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Daisy All Purpose Cloths

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Brand: Daisy /Accessories - All Purpose Cloths / Type: Cloths / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Wipes, Towels, Tissues

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    1 Review
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      12.08.2011 11:20
      Very helpful



      Better than Tesco Value, cheaper than Tesco's own brand

      For years I have been a fan of the Tesco Value All Purpose Cloths for all the cleaning jobs around my house. However, last time I went to buy some of these Value cloths, my eye was drawn to the Daisy brand sat next to them on the shelf. The Daisy ones caught my eye for no other reason than that my dog is called Daisy! Once I saw the price and the size/thickness of the packet, I decided to give the Daisys a try, and I am pleased that I did.

      They come, like most products of this nature, folded and bundled in a plastic bag. The packaging has now changed from the picture above, and looks less gaudy and cheap. The pack contains 20 cloths and currently cost £1.29 - that works out at just over six pence per cloth. Although that's dearer than the Value ones (at four pence each), it is substantially cheaper than Tesco's standard All Purpose Cloths, which are either ten or fifteen pence each, depending on the packet size bought.

      Size-wise, there's not much to choose between these and the Value ones - they are the same width, the Daisy ones are just 3 inches longer. The real difference is in the thickness. The Value ones are very flimsy, whereas these Daisy ones are quite substantial - easily on a par with Tesco's own. To illustrate this, I weighed ten of the Daisy ones, and they came to 105 grams. Ten of the Value ones weighed 59 grams. For completeness, ten of Tesco's own weighed 110 grams! And yes, I did have too much time on my hands today!

      Appearance-wise, they are blue and white diamond-checked (Value ones are blue and white striped, if you're interested!) - not particularly attractive, but then they are only cleaning cloths.

      The instructions say that they are ideal for 'wet and dry use in and around the home. Ideal for dusting, polishing, wiping up, mopping down and general cleaning'. Personally I prefer to use purpose-bought orange dusters for dusting as I find they hold the dust better, but I daresay these would be fine too. According to the packet they can be machine-washed, though I tend to think of this type of cloth as semi-disposable; I use them for a few days in the kitchen for washing up/wiping down, then they get relegated to bathroom cleaning, after which they are thrown away. Whilst I realise this is not particularly 'green', I do get plenty of uses from them before disposal.

      They are certainly excellent to use. When dry, they are a little rigid, but as soon as they are damp they become soft, pliable and easy to handle. They are hygenic, easy to rinse through after use, do not hold stains (if mopping up spilt red wine for example) and do not hold smells. They can also be used for some pretty hard-core scrubbing (I used one today to scrub the mud off some filthy walking boots) without disintegrating. They do tend to 'bobble' a bit when given a hard job such as floor washing, but they still do it effectively. Brilliant!

      So, all things considered,these are now my favourite All Purpose Cloth. I will continue to keep a pack of the Tesco Value ones in my cupboard for small 'one-off' jobs which suit a smaller and more disposable cloth, but for most of my day-to-day cleaning, it's Daisy for me now.

      Who'd have thought there was so much to say about a cleaning cloth...!


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