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Daisy Liquid Wick Bergamot

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Brand: Daisy / Type: Air Fresheners / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      05.08.2013 17:10
      Very helpful



      A poor air freshener

      Daisy Liquid Wick - Bergamot

      When I was in Tesco the other day I was have a sniff around in the aisle with the air fresheners and spotted these. I love Bergamot scent and also needed a new air freshener in the ensuite of our spare room and the main bathroom used by my step son. It was a lot cheaper than other liquid wick air fresheners but I thought it was worth a try at less than £1 each and it smelled okay as far as I could tell through the wrapper.

      This air freshener comes in a small glass bottle with a big fat wick stuck in its neck. When you buy this is has a lid which you remove when you want to use it. The idea is that the wick allows the scent of the oil below to travel into the room giving off a pleasant scent. That is the theory anyhow.

      I undid the lids and placed the two bottles in the two small bathrooms. Neither smelled bad but one isn't used much and the other one's main user was away for two weeks so I had done a big clean and wanted it to smell nice.

      I left these two for a few days and then went to check up on how they were helping the rooms smell better. I can honestly say that unless I knew they were in there I would not have noticed any scent at all coming from them. When I hold the little bottle to my nose I can smell the nice herby lemony scent that is similar to fresh bergamot but in neither of these small rooms had it made any discernible difference to the aroma . I was very disappointed in this and I can assure the manufacturers of Daisy Liquid wick that I will not be buying any more of their product.

      The only advantage is that is was cheap but cheap and useless is not good value in my book. I have avoided Daisy products as I always thought they looked cheap and this has done nothing to change my view.

      They have now been in these two small bathrooms a week and even with the door closed I can barely tell it was there. In fact I have just been up to check and now when I put my nose nearer the little bottle it has a bit of a smell of toilet air freshener rather than nice lemony scent that I had originally thought . So now it is doubly disappointing as it not only does make any noticeable difference to the smell in the small rooms but when I actually do sniff it I think it smells cheap and nasty like a toilet cleaner sort of smell

      No not recommended even at the cheap price. Give this a miss and spend a bit more as this is useless and when you get up close the scent is not even very nice.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.



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