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  • Definitely do not get what you pay for on this one!
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    1 Review
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      27.09.2004 19:02
      Very helpful



      • "Definitely do not get what you pay for on this one!"

      Weeelll, after spending weeks traipsing around all the department stores in Yorkshire looking for a dinner service which was to be bought a a gift, I decided on the Denby Energy range. Big, big mistake.
      The range is made from a glazed finish to the inside of the mugs, inside of the bowls and tops of the plates, etc, the other half has a matt finish - this is where the problem lies!
      As certain parts of the set were on offer, my Grandma and Mum shopped around for me and ended up buying pieces from both Fenwicks and Browns departments stores in York and the rest from the seconds shop in the MacArthur Glen outlet in York.
      I loved the set, it was sturdy, suitable for use in the freezer, oven and dishwasher and looked a bit more modern than the other Denby ranges.. However... after a few weeks, I began to notice strange metallic marks and scratches on the matt finish of some of the pieces which I couldn't understand...
      When more and more marks began to appear on the set - the sides of the mugs were covered, all the way around the outside of the plates and the bowls were badly scratched and looking really tatty, I got in touch with Denby who asked me to return a piece to them for inspection, which I did. Later they told me that the marks were a common occurence on the matt finish and caused by cutlery and metal touching the matt finish - strange as the OUTSIDES of the mugs were marked - I may be clumsy, but I'm not THAT bad!! ;o)
      Denby told me that the marks can usually be removed with an abrasive bathroom cleaner such as Cif - in my opinion when you pay Denby prices, you really shouldn't have to scrub it with a bathroom cleaner to stop it looking cheap and nasty, but in my case they could not remove that marks. I also had problems with lipstick on the mugs - just a normal lipstick, not even a colourstay one can NOT be removed from the matt finish.
      Denby then told me that I must ahve a faulty batch - funny that as the items were bought from 2 different department stores and a seconds shop! ;o) Hmmmm!
      After a lengthy farce, Denby agreed (but wouldn't admit if you know what I mean!) that the set was indeed faulty and I could have a refund. However, this was again further held up by the fact that as the set was a gift, I didn't have the receipts.. Anyways, got there in the end and would not touch Denby ever again with a bargepole! My cheapie Ikea starter set lasted 4 years with no probs, the Denby one lasted probably about 4 weeks, spot the bargain!
      Good luck if you still decide to buy, keep your brillo pad and Cif handy, and don't forget to wipe you lipstick off before you have a coffee!


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