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Daisy Anitbac Trigger Spray

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6 Reviews

Brand: Daisy / Type: Cleaning Spray / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    6 Reviews
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      22.02.2014 03:07
      Very helpful



      A good multi purpose spray

      Daisy is a budget brand which supplies a variety of products for Tesco.
      I have previously used a few of their products such as washing up liquid and fabric conditioner and have found them better than the usual supermarket own brands and a good substitute for more expensive branded products.

      I normally but antibacterial spray on offer or in shops like Poundland, but when I spotted this costing only 79p for a 500ml spray bottle that claims to kill 99.9% of bacteria I thought it was worth a try.
      The spray bottle is clear, as is the liquid inside so its easy to see how much you have left.
      The spray is an antibacterial cleaner and although it works perfectly when using for a quick wipe around it isn't really tough enough to clean grease or thick dirt. I wouldn't really expect such a spray to do this so it wasn't a disappointment to me.
      Depending on what I am cleaning, I find that in most circumstances for tougher marks, cleaning with soapy water and then a quick wipe with this spray when dry is sufficient.
      What I really like about this spray and those of its kind is that it has many uses all over the house. I use it to wipe down kitchen appliances such as the mystery marks that appear on the fridge, to clean my worktops of small tea and food spillages, on placemats, on radiators, window frames, doors, bathroom sink and lots of surfaces that just need a quick clean and freshen up.
      I also use it on the windows when I haven't got time to give them a decent clean but they have milk splashes up them from feline visitors coming for milk then shaking their heads around. It doesn't leave the windows shiny and gleaming, but it does clean them without leaving a streaky mess behind.

      The spray is easy to use and lasts a while, even though I use it daily. I'm now on my second bottle and would definitely continue to buy it as I find it as good as any of the more expensive branded sprays.
      I normally just wipe around with the spray and a cloth without gloves and haven't had any skin reaction but I would definitely advise anyone who is prone to skin reactions to wear protective gloves.

      Definitely recommended.


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      27.01.2014 13:02
      Very helpful



      Good value cleaning spray

      I am a big fan of supermarkets own brand cleaning products. There are certain things that I would always pay a little bit more for but most of the time the own brands are just as good as the more expensive ones for a fraction of the price.

      Daisy is a good brand that is widely available at most Tesco stores and they have a variety of different cleaning products available.
      This is a cleaning spray with antibacterial properties and claims to kill 99.9% of germs. It can be used on most hard surfaces such as in bathrooms and kitchens.

      I have one of these currently under my sink for using in my kitchen to wipe down my kitchen worktops to clean them and also kill any germs that might be lurking there.

      This is a trigger spray bottle and it is one that is easy to use and operate. It comes out cleanly and one spray is enough to cover a decent amount of area. It does a decent job at removing marks and dirt on surfaces but it isn't the best for more hardy things such as dried on food as although it helps to loosen it up you do still need to really scrub to remove these things and I have used other cleaning sprays which are better at helping to loosen up food debris.

      For deep cleaning I would probably pick something else that is a little bit tougher on dried on stains but for everyday cleaning this works fine and it does get my surfaces looking clean and shiny and I like the fact that it kills germs as well as just making surfaces look clean.

      One other thing that I like about this cleaning spray is the smell. It is very subtle and fresh smelling and leaving my kitchen smelling clean and fresh without being clinical or overpowering.

      This isn't the best cleaning spray in the world but it is fine for everyday use and it is really good value at only 79p a bottle and good for those on a budget or anyone looking to save a few pennies.


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      06.10.2012 04:34
      Very helpful
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      I came across the Daisy range at Tesco's a while ago now and I've been really impressed with the quality and effectiveness, despite how cheap all of the products are.

      For anyone who's never heard of this brand, it's Tesco's own range of low price cleaning products which are kind of 'inbetween' the Value range and more expensive branded ranges. The Daisy range of products are only available from Tesco. I use quite a few of the Daisy branded cleaning products and I find that their antibacterial spray is brilliant as it gives me piece of mind that there are no nasty germs or bacteria lurking in my house!

      I use this mainly on my kitchen worktops as well as my table, my daughter's high chair or bumbo tray after she's made a mess of it and various other furniture/objects - mainly anything with a large, hard surface such as the mantlepiece and bathroom sides - the list is endless but despite how much I use this a bottle seems to last for ages! At just 79 pence per 500ml bottle this is extremely cheap and very good value - especially when compared to other brands which in some cases are £2.00 or so more expensive for what is essentially the same product - madness! I know that some people will be put off by the low price and be skeptical about its effectiveness but I assure you it does the job just as well as the more expensive brands.

