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Daisy Colour Washing Tablets

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Brand: Daisy / Type: Laundry Detergent / Category: Laundry

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    1 Review
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      08.02.2011 09:27
      Very helpful




      These tablets came out a while ago and were released by Tesco as part of their 'discount brands' range. I don't really understand this range but I'm always looking to reduce my outgoings and they were the cheapest on the shelf so I thought I would buy them.

      The tablets are the ones designed for colours but I believe there is also a standad detergent one and I'm not too sure what makes these specially for colours but they seem to do the trick. The box is a vibrant purple with a big flower (a daisy of course) on the front and the words Daisy really big. To me they look much better than the Tesco value branded stuff which doesn't look very nice in your cupboards (but who really looks through your cupboards!). The only thing that looks a bit weird is how there is a little yellow box which declares this product is part of the discount brands range. I don't mind this but I think the box would look better and the branding would be stronger without this.

      The tablets cost me about £3.19 for a box of 48 tablets which is meant to last you approximately 24 washes. My clothes etc are never normally very dirty though and I only use one tablet per wash (I don't separate colours either unless I have something precious and white!) and wash at 30 degrees. This seems to work absolutely fine and I have never noticed my clothes not being clean enough. The side of the box recommends you use 2 tablets if the clothes are light or medium-ly soiled and 3 if they are heavily soiled. They come in packs of two so I guess this would be easiest but I just save one for later. Only using one at a time makes these seem to last for ages! I didn't even use one box in a while year while I was at uni!

      So even using just one tablet they are good at keeping my clothes clean. There doesn't seem to be any fabric conditioner or niceties in these (I did a wash with just the tablets purely for this review!) and when I took my clothes out when I hadn't added any myself, they did feel a bit harsh (the synthetic stuff rather than the cottons etc) but this isn't really anything to complain about and I believe you can get Daisy fabric conditioner too is you so wanted!

      I have used these tablets for handwashing some clothes and it has been successful. I simply break off a little piece of the tablet, dissolve in water and wash away in the sink. They seem good at shifting dirt and my clothes come up clean!

      The only thing I would say is that some of the tablets are a little crumbly (and this is the ones straight out of the packet, not the ones I've stored after only using 1) and the packets are tight around them so they are a bit messy to get into the dispenser drawer and you can end up with washing powder crumbs. Being in tablet form is useful though and better and easier to store for me than a big box of loose washing powder.

      All in all I will buy these again. They seem to work as well as any other but I know I'm not paying for massive adverts etc. If another brand was on offer which made it cheaper per wash I would buy the other brand though as these ones are a bit basic and don't seem to have any special features!


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