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Brand: Daz / Type: Laundry Detergent / Category: Laundry

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    2 Reviews
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      19.01.2012 23:17
      Very helpful



      A really good product!

      Since having a new washing machine I have been using liquid capsules, pouches etc so I wouldn't get it blocked up or anything and I find them really fuss free to use too. These I spotted in my local Spa shop costing only £2.00 for 10 liquitabs (instead of the usual price of about £3.00) so I thought I'd give them a try.

      The Packaging:

      The liquidtabs come in a see-through container with a blue flip top lid to the top of it then on the front there is a red label and on that we are told that they are P & G Daz 'Deep Cleaning Action In 1 Wash' and that there are of course 10 liquidtabs within it. On the back label we are told and shown in diagrams how to use them, warnings are given, the size is stated which is in my container 10x35g and contact details for the manufacturer are given. Nice informative packaging this is.

      The Liquitabs:

      For washing all you do is pop one in for lightly soiled washing or two for very dirty washing and you simply put them to the back of the drum and with washing and these are not a two in one so you do need to use a fabric softener really if you usually do.

      The liquidtabs are like square, plump red cushions, the gel colour is red within each one and encased within a biodegradable plastic.

      The smell of these is nicely floral, not too strong and suitable for men and women to use, I really do like this pleasant fragrance.

      These are suitable to use on any temperature, I do almost all my washing on a 40C cycle and find these brilliant. They really do bring my washing up perfectly clean each and every time. They get grease and grime out of fabrics with ease, leave my fabrics smelling wonderful for a good few days and my fabrics are not stiff or anything adverse at all! I use them on everything I wash and have simply found them the perfect washing product for me and my needs and therefore I really do recommend them!


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        20.04.2011 09:45
        Very helpful



        Provides great washing but I would prefer a nice scent.

        I think that I can speak for most people when I say that doing the laundry isn't one of my favourite jobs to do and so I like to try and make the process as easy as possible. Since being at university, I have always opted to use liquitabs for my laundry just because of there easy of handling and usage. At the end of last year I bought a pack of 20 Daz Liquitabs as they were only £3 in my local Aldi store.

        --- The Package ---
        The tabs come in a clear plastic tub that has a clear label stuck on the front and a white label stuck on the back. On the top there is a large white cover that clips shut to stop the tabs falling out. The entire pack is quite large, measuring 12cm x 11cm x 19cm in size. The front label is very plain as it only has the Daz logo and the number of washes that this pack can perform. There is a large label on the top that states that the tabs can clean even at 30oC. The rear label is quite full of washing and product information.

        They recommend that for all washes you use 1 tab per wash load and that it is placed in the drum before the washing load.

        --- The Tabs ---
        Each tab is made of a thin degradable film that is 6cm x 6cm x 3cm in size. The film is clear which allows you to see the dark pink washing liquid inside it. The tabs are quite soft to touch and so I expect that they could split quite easily if not handled lightly. They don't have any real scent to them as all the detergent is contained inside the outer film.

        The tab is to be put in before your washing at the bottom of the drum and nothing else is needed to be added. They do not contain any fabric conditioner so if you want this, it has to be added separately.

        --- My Usage ---
        I do a wash about once a week and I never both to separate whites from coloured clothes as I find I never have to and can never be bothered to. In all the time that I have used liquitabs from various manufacturers, I have never had any problems with colours running. I have found that this has been the case with these tabs as my whites always stay white and coloured clothes seem to keep there colour well.

        For a regular load, I will use one tab, however if I do a big load in one go, then I tend to put two tabs in, one on top and one on the bottom. I do this as I usually fill the machine completely full and so I would prefer them to be super clean than not at all. I always put my washing on a 40oC wash as I have found that this works very well for the tabs and produces clean clothes.

        After a wash, I have never found any residues from the tabs or the detergent in my washing which means that they fully dissolve and wash through with ease. I have never had this problem in the past, but by washing at lower temperatures I am always worried that this could happen.

        I have found that these tabs don't leave any real smell on the clothes apart from a freshly washed laundry smell. I would of much preferred it to be scented with something nice, but this is not the case. Despite this,the smell is okay and is not noticeable at all once the clothes are dried and you are wearing them.

        I have found I rarely have to wash something again with these tabs as they do a great job of getting out the toughest of stains. Occasionally I will have to rewash clothes that are very muddy or dirty, but I find this happens rarely.

        --- Overall Opinion ---
        On the whole these are very good washing liquitabs as they wash clothes very well, even at low temperatures. This is good as it means that you can get a good wash and keep your bills low at the same time. I would highly recommend these as they are good value for money and allow whites and coloured clothes to be washed together. If you don't mind the lack of a nice fragrance then these are well worth a try.

        Overall I am going to give these 4/5 as they provide great washing at low temperatures but I would of preferred a nice fresh scent to the detergent and clean clothes.

        Thanks for reading.

        This review may also appear on my blog and on Ciao under the same username.


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