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Dandy Decorating Kit

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    1 Review
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      14.12.2000 19:04
      Very helpful



      The Dandy decorating kit is a system for cleaning your paintbrushes and rollers. It won a millenium product award and is brilliant to use. You may be wondering why youv'e never heard of it? Well thats because its made by a small company and doesn't seem to be stocked in any of the big shops. I looked everywhere for it but finally had to buy it from where I first saw it - QVC, you know the telly shopping channel. In the kit you get a roller a paint tray and two brushes. The brushes have a lifetime guarantee and they are very good, nice and thick with no loose bristles. But thats not why you buy the kit. You buy the kit for the cleaning attachments. These are little gismos that you attatch to your electric drill so that you can clean your brushes and rollers using centrifugal force. Think about it, its a great idea - all the engineers I've mentioned this too wonder why they haven't heard of this before. Its really a very simple concept. You attatch the cleaning bit to your drill and if its the paintbrush one you just push your paintbrush inside the sleeve bit right up to the neck of the handle. The brush is held in place by two very strong springs (I have to get hubby to pull the brush out because the springs are so strong). Then you hold your drill inside a box (I use the dustbin with a bin bag in) and whizz the drill for about a minuite. Your brush is whirled round at a rate of knots and all the paint flies off. Its brilliant and your brush is clean and dry. If you've been using gloss paint just dip the brush in white spirits before you whirl it. The other attatchement is for a roller sleeve and this works on the same principal. You have a clean, dry roller in about a minuite and you don't waste loads of water cleaning it. This system saves you the hassle of cleaning and stops you getting stiff brushes and rollers which have been poorly cleaned. It fits all sized brushes and rollers and they do a
      smaller version for the mini rollers. I couldn't recommend a product more highly and if you don't have access to QVC on the telly they sell this on the QVC.co.uk web site. Just search under Dandy Decorating kit.


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