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Brand: Daisy / Type: Products / Type: Laundry Detergent / Category: Laundry

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    1 Review
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      08.12.2009 08:29
      Very helpful



      A very good cheap washing powder

      I really was getting fed up of paying nearly £7 for a box of washing powder as I get through so much of the stuff so I decided to give this brand a go as I have used other Daisy products and have always had great results from them.

      ~~THE BOX~~

      The washing powder comes in a nice big box which is deep pink in colour. The front of the box has the Daisy name in red letting at the top and half of a white daisy at the bottom. On the back of the box you can find all of the product information including how much powder to use, ingredients and warnings. The sides of the box are plain.

      The box has a pull tab which goes around the two sides and the front which is to be pulled completely off so the lid lifts up like a flap.


      The powder is a plain white colour and is very fine. The recommended amount for each wash can be clearly found on the back of the box and these are:-

      Soft water - 100ml
      Medium Water -125ml
      Hard water- 200ml

      The amounts which I have specified are for a medium dirty wash. You can add more or less depending on how dirty the clothes are and all these amount are on the box. If you are using this powder for hand washing then you only need a small amount of the powder.

      I did notice that there is no scoop inside the box but luckily I do have several of these which I got from my previous powder brand. If you don't have a scoop then you can improvise by whatever you have to hand. (My Mom uses and old ladle for her powder!)

      The powder is top be added into the relevant dispenser on your washing machine and not directly inside with the clothes.


      I was not sure what to expect from this brand of washing powder but as all of the other Daisy products which I have used have been of a high quality I was rather hoping this one would be as well. I am very pleased to say that I have had no problems with changing to this powder and it has removed all of the stains and mud from the clothes which have been washed in it. The only thing I have not found it to remove is ketchup from the white school tops but my previous expensive brand did not remove this either.

      The clothes do have a nice pleasant smell when they have been washed and dried and this is apparent even when hanging them in the wardrobe. I would say it was quite flowery the smell but not at all overpowering and hubby has not objected to his army uniform having this lasting fragrance.


      The washing powder comes in a 2.55kg box which states that it contains 30 washes based on a medium soiled load and in medium water areas. I do agree with this amount as I get a good 2 weeks out of a box and sometimes I even have 3 loads of washing to do in a day!

      It is recommended that the washing instructions on the garments are followed when using this powder and that it is not used on silk items.

      There are some warnings on the back of the box which include the care of storage, making sure it is kept away from children, avoid contact with eyes and rinse hands thoroughly after use.

      The ingredients of this powder include:-

      Zeolites, Polycarboxylates, Anionic Surfactants, Non-ionic Surfactants, Soap, Phosphonate, Parfum and Enzymes.

      The box is made from 100% cardboard so can easily be recycled.


      The Daisy brand is very popular in Tesco at the moment and they are advertising it as their Discount Brand. The price for this 2.55kg box is £3.60 which for me is a bargain as it is nearly £3.50 cheaper than what I was paying before for a leading brand.


      After using this new brand for several months I am definitely going to highly recommend it. For me I have found it cleans just as well as leading brands, it leaves clothes smelling clean and fresh and it is actually saving me so much money which I can now spend non more important things, such as chocolate!


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