      The spray comes in a transparent, sturdy plastic bottle which is quite tall but not too bulky so it doesn't take up a lot of space under my kitchen sink. The bottle has the brand name written on a green label as well as the product name and a picture of a Daisy flower. The packaging is quite basic and a little boring, but it's easily distinguishable amongst other brands of cleaning sprays under my kitchen sink. The back of the bottle has plenty of information on it, including the ingredients, directions of use and so on. Warnings are also listed - these include the warning not to use the spray on soft furnishings or polished surfaces.

      I'm glad that I read the warnings before using this as I was planning on using it to wipe up any spillages etc from my daughter on our relatively new leather sofa's but after reading the warning I didn't want to risk it! The bottle has a trigger spray which is easy to use and when pressed it dispenses a generous amount of liquid. If I'm cleaning my bath or around the sink I will put some of this onto a sponge or cloth so that I'm able to get into any nooks and crannies but if I'm using it on a larger surface area eg our wooden table or laminate sides I will spray it all over, leave it for a few seconds and then wipe it off.

      I can't say that this stuff is a great cleaner and it doesn't help lift off dried grease or improve shine or anything like that so I usually use this after cleaning my surfaces etc down with a non antibacterial, stronger cleaning spray and I then finish off with this to ensure that the surfaces are germ free. It's important to dry the surface with a cloth afterwards and it should not be used around children or animals. No residue is left behind and the chemical, bleach like smell soon fades.

      Overall, I highly recommend this antibacterial spray; it's cheap and it does the job!


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        26.05.2012 20:05
        Very helpful
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        A basic brand but works well.

        My last daisy product review is for the kitchen antibacterial spray.

        It is a clear liquid with no froth unless sprayed vigourously on surfaces at close range.

        This is not just a surface spray for the kitchen worktop and sink, it also works really well when sprayed on laminate floors and then mopped without water. It cleans up all the dust and bits of rubbish with no need to get the whole floor wet.

        It has a trigger spray on the top and the bottle is see through so you can see how much you have left. The spray works really well and can spray far if theres something you cant reach. It claims to kill 99.9% of bacteria which is good enough for me.

        It only costs around 50p for 500mls and a little goes a long way. It works well on metal sinks and with a bit of scrubbing with an abrasive cloth they come up really shiny and sparkling.

        Like most of the daisy products it doesnt have a strong smell but after cleaning it will leave a slight scent of cleanliness but not like it has been industrially cleaned.

        Daisy is a brand only available at Tescos and it is their low cost alternative to the big brands and even their own basics range.


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          19.04.2012 21:07
          Very helpful



          Inexpensive antibacterial spray - does the job with no frills

          ---Why I Bought This---

          Well like almost everyone else you do need some sort of antibacterial cleaner in the home. I used to use Dettox but when shopping onine with Tesco I found this spray which has all the antibacterial properties but is much cheaper.

          ---The Brand---

          Daisy is a budget range of cleaning products that are manufactured for Tesco.

          ---The Product---

          Clear 500 mls plastic bottle with spray trigger top.
          The front has a green label with an image of a half daisy.
          Antibacterial cleanser to kill 99.9% of bacteria.
          To use the front of the nozzle needs to be trned 'ON'.
          The back label lists warnings such as not using on soft furnishings or polished surfaces. The product is not to be used for baby's bottles.
          Contains Benzalkonium Chloride and a list of warnings to rinse hands after use, not to spray in face or ingest or inhale the fumes.
          Also ensure that no pets (especially cats) walk over wet surfaces that have been sprayed


          79p. As compared to Dettox which is £2.02.

