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Daylesford Organic Natural Lavender Laundry Liquid

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Brand: Daylesford Organic / Type: Liquid Laundry Detergent / Category: Laundry

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    1 Review
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      03.07.2010 16:26
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      Perfect for everyday use.

      When I had a large family I used strong detergents in the wash, as I had mountains of laundry and it was a challenge keeping on top of it. Many of the items had stains to contend with, especially from tomatoes and oranges, and so I just wanted the best, most effective product, so that everything came out spotless the first time. Persil and Surf became my best friends, and to be honest you can't beat Surf for product cleaning, and for price. Now though my laundry issues have changed, and so I have different thoughts as to how to achieve what I want from the wash whilst still being ecologically minded.

      I had always used Lavender Wool Wash, a product made in Australia and sold in Lakeland stores in the UK. This lavender scented washing liquid is superb for washing wool garments, either by hand or in the machine. This I would use alongside my staple Surf and Persil for items of a delicate nature. When I noticed a product made by Daylesfords Organics, which was a lavender scented laundry liquid for all the wash, I decided to investigate this further.

      Daylesford Organics are a company devoted to organic products, and they sell a wide range of products for the home from food through to cleaning materials.

      This product is available in Waitrose stores where it retails for £4.95 per litre. All the ingredients are natural, organic and never tested on animals, so ecologically it was exactly what I was looking for. It is natural, biodegradable, safe to use and solvent-free and comes in a bottle which is fully recyclable.

      It has a simple list of ingredients:

      Vegetable Oil Soap, Aqua, Glucose-derived Detergent, Ethanol, Natural Anionic Detergent, Citrates, Citric Acid, French Lavender Oil

      My Opinion

      In our house we now have a different range of washing challenges. My son still lives at home and is still a devil with tomato sauce, so this still presents a difficulty if you are choosing gentle detergents. For the interest of this review, however, I decided for one week to use the liquid exclusively for every wash to see how it performed.

      The bottle has a screw top lid and the instructions for use are on the side, and are clearly labelled. You will need a measuring jug if you are to accurately dispense the correct amount of the liquid. I live in a hard water area so the instructions mean you should increase the amount used, but to give an idea a normal wash would require 40ml in a soft water area, and 55 ml in a hard water region. There is no dosing ball provided, but you can use one if you have one -otherwise the machine drawer is fine. It actually disperses immediately so you have no problem with residue left on the clothes. This bottle should do 25 washes, so works out at just under 20p per wash.

      The product is quite thin as you pour it, and the scent is lovely, but not as lavender scented as you would imagine. You are not going to smell of lavender all day long, but it is a lovely delicate French lavender which is just scented enough to be fragrant and delicate.

      This product is certainly suitable for all washes, and the bubbles created are of average amounts and rinse well after the wash cycle.

      As I explained earlier I do have a different selection of laundry to what I had a decade ago. Some garments are purely in the wash to be freshened up. They are stain free, and I just wash then to retain that fresh feeling. This product is a dream for these items, which perhaps have had one wear. For those heavily stained items, or those with stubborn stains it is not to be recommended - it won't remove tomato, during my week of experimentation it failed my tomato test, and that does not really surprise me, as I hadn't expected wonders from such a natural product. It did, however, remove with ease some little tear stains left on my pillow by my dear cat Marigold, who loves to wile away the afternoon on my bed.

      The items come out smelling beautiful, and there is a matching fabric softener which I can highly recommend.

      I would say that my washing regime is now:

      Lavender Wool Wash - Lakeland or this Daylesford for the woollens
      Daylesford for normal wash loads which are stain free.
      Persil or Surf or other Bio product for the heavy stains.

      I also use this product for hand washing, which I rarely do these days. It is perfect for washing the dog bed, which has never smelt so fragrant and lovely! I also use it for bedding, and my linen sheets washed at 60 degrees come up lovely and fresh. Of course it contains no optical brighteners, so over time my whites may need a Daz wash to brighten them up.

      Now you might be wondering why I would want to use a product which doesn't remove all the stains. The reason is that about a quarter of all detergents in the UK contains phosphates, and together with run off from farming get into the waterways. In this excess phosphate algae and weeds have a great time growing and flourishing, smothering other aquatic life. They are used in the detergents because they stop the dirt sticking back on the laundry in the wash, and they also help remove hard water minerals to make the products more effective.

      In addition to this some surfactants also used in these products are broken down into chemicals which are toxic to fish, and also cause oestrogen activity in mammals. These issues are becoming more important as ecological impacts are no longer in the background. For this reason I make sure that if it doesn't matter, and my wash is just lightly soiled, I'll use the eco-friendly product. This product is very kind to skin and we have noticed no reactions of any kind.

      In conclusion, I feel this is the perfect choice for light to normal soiled laundry, and absolutely perfect for a freshen up wash. It leaves socks so soft - in fact, it is the socks which I really noticed were fresh smelling and very cosy to wear afterwards.

      It is certainly a new way of washing, but I really like it. The only downside is that it costs more than other products, and as is often the case - ecology demands pennies. It will also not negate the need to have an alternative weapon in the cupboard to fight tough stains, which are still the forte of the giants who dominate the market. However, if the product and those like it were used more in our machines on a daily basis, maybe more fish and aquatic life might live to see another sunrise.

      This review has also been published on Ciao under my user name Violet1278.


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