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Dettol Disinfectant Spray

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Dettol Disinfectant Spray kills germs and viruses. It has a number of different uses and leaves everything smelling fresh and clean. Not the cheapest option, but gives proven and trustworthy results.

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    11 Reviews
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      02.01.2014 00:43
      Very helpful
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      A disinfectant spray

      "Mummy, I don't feel very well." "Achooo!" ****cough cough cough ***** "Yuk! What is that?!"

      Like many people, I hate being ill and, in a bid to try and deep clean my house, i bought Dettol disinfectant spray. It was an impulse purchase after both of my children had been ill and I was prepared to try anything to avoid it happening again in the future. I know it sounds very silly but it puts me at ease when I'm cleaning and trying to avoid passing the germs around us. This claims to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on surfaces so I thought it was worth a go.

      It kills :

      E. Coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Staph. aureus, Campylobacter, Streptococcus, Athlete's Foot fungus, MRSA. Also, Rhinovirus, Rotavirus, Respiratory Syncytial Virus, Pollovirus type 1, adenovirus type 2, Herpes simplex virus Types 1 & 2, Hepatitis A virus, Influenza Type A H1N1.

      (Hardly any of that means anything to me but using long words when it comes to illnesses often makes things seem bad I guess and make you want to buy this to avoid getting them.)

      The spray can be purchased for £3 from supermarkets which is quite a reasonable price for the 400ml bottle from a prominent brand.

      It comes in a metal container with a plastic lid. The spray nozzle on the top is one of those that you have to press at a slight angle. There is no locking mechanism on this so I do keep it on the top shelf of my cleaning cupboard well away from children.

      I've used it quite a few times but mainly use it on door handles and the house phone. It is suitable for using around toilet areas, under sinks and kitchen bins. I use bleach and an all-purpose cleaner in those areas though so would consider myself become quite obsessive if I then started spraying this around too. You simply spray the surfaces from a distance of 15-20cm. The nozzle has never clogged and a fine mist is produced. It does coat the surface extremely well and seeing as you have to let it air dry, the surfaces remain wet for at least 20 minutes in my home.

      It has quite a potent and 'hospital-like' smell to it which isn't unpleasant but it is certainly noticeable. It lingers around too for a while. The scent is "Spring Waterfall" but to be honest they may as well have called it "A&E Deep Clean".


      Mixed feelings then with this I feel. It's hard to actually say whether it has killed all the germs as I don't go around testing for such things! Who does?! my children and myself have still had colds even whilst using this in my home. We haven't had some of the viruses that it claims to kill though either but then we may not have got those even without using this spray.

      I wouldn't purchase it again as I feel that my other cleaning methods suffice.

      3 stars.


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        04.03.2013 12:13
        Very helpful



        Dettol spray

        With a dog, cat and two small children to contend with, my house does get rather messy and so I feel like I am always needing to clean it but never have enough time for a proper clean. One of the things I'm very big on is disinfecting because the dog brings a lot of dirt and muck into the house and there are places I don't want my kids to touch really. Also I've got a little girl who is completely potty trained but misses the loo now and again so I find that always needs a good clean after she has been.

        That's where these great Dettol Disinfectant sprays come in handy. According to the can, "Dettol Disinfectant Spray can help protect your family from germs by helping prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses. Dettol's unique formula is proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on surfaces that you can come into contact with everyday."

        The disinfectant obviously comes in the form of a spray can which makes it so easy to just spray on surfaces or other places that are quite hard to clean. I use it on the work top surfaces in my kitchen which always need a good clean after they've had raw meat or eggs on them and the spray is great for things like the toilet and door handles, all the places that people touch often but that you don't always think to clean. It's great for spraying the kitchen bin too. My son loves playing with the bin, he likes to put his toys in there, gross I know but at the moment I can't stop him so knowing its at least germ free makes me feel a bit better!

        What I love about the spray is that it's very quick to use so when I don't have time to clean I can just spray a bit quickly and feel like I have at least taken some germs away. There's no need to wash off the spray like other cleaning products so its just a spray and go, perfect.

        The spray is proven to kill cold and flu viruses and we're really quite healthy in our house most of the time so I'd like to think this is working.

        Dettol Disinfectant Spray comes in 3 different fresh, clean scents, Mountain Air, Spring Waterfall and Green Apple. I have the green apple scent as I thought in the shop that sounded the nicest and it does have a nice crisp apple scent and leaves things smelling nice and not like chemicals which is good.