          ---My Opinion---

          I find this product as good as the much more expensive Dettox spray.
          I am assuming it has the same antibacterial properties as the regular customer has no way of checking. I am not a clean freak but do like to use this spray around the kitchen. I like to use it on the draining boards, dish drainer and also around the worktops.
          I also use the spray inside the rubbish bins as and when needed and I regularly use it on the swing bin lids which often get a little grubby.
          The trigger action bottle is quick and easy to use. I do not really like sprays all over the place where I could be breathing the fumes in - so I usually either spray close to the surfaces to be cleaned or spray onto one of my sponge cleaners and then wipe the surfaces.
          I would not say it is a powerful cleaner, but that is not what I want it for - I buy it to give the place a once over and to clean it of germs, not to scrub away dirt.
          I do not eat meat or poultry but this is also useful for spraying on knives that my husband has used for chicken.
          Other uses are in the bathroom for the taps and toilet flush handle, and when people have colds or bugs I put ths liquid on a sponge and do all the door handles and light pulls.
          This cleaner does not have any special sort of fragrance, but the smell s not unpleasant and it does not linger for long anyway.
          I do not use gloves when cleaning but have had no problems with this product. I wash my hands after using it and do not find it too harsh or drying, but it is not as if your hands are immersed in the liquid anyway.

          ---Star Rating---

          5 stars.

          ---Would I Recommend?---

          Yes definitely.




          (Taken from http://www.detergentinfo.com)
          C9-11 Alchohol Ethoxylate
          Benzalkonium Chloride
          Methyl Glycine Diacetic Acid, Trisodium Salt
          Citric Acid
          Methylisothiazolinone (and) Benzisothiazolinone


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          04.01.2012 14:40
          Very helpful



          not for my kitchen

          Daisy is a range of household products from Tesco. This range includes bin bags, cleaning products and laundry products.

          ~Antibacterial Spray~

          There are quite a few Daisy branded sprays available including specific sprays for using in the kitchen and bathroom or on certain surfaces.

          Here we have the Antibacterial spray which can be used on most surfaces (excluding carpet, soft furnishings and mirrors). Daisy claim that this spray will kill 99.9% of bacteria and it contains benzalkonium chloride.

          ~Packaging and Usage~

          This cleaning product is presented in a tall, clear trigger spray bottle. A green label adorns the front and the label to the back features the important product information and warnings. There is an on/off nozzle and this spray should be kept away from children.

          To use, spray the liquid onto the surface, wipe with a damp cloth and then leave to dry.


          A 500ml bottle can be purchased from Tesco and online. It is priced at 79p. It is also available in a lemon version too. The normal kitchen and bathroom sprays can be bought for 46p.

          ~My Thoughts~

          I am quite obsessive when it comes to ensuring my home is clean and hygenic. I normally buy Dettol or other branded cleaning products but if nothing is on offer, I occasionally buy something cheaper. Having used and being impressed with Daisy products before, I opted for this antibacterial spray. I bought my bottle last month and have just finished it.

          The trigger spray is easy to operate and a sharp blast of liquid shoots out covering quite a large surface area (bear this in mind if there are things around the area which you do not want covered in cleaning product!). The actual liquid is clear and has a clean, almost bleach scent about it. I personally prefer a more fruity scent to my cleaning products especially if I am using them in my kitchen. Luckily the scent doesn't hang around too long.

          The liquid is very watery and fine. I have been using this on my kitchen work tops, sink area, cooker and on my white bathroom surfaces. Whilst we cannot see bacteria, it is always worth using an extra antibacterial product - more for peace of mind than anything else. I occasionally used this on my sons table too to freshen it up. Once I had sprayed this, I wiped it over with a damp cloth (Tesco Value or Smartprice - do the job). I found this spray to remove surface marks such as freshly spilled food or shower gel around my bath.

          I found I needed to scrub hard to remove any dried on bits (around the cooker or soapy bits in the sink). I tried leaving the spray sitting for a bit longer and it wasn't for budging any tough marks so not ideal for food splatters on my cooker. It freshened up surfaces nicely though it did not leave my sink areas looking shiny and sparkly. It couldn't compete with the more expensive brands and therefore I was a little disappointed. My surfaces didn't look as clean as I would have wanted them too. The surfaces dried well with no residue being left but I wanted to keep cleaning them!

          I do not wear gloves when cleaning and have never experienced any reaction whilst using cleaning products before. After wiping down the surfaces, I noticed that my hands began to feel a bit uncomfortable and slightly irritated so if you have really sensitive hands then this isn't for you. I had to wash them quickly and smooth on a good hand cream to soothe the discomfort.


          I cannot say I was impressed with this spray. It didn't perform to a high standard so I will be looking out for Dettol or Cif when it comes back on offer. I am glad to have finished this bottle and thrown it out! I managed to get through the bottle a lot quicker than a bottle of Cif which blows the value for money theory out the window!

          Thanks for reading x


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