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Daz Mandarin & Lime Splash Washing Powder

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4 Reviews

Brand: Daz / Type: Washing Powder / Category: Laundry

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    4 Reviews
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      16.03.2014 16:02
      Very helpful
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      Citrus freshness in the wash.

      I bought this product as it was on offer at Tesco's. A big 2.4 kg box was £4 reduced from the normal price of £6. A box this size is enough for 40 washes, so it seemed like good value to me.

      The product:

      The product is a biological powder so you may want to bear that in mind if you are sensitive to any of its ingredients. It promises to get whites white without being harsh on coloured items and leave your washing smelling citrusy fresh. The powder is dispensed into your washing machine via the drawer, following the dosing instructions on the pack bearing in mind the type of water you have and the size of machine you use.

      For a 6kg+ washing machine:

      Soft water, light soil 135ml, medium soil 135ml, heavy soil 200ml

      Medium water, light soil 170ml, medium soil 170ml, heavy soil 235ml

      Hard water, light soil 205ml, medium soil 205ml, heavy soil 270ml


      5-15% Anionic surfactants,Oxygen-based bleaching agents; <5% Non-ionic surfactants ,Phosphonates ,Polycarboxylates ,Zeolites; Enzymes ,Optical brighteners ,Perfumes ,Alpha-isomethyl ionone ,Butylphenyl methylpropional ,Geraniol ,Hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde ,Limonene.

      Experience of the product:

      Powder is probably my least preferred option for laundry items as I often seem to find undissolved clumps of the stuff in my machine drawer. Although, this powder wasn't bad on that score. I must also add that I find a box of this size rather unwieldy to store and to pour out the powder. Nevertheless, since my main aim when buying this was saving the pennies and hoping not to compromise on the standard of wash, then this is a minor niggle.

      The first thing you notice about the powder is its fresh smell. You can smell this product even before the washing is emptied from your machine. The scent of limes is especially noticeable in my opinion. So the way this laundry powder leaves my bedding and clothing smelling gets the thumbs up from me. Everything smells really lovely and fresh.

      As far as cleaning results go I would give this powder a very respectable 8/10. Whites do come out well, even when washed at low temperatures. The biological power of this powder also seemed to fulfil its promise of not being too harsh on coloured items. Most marks and stains came out well - but it failed on the following:

      Dried bloodstain - still there after one wash. Had to leave the garment to soak for a couple of hours to get rid of this stain.

      Shoe scuff mark on a white shirt (don't ask) also had to soak in a solution of this product before coming completely out.

      Conclusion: Would recommend this product at the offer price. I've been using it for two weeks and still have half a box left. The product cleans and smells pleasant - and although it failed me on a couple of stubborn stains - I think most laundry products can't claim perfect results every time. A good product at a fair price.


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        18.02.2014 13:02
        Very helpful



        A fabulous washing product that cleans even the dirtiest of fabrics

        One thing I do almost every day is put a wash on. I have to admit to being really fussy, using a towel once and then it gets washed and I change my bedding every day (I love that fresh, clean bed feeling) and so on. Although I enjoy doing my washing and everything being nice and fresh, along with the electric bill washing powder and liquids, fabric softeners and so on can be expensive which is why I do keep me eyes peeled for bargains when I'm out and about.

        I bought this recently from my local Nisa store when it was on offer for £2.24 and the box I purchased should contains about 22 washes. Retailing usually at a far higher price than I paid for it I was pleased with this buy and actually bought two boxes in this lime and mandarin option in powder form.

        The Packaging:

        This comes in a large orangy coloured box and on the front of it we are told that it is indeed P & G Daz 'Citrus Splash' and that it contains 22 washes and there is a picture shown of mandarins and limes then other information listed on the box includes instructions for use, the ingredients and warnings are given and contact details for the manufacturer are listed. It a little strip you pull to the top and you simply pull that away and then the box has a large opening flap style top to it. The box is sturdy but quite heavy!

        The Powder:

        The scent of this is simply divine in my opinion and even in an unopened box you can smell the wonderful and fresh aroma of limes and zesty mandarin tat this has to it. To use this you simply pour some of the white powder (it has little bits of pink and blue powder throughout it too) into your washing machine drawer. Measurements are given on how much you need to use depending on whether you have soft or hard water and the size of the load of washing you want to clean. There is no way I can know how much powder I need as there isn't anything provided to measure it out with however I simply put a generous amount in my drawer and I always add some fabric softener to every wash that I do. As this is in use you can really smell a lovely zesty and clean and fresh aroma which is something I appreciate.

        When I get my washing out not only does it feel nice and soft and with no residue left within it but it smells fantastic! For me this is the best fragranced washing powder I have ever used and even when I store clothes etc away the scent of this lingers on fabrics for a good couple of weeks maybe more and even though I use a scented fabric softener this is the main scent always left on my fabrics.

        Now some of my washing gets really mucky. I can be a messy eater and sometimes I munch in bed so some of my washing gets grease on it and so on and this is brilliant. This really does make my washing immaculately clean and usually I only wash on a 40c wash unless its bedding to which then I run a 60c wash.