        At the moment in Poundland you can buy the 400ml spray cans for just £1 which I think is a great bargain for a great, hardworking cleaner.


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        02.03.2013 00:10
        Very helpful
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        can't go wrong

        I came across the 'Dettol disinfectant spray' at my friend's house when she was cleaning up. I had never seen a disinfectant spray like this before so I was quite fascinated by how it worked.

        The reason this product stands out from many other cleaning products is that it comes in an 300ml aerosol can which you are supposed to shake the can before use and hold it 15-20 cm away from the surface and then spray the surface and leave it to dry rather the normal cleaning products where you would wipe the surface down. This cleaning product is very easy to use because of this and doesn't involve any work. It makes cleaning much easier.

        The spray can is mainly white with a blue lid and with the Dettol logo on the front. It also says 'kills flu virus' on the front, which will appeal to a lot of people.

        The disinfecting spray kills 99.9% of germs in 30 seconds. The germs it is claimed to kill are: Salmonella, E coli, Campylobacter, Athletes foot fungus, Staph and Listeria, Rhinovirus, Rotavirus, Respiratory syncytial virus, Poliovirus type 1, adenovirus type 1 and 2, Hepatitis 2. This list will probably shock some of you that these actually do lurk around your home. You can end up driving yourself insane with it if you think about it too much and end up using this product like a maniac. Which I wouldn't recommend because I do think it is healthy to have some bacteria hanging around the home.

        It is recommended to spray in toilets, bins, showers, door handles and so on. I particularly like to use this on the toilet as it means I don't have to use a cloth, which would get full of germs. It is very handy for my bins too. I do really find this product really helpful for those places that will carry tons of bacteria.

        The Dettol spray is £3.00 for 300ml. I don't think it is too badly priced, as it is a very affective product.

        Would I buy the product again?
        Absolutely, I wouldn't use it all the time for cleaning because It isn't going to clean stains or anything like that, but as far as disinfecting surfaces goes as far as I know it works a treat. Its hard to judge a product like this because no one knows if the product is disinfecting the surfaces really but I'm sure if the product claims to do and has been lab tested it must do. It feels much better knowing that the surfaces I use are disinfected when I use them. I even use this on my steering wheel because the amount of bacteria on a steering wheel is unbelievable so I try to do it once a week. It would also be quite useful on keyboards as this is another area, which has tons of harmful bacteria's. I cannot fault this product therefore it deserves 5 stars.


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          28.04.2012 17:12
          Very helpful



          An easy to use spray which kills germs and leaves a lovely fragrance behind

          One thing that I like to have is a nice clean, fresh smelling home. A product that I recently came across whilst shopping was the Dettol disinfectant spray, I originally purchased the spray to keep away germs from surfaces being unaware that it also helps to fragrance your home.

          I purchased the Dettol disinfectant spray from Tesco, it comes in a 400ml can and currently costs £2.90. When I first purchased it I did think that it was rather expensive but I have found that a little goes a long way. You can purchase the spray in different fragrances including:
          - Mountain Air
          - Spring Waterfall
          - Green Apple
          I purchased the Mountain Air fragrance as at the time of purchase I didn't really know which one to go for so thought I would just pick one at random.

          The spray comes in a metal can with an aerosol dispenser. On the can you can find all the necessary information that you need to know about the spray including directions for use, where to use, what bacteria and viruses the spray kills and safety information.

          The spray is designed to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including the flu virus. The spray can be used on a variety of household surfaces but it is advised that you test the spray first on a small inconspicuous area prior to full use. You should not use the spray on polished wood, painted surfaces, leather, fabrics containing viscose or acrylic plastics. So far using this spray I have not had any problems and it has worked well on all the surfaces that I have used it on.

          Using the Dettol spray is really easy you simply shake the can and hold it 15-20cm from the pre-cleaned surface and spray until the surface has been covered by the fine mist. One thing that is great about this spray is that you do not need to wash or wipe it off you just simply leave it to air dry. It also has a lovely fresh, clean fragrance which when used spreads through the home leaving it smelling really nice. I find this spray perfect to use when I have had a big clean as it gives a final blast of protection from those pesky germs. I do think that this spray is a little on the pricy side but a can does last a long time and can be used on a large variety of surfaces, I also love the way it makes my home smell and will certainly be purchasing it again.


