannot really recall seeing it any supermarkets but I am sure it is available in them but I don't actually ever remember seeing it in one so far.

      I really like the way this one softens my fabrics and leaves them smelling really nice. I think if you are looking for a conditioner which softens fabrics well and also smells really nice, this one would be more than suitable and it is also a good price. especially if you are on a lower budget and wanting to buy a good conditioner and save some money. I don't think you would be disappointed in the results this one gives for washing fabrics. Leaves them fresh smelling and soft too.

      I have washed my grandchildren's clothing using this one and they have never had any irritations or rashes, I haven't experienced any or my hubby. I have sensitive skin and this one is more than suitable for my skin and the skins of my grandchildren's more delicate skins.

      I am very happy to recommend this fabric conditioner and I will certainly buy it again in the future because it works a treat for softening and helping my fabrics have that lasting smell. Also you certainly get a lot of conditioner for the very cheap price too.

      Also on Ciao under my username Pinky50.

      I give this one 5 stars.

      Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.


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        25.06.2011 21:05
        Very helpful



        An economical and effective fabric softener from Cussons' Morning Fresh range

        For a few years now I have been using Comfort's Strawberry and Lily Kiss fabric softener but like everything it seems, the price of this seems to have risen sharply of late. I always used to stock up when it was on offer but I recently found myself on my last bottle and the price staying resolutely at well over the £2 mark in the supermarket.

        I was going to just buy a bottle of own brand softener until I was in Poundland and spied a new fabric softener from Cussons bearing the Morning Fresh brand. Poundland also sell a matching washing powder but I am a bit set in my ways when it comes to laundry and will only use liquid detergents. The fabric softener was an altogether more interesting proposition and with a 1 litre bottle promising 30 washes - and coming in at just £1 - I popped a bottle in my basket.

        ~~The Product~~

        Morning Fresh manufacture this fabric conditioner in two fragrances - Jasmine and Lime Blossom and the fragrance I purchased - Mandarin and Peach Blossom.

        The manufacturers promise that this fabric conditioner, which is a concentrate, will not only care for your clothes, adding softness, but will also fill them with an "invigorating burst of lasting freshness".

        To use, you add to your washing machine drawer as usual. The bottle recommends you use "half a cap" for a normal load of between 4 and 5 kg.

        The product comes in a recyclable bottle and it has been dermatologically tested.

        ~~My Thoughts~~

        If you are expecting a strong citrus smell from this fabric softener then you will be disappointed. What you do get however is a very delicate and rather pleasant scent of mandarin. I must be honest and say I couldn't detect a whiff of anything related to peach but perhaps someone with a better developed sense of smell than me might notice it.

        Measuring the product out can be a bit hit and miss too. Although the bottle tells you to add half a cap to "normal loads" the cap doesn't have a measuring line for "half a cap" - which is actually 33ml, instead rather unhelpfully having a measuring line for 25ml and 50 ml. As the label tells you to use 55 ml for a large load or for "extra softness and freshness" and 18 ml for hand washing, it seems bizarre to have such uniform measurements in the cap. It also means you are almost certainly going to add more than may be necessary to your washing machine.

        Once the load is finished and I remove my clothes from the machine I can't say I notice the distinctive if delicate scent of mandarin on them straight away. In fact you have to put your nose straight on to the damp fabric to detect any fragrance but I must admit it is pleasant.

        I often argue with my sister over how unnecessary "fragrances" are in laundry products - I am a fan but she thinks they are pointless and another example of big business foisting something we do not need upon us - but the truth is most of us like our clothes to smell nice when they come out of the washing machine. I am a huge fan of line drying my clothes but when you live in one of the dampest places in the country you won't get that "line fresh" smell from drying your clothes over an airer in the house.

        If one follows my sister's argument then I suppose the bottom line when it comes to a fabric conditioner is - does it make your clothes soft? And in the case of the Morning Fresh Mandarin & Peach Blossom product the answer to that is "yes".

        It's certainly as effective as the Comfort product, although if I am drying clothes indoors I like to give them a bit of a shake before hanging up otherwise some cotton items can be a bit crisp as they dry. Having said that the difference between clothes washed without this fabric softener added is marked - sometimes they can resemble the texture of cardboard!

        Because I have no tumble drier I do have to use fabric softener on towels, even though it can affect the absorbency. Sadly if I don't use it they can feel like sandpaper next to the skin so I have to take lower absorbency over that. The Morning Fresh does work well on towels but I do have to increase the dose when I wash them - I really notice they are softer if I do this.

        I do laundry for myself, my daughter and my mother and none of us have had any allergic reactions to the product. I was a bit worried by mother might have problems when I started to do her laundry for her as she has mild eczema but fortunately she has been fine.


        Overall I have been impressed with the Morning Fresh Mandarin & Peach Blossom fabric conditioner. I would question whether you would get a full 30 washes per bottle as you do need to increase how much you use depending on what you wash (ie towels) and the size of your load, but certainly one bottle lasts me a good 3 weeks and I do a laundry load at least once a day.

        I don't find my laundry is strongly scented using this fabric softener but a delicate fragrance is what I prefer on my clothes - I hate to be overpowered!

        It does leave my washing soft and at the end of the day that's what I want from a fabric conditioner. For the price, I am impressed with this fabric softener - it compares very well with Comfort Strawberry & Lily Kiss for instance. The Comfort product perhaps edges this out with a more longer lasting fragrance but the Morning Fresh product is significantly cheaper - as well as coming in a larger bottle.

        I have looked for this in other stores but it seems to be only available to buy in Poundland at present - which is obviously a bit limiting.

        So in conclusion I am happy with this fabric conditioner and would recommend - so long as you don't want a really strong fragrance on your clothes


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