        Any way that I look at that this powder its excellent. It cleans, smells great and even ironing is easy after using this and fabric softener. I have in the past come out in rashes from highly scented products such as this but really....not from this.

        I'm so glad that I bought two boxes of this when I had the chance and even though now that its back up to full price I shall repurchase it again as it really is so far the best washing product I have ever used by a long mile.

        This is widely available from all good supermarkets etc at around a £4.00 for the box I bought on offer though this is also available to purchase in other sizes too.

        This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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          23.11.2011 19:24
          Very helpful



          Great product and washes whites brilliantly

          Daz gives you perfect wash reults for all your bedding and white clothes - I have always loved Daz. We don't use it on coloured clothes as I think it's a bit too harsh and takes some of the colour out of deeper colours but its smashing for white sheets, and bedding etc., it's not good for suits which are machine washable as it's a bit harsh on the fabrics.

          One of the best ones we have tried is the one with a splash of mandarin and lime. They were selling this on offer in Wilkinsons and there were a lot of boxes left so we decided to give it a try and I personally am glad we did.

          The box in the picture will give you a good thirty washes and only costs a few quid, so its a lot cheaper than the more expensive stuff such as Bold or Aeriel or Persil etc. The smell is nice and fresh and there is a lovely background hit of limes and oranges, but not overpowering or sickly.

          It's kind on the skin and okay if you got itchy skin problems as I do, and doesn't irraitate much at all. The box is dazzling to look at and eye catching with its bonny colours and the name DAZ goes back a long way to when I was a nipper and this is what my own mother used to wash our gear with I think. We especially love the pictures of the orange madarins and the zesty limes which makes you think your washing is going to be all zesty and fruity fresh.

          You don't need to much powder and it washes great for hot washes as well as cooler washes down to as low as 30 degrees. Its great value for money, the only thing is that its a cardboard box and you got to be careful it doesn't sit in the water too long as the bottom goes soggy and this makes the powder turn into lumps, which isn't great, and I speak from personal experience here when I give this advice.

          Easy to get a hold of at the moment in Wilkinsons and will clean all your clothes and give great results - recommended by us all.

          Review also on Ciao as sorehead


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          24.06.2010 02:44
          Very helpful



          Fantastic Product - Does what it says on the box, and very well too!!

          I recently agreed to trial this product, and wanted to share my experience on here too.


          Free (I have been trialling this) but understand it may be available for around £4.50 for this sized pack (25 washes).


          EC 648/2004 (www.info-pg.com)
          5-15% Anionic surfactants, Oxygen-based bleaching agents;
          <5% Non-ionic surfactants, Phosphonates, Polycarboxylates, Zeolites;
          Optical brighteners, Enzymes, Perfumes, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Geroniol, Limonene, and Hexyl Cinnamal.

          *PACKAGING / BOX*

          The box is a standard Daz box which is opened from the top by pulling the cardboard (like a ringpull, but sideways) and then pulling this around the box until three sides have been undone, meaning the top can be opened as a lid. There was also a scoop enclosed which helps measure the dosage correctly and cleanly.


          As soon as I opened this, I was pleasantly surprised at how intense the scent emanating from the box was. Even from around our laundry room, and with the box almost empty, the scent flows gently and omits a feeling of freshness which is very welcoming.

          *SMELL / SCENT*

          The smell is not specifically mandarin nor lime in my opinion - but it is strong and tangy. Having said that, it is not so much so that it becomes annoying or smells off-putting. There is a freshness to the scent which stays with the clothes while they are drying and during wear too.


          I noticed the excellence of the cleaning results when using this for handwashing purposes. I left my items to soak for around twenty minutes, and when I returned to them and began washing them, I noticed that the dirt was just lifting away. It was astonishing - even more so because the temperature of the water used was not too high.

          This led me to believe that this washing machine must be producing far better results that my previous powder (Bold 2in1 - in all varieties).


          When using this powder in place of my usual detergent, I was pleased with the results. I found that there were no patches left on the clothes, the smell was fantastic (and stayed after drying and ironing), and felt clean - especially after I had seen the handwashing results.


          I usually use detergent from the Bold 2in1 range as I love the scent of most of their powders, and they do clean well enough - but I must admit, this one made me realise that perhaps sticking with the same brand year in year out (other than a change of scent) is something I should look further into because cleaning with this Daz product seems more effortless, with better and cleaner results.

          Pricewise it fares better than the Bold too, but that could be because Daz do not build a conditioner into their product.


          I have since purchased a smaller box of this Daz product. We do not handwash often, but it is definitely the one I will reach for to satisfy this washing need. Once I saw how clean the handwashed products were, it made me appreciate just how clean the clothes must be from the washing machine.

          We still have some of the Bold 2in1 remaining, and although the trial I agreed to conduct finished some time ago, this is still the product I and my family have been using above the other one - so I shall be purchasing more of it for the whole family to use. It really is a fantastic product (in my opinion).

          For more information, the website on the pack is www.washright.com.

          Thanks for reading!



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