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          11.02.2012 14:37



          keeps the house clean

          I like Dettol products, not only do they clean well they also smell nice!Dettol Disinfectant spray is very easy to use, simply spray onto the effect surfaces and leave to dry.

          Dettol kills 99.9% of germs within 30seconds of spraying the object. I find the smell of all of them clean and fresh. It comes in like an areosol bottle which is easy to use. you just spray it onto door handles, cupboard handles and any other handles/rails etc.. to kill cold and flu germs.

          I'm not sure how well this product works as my boyfriend recently had a cold so I made sure I sprayed anything he touched to help stop me getting the cold, however, it did not work and I now have the cold!

          I use this product more in the bathroom as that can be a very germy place, and the spray makes it smell nice.

          The price varies from £2.90-3.05 depending on what scent you go for. The can lasts a long time, so i guess it's not bad value for money.


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          08.12.2011 12:58



          Good quality product I trust

          Dettol Disinfectant Spray is simple and easy to use and an effective way of making sure your home and surroundings are germ free.

          Dettol says this kills 99.9% of all known germs within 30 seconds of contact, so it is strong stuff.
          The one I use is Green Apple but I think there are other fragrances also available, however, I personally really like the smell of this one - it is so fresh and clean.

          It comes in an aerosol container which should be shaken vigorously before using to disperse the contents and then spray about fifteen to twently centimetres away.

          The smell is pleasant and not at all overpowering and although I do not really know if the germs are actually dead, I do trust Dettol enough to think that they are.

          I use this on door handles, on my phone handset, on the loo handle and all around the house. I also take it to work with me and use it around the office to make sure I am working in a germ free environment.
          The can lasts for a long time and a little really does go a long way.

          If it gets on your skin its fine and does not aggrivate as I have accidentally sprayed myself on some occasions and I do suffer from sensitive skin.

          Highly recommended.

          Review also posted on Ciao as sorehead


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          03.11.2011 18:03
          Very helpful



          A high quality disinfectant spray that has a great green apple fragrance and offers excellent value

          Having cleaned all of my kitchen surfaces and used an air freshener I used I find that my bin would still be smelling despite having been emptied and was looking for something to clean and refresh it in a quick and easy way and came across Dettol disinfectant spray with a fresh green apple fragrance and so decided to give this a try but did it do the job?

          Dettol disinfectant spray offers up great cleaning power that kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and is trusted by doctors in the battle against the spreading of infections so that you can feel confidence that when you use this product you are protecting yourself and your family.
          This spray allows for you to quickly spray your bin when you empty it to clean the inside of any germs that may have built up and so easily protect from the germs and things spreading which is hugely important for the kitchen as you prepare foods in this area.
          The fragrance from this disinfectant spray is a very strong one which truly does smell of green apple so that your kitchen bin will no longer cause your kitchen to stink. I really like the fragrance of this spray and thanks to it lasting for quite a while after you have sprayed I am more than happy to purchase this regularly.
          Dettol disinfectant spray offers superb cleaning power and piece of mind for a very good price. A can of this will cost you about £2 for 400ml and this will last you for quite some time and offer up a quick and easy way to freshen your bin with less hassle.


          Overall for me this is a superb product that I always have stocked and ready for use in my kitchen as it allows for me to stop my kitchen bin from smelling awful. The superb cleaning power and piece of mind that I am offered by a great quality brand like Dettol is something I love to have at my disposal and when it is available at such a reasonable price and a can will last you for ages then this is a product which I have to recommend everyone has in their kitchens cleaning cupboard.


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          02.11.2009 17:02
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          For that hospital clean smell I will only use just before leaving the house!

          We have the most beautiful Border Collie. I have been bought up with Collie's all my life and have never seen one such a beautiful ginger colour as ours. He is a Welsh Collie and his colouring is so rare that I have only heard of another 2 in the country.

          However, he is a sock monster. You cannot leave stray socks around the house otherwise he will eat them. Because of this obsession he has, not only does it cost me a fortune but it is how I actually come across Dettol Disinfectant spray.

          It was actually yesturday (Sunday 1st November) at 6.45am the dog decided to throw up a half eaten sock under my bed of all places. Typical of Mr Kimbles to leave his socks on the floor! As you can imagine I was mortified so I quickly got the antibacterial cleaner out. But I wasn't happy that this was going ot get rid of the germs and it certainly did nothing for the smell. So off I went to Morrisons in search of a spray.

          I have only just recently seen the television adverts for Dettol Disinfectant Spray, so I was really surprised when I have read other reviews today which date back to 2006. I honestly thought it was a new product that had surfaced since the Swine Flu Epidemic. And I hadn't even seen it on all the shopping trips I seem to make.

          Dettol Disinfectant Spray come in a 400ml can with a spray lid. The one I choose is the Spring Waterfall which comes with a blue lid. On the front of the bottle half of it shows a waterfall in a lovely green colour and the other half is white with the Dettol sign in the middle over a dark green circle. It also advises on the front that it A) Helps prevent the spread of infection and B) Kills 99.9% of Bacteria and Viruses on Surfaces. And as it advises on the back that it helps kill the MRSA virus as others it can't be bad.

          Brilliant I thought, not only will it get rid of the germs from the dog but I can also use it in the kitchen. Reading the back of the bottle also advises you can use the spray around toilet areas, in empty kitchen bins, in sick rooms, on telephone handsets, on shower bases, on door handles, in pet living areas and under sinks.

          The only warning of where not to use it advises polished wood, painted surfaces, leather, fabrics containing viscoes or acrylic plastics. For the £1.97 I paid for this (which was on offer at the time) I thought it was a bargain for the uses I will have for it.

          So off I went with spraying. Firstly I did under the bed, the toilet room and my kicthen bin. I didn't notice the smell to start but boy when it hit me I noticed that the smell was harsh. On the instructions it advised me to allow the spray to dry so I left it for about an hour before I went back and the smell was just as bad. I don't think it smelt of a spring waterfall at all, it smells more hospital clean.

          It got right in the back of my throat and I could taste it all day. As for if it has actually got rid of the germs I will never know. I will just have to trust the hospital clean smell to know if it is working or not.

          I am not sure if I will retry the spray once this bottle has run out, I may try a different smell next time to see if it is better in smell (oh and taste), but I will make sure only to use it on leaving the house for a few hours from now on.


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            13.05.2009 20:27
            Very helpful



            A great smelling disinfectant spray but too large for a handbag!!

            ~ Packaging and Price ~

            This comes in a chunky, cylindrical aerosol spray can. Given that this is the apple fragrance the top section is suitably 'attired' in apple green.

            It is dispensed via an easy to reach press-down spray nozzle but for those of you interested in the safety of little hands getting hold of it, it doesn't have an off / on option as so many other disinfectants have nowadays!

            The 300ml spray can is currently priced at:
            Tesco ~ £2.78
            Asda ~ £2.48

            Although I bought mine a while ago on special offer, as is usually the case for me when trying new products!

            ~ What does it promise? ~

            * Can help protect your family from illness by preventing the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses such as salmonella, E coli, Listeria, Herpes etc.
            * Kills 99.9% of germs in 30 seconds on surfaces.

            ~ How to use it ~

            Shake the can before using and then hold it 15 - 20cm from the pre-cleaned surface.
            Spray the surface until covered with mist and allow to air dry.
            No need to wipe.

            DO NOT use on polished wood, painted surfaces, leather or acrylic plastics.

            ~ My Opinion ~

            The smell is great.... It's called 'apple green' and it really does smell of freshly cut ripe, not bitter, apples!

            I had to get used to not wiping the mist off the surfaces, thinking that it would 'clag' but it doesn't do this at all and it dries relatively quickly as long as you keep move the can in a gentle action across the surface area and don't just spray all of it in one place!

            It leaves the rooms smelling fresh and fragrant but as for killing all of those germs and viruses, I'm no scientist so can't vouch for this, no doubt there have been lots of lab tests etc to verify these claims.

            ~ Where to use it? ~

            The following areas are suggested:
            Toilets, empty kitchen bins, telephones, shower bases, door handles and under sinks to name but a few.

            My only wish was that they made this in a mini version to spray public toilet handles which I NEVER touch. I'm a bit fussy about this and resort to using tissue paper to open the doors when leaving as although I've washed my hands, many haven't! I always wonder why they don't make the exits, push outwards rather than having to pull them open. Anyway, that's another topic.

            ~ Overall ~

            I'm pleased with the fragrance of this and happy in the knowledge that it promises to disinfect surfaces.
            Would I buy it again? ....... Only if it was on special offer as despite my earlier paragraph, I'm not that obsessive and have other cleaning products that are cheaper and just as efficient.


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              25.07.2007 12:10



              The best disinfectant spray I've found!

              My kitchen bin absolutely stunk to high heaven and I tried a range of products to try to eliminate the bad odour and sanitise the bin but it always ended up either smelling like a public toilet, stinking of strong bleach, or just back to whiffy square one.

              I'd just about given up hope when I came across the range of Dettol Disinfectant Sprays in my local Sainsburys. I had a quick spray of the Mountain Air scented one and was really pleasantly surprised by the wonderfully clean homely scent - it went STRAIGHT into my basket without hesitation!

              When I got home I sprayed my bin and hey presto! Like magic it was transformed!

              I can't believe I've finally found a product that eliminates the odour AND has a disinfecting action, so my bin smells nice AND any lingering nasties are tackled.

              I haven't tried the other scents but I love the Mountain Air one so much I probably won't.

              I can't rate this product highly enough. It truely is brilliant!


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              09.12.2006 15:39
              Very helpful



              worth the money if you like the smell

              Browsing the cleaning product aisles again, I stumbled across this little "baby" and started spraying it with wild abandon, until I read the instructions properly!

              THE PACKAGING

              This is in a white and green 300ml aerosol can with the Dettol logo, a sword and apples(???) on the front. That's because the flavour/smell is green apples! The instructions are on the back, and there are lots of those, along with lots of promises and information.

              The only thing I would say initially about this is that it would be relatively simple for a child to start spraying this as it does not come with a safety nozzle, but rather you just put your finger in the grooves, press and out comes the spray...easy!

              THE PRODUCT

              The reason I like this is the smell. I don't know about it smelling of apples but it does have a very clean and fresh smell without smelling of disinfectant, which is what I thought it would smell of, it being dettol

              THE PROMISE

              Kills 99.9% of germs in 30 seconds. It states that the germs it kills are: Salmonella, E Coli, Campylobacter, Athlete's Foot Fungus, Staph and Listeria, Rhinovirus (leading cause of the common cold) Rotavirus (leading cause of diarrhoea in children), Respiratory Syncytial Virus (leading cause of respiratory infection in children), Poliovirus type 1, Adenovirus Type 2, Herpes Simplex Virus Types 1 and 2, Hepatitis A

              To think there may be all these lurking around the house. It's one of those sprays which makes you worry about things, and encourages you to start to spray frantically.

              USING IT

              The instructions show with a series of pictures and writing where you should use it; obviously all of the places where these germs are lurking ready to jump at you.

              You have to give the can a shake, and hold it 15-20 cm away from the surface (does anybody measure the distance?) Spray and allow to air dry.

              Once done, spray in sick rooms, around toilets, on telephone handsets, on shower bases (for the Athlete's Foot presumably), on door handles, in pet areas and under sinks.


              *Extremely flammable
              * Keep out of reach of children (they can use the spray)
              * Rinse immediately if it gets in eyes
              * If swallowed seek medical advise, although I would imagine it would be fairly hard to swallow
              * Keep away from direct sunlight and do not spray onto a naked flame
              * Solvent abuse kills!

              WHAT DOES IT CONTAIN?

              Amongst other things...less than 5% Non ionic surfactants, Disinfectant, Perfume, Limonrene.
              It suggests that for information on the ingredients you go to www.rbeuroimfo.com



              Lots of info on finding the right product for your home.

              HIT OR MISS?

              I bought this whilst going through a "this house is a filthy health hazard" phase, and spent a couple of weeks buying any clean home products I could find to try to eliminate the dust. It does smell pleasant and after you have cleaned the house, if you spray this around, it smells fresher than fresh. There are other disinfectant sprays to try out, these being Meadow Fresh, Mountain Air and Spring waterfall, and I have no doubt that I will give them all a go.

              The website states that although we usually imagine that germs are air borne, they are in fact passed on because these germs are lurking around and when we touch items we can catch them. This I did know but it is perhaps one of those things I prefer not to get too stressed out about. Children still go to school, we still go out and about, and don't carry our can of disinfectant before we touch something.

              So...would I buy it again. As I said before, the smell is very pleasant, but since I can't see the germs, I don't know if they were killed, so have to take dettol's word for it (a very trusted word, I add at theis stage).

              I would probably buy it if I was going through a cleaning product splurge again or if someone was ill; I know, lock the stable door after the horse has bolted!

              A good product made by a trusted name but not one which will be finding its way frequently into my under the sink cupboard, mainly because I keep forgetting to use it.

              So, as a recommendation, I would say buy it if you want to feel that you have eliminated all hazards from your life!

              Thanks for reading

              Daniela x


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