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Dreamland 6705 Heated Electric Dual Control Blanket

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Heated Underblanket / Measures: 152 x 137 cm

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    3 Reviews
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      26.10.2011 16:17
      Very helpful



      Still worth it!

      My husband and I have tried a few electric blankets and all of them were unbearable - either too short, too small so they slipped about, or not warm enough etc.

      The Dreamland Dual Control blanket retails at £49.99 for single, £69.99 for double and £79.99 for king which is pricey if you change your mind! Luckily we managed to snap up a new one online for £20, still a lot to gamble with, but worth a shot. The blanket is machine washable at 40 degrees and is BEAB tested, which means its safe and good quality, and it comes with an overheat protector too, which means you don't have to worry about overheating or fires.

      The blanket comes in a plastic zip up bag which is handy for storing it when not in use. Setting it up is easy, you simply put the blanket on the bed as you would any other fitted sheet. You plug the controls in either side (the plug is similar to that you'd find on a cordless kettle) and then you plug both controls into the mains.

      The blanket is soft and fleecy and very comfortable, you don't feel the wires like in other blankets we've tried. It''s also long with added 'foot warmth' which is good, not so much a problem for me at 5'2 but definitely for hubby at just under 6ft! It means you can be warm all over rather than huddling on a short or small blanket as we have before!

      The controls are simple to use. A dial on both sides scrolls from 1 to 9 with 9 being the hottest and 1-3 being more for continual warmth rather than pre-heat. It lights up on an LED screen so you can see what you're doing in the dark, and there is a painted arrow underneath the screen which you line up with the number so you know which setting you've selected. There is a sliding button on the front which you can set to one of three positions - off, 12 hours or 75 minutes. This is a handy timing feature as if you find 75 mins too long you can always turn it off, but if not it will automatically turn off after the 75 mins or 12 hours. An LED light will flash to let you know that it needs resetting (turning off and on again) as it has timed out. Handy for the next day when you want to pre-heat the bed incase you forget!

      The downside is that the excess material is very slippy, so the blanket often slips out of position meaning it bunches up in the middle and you can feel the hard wires. Very uncomfortable and annoying! It also means it can slip off one corner altogether which is annoying as the last thing I want to do is make my bed before I get in it, or in the middle of the night!

      The other problem is that both controls need plugging into the mains, so you need to have 2 sockets near to the bed. We solved the problem by plugging in an extension under the bed, but it would be unsightly for some if you didn't have a long sheet covering what's underneath! Also, the wires aren't that long either so a socket needs to be within a foot or less of the control. The other big disappointment is that fumbling under the bed for the control or rooting around in the dark is a bloomin nightmare, so we ended up sticking the controls to the actual side of the bed instead, it doesn't look nice but better than getting out of bed and/or rooting around looking for them! Aside from all that, it is actually very comfortable so long as you don't lie right on the edge where the control meets the blanket as that is very hard and uncomfortable!

      All in all, despite it's pitfalls, it is still the best blanket we've tried, it warms up quickly and maintains temperature, and I would recommend it!



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      07.09.2010 22:39
      Very helpful



      Highly recommended to add warmth in your bed

      This is for the Dreamland Harmony Luxury Heated Overblanket which is slightly different to the one in the picture.

      As you look out the window, it's 8pm and dark already and it's only the start of September, the temperature has dropped but it's still to early in the year to put the central heating on, but you don't want to be cold in your bed, this is when you need Dreamland Heated Overblanket.

      Last night I was freezing and wanted an early bed, I had a long stressful day at work and was looking forward to relaxing watching TV in my fleece pyjamas with a magazine. It was too early in the year to put my central heating on, I usually on put it on end October through to the end of March, being an typical Aberdonian I am a little tight when it comes to spending the cash especially on things that are not shoes or dazzling dresses!! It was time to looked out my Dream Land Electric blanket.

      I got this for my Xmas back in 2007 from my mum and dad, I can't remember if I had complained to them I was cold in my bed but it came highly recommended by them. I had always been a hot water bottle person as the thought of and electric blanket made me think of house fires. But the Dream Land Blanket is BEAB tested, which means its safe and good quality, and it comes with an overheat protector too was very reassuring.

      It comes in a neat zipped bag which can be re used is handy to store in the summer months it keeps it clean and dust free. The wires are easy to attach and detach from the blanket making it easy to fold and put away when not in use.

      It's lovely, soft and fleecy, it's designed to go into a duvet cover and lye between your top sheet and duvet. It's duel controls mean it can control the different sides of the blanket, perfect for couples when one usually feels the cold more than the other (usually I'm the cold one). There are 2 wires which easily clip into each side of the blanket . Both wires comes with its own mains plug, and has 2 settings each . On the side a roll button which controls the temperature 1 being warm through to 9 which is roasting. It is advisable that 1-3 are for continues heat and 4-9 for a pre-heat. These heat settings light up when the blanket is on so it's easy to see in the dark.

      On the face of the control there is pushing-slide button which controls the time the blanket is on for 75minutes, 12 hours or off. They are very easy to use even for the elderly. If my Grandma was still a live I would definitely buy her one of these as I know how fond she was of a warm bed and it's very easy and economical to use especially with the fuel bills rising and elderly on a limited budget.

      The blanket claims to heat up in 10 minutes compared to average electric blankets, and doesn't disappoint. I usually put the blanket on quite high setting, then I cleanse, moisture and brush my teeth then it's the perfect heat to slip into bed, although on colder winter nights I sometimes keep it on one of the longer time settings for a continues heat thought the night.

      The blanket provides good warmth and heat distribution and I can now sleep in good comfort without rising energy bills, My mum says it does wonders for her arthritis and she gets a much more comfortable good night sleep, where as I have recurring sore stomachs and it's great to snuggle under and sooth the pain. It's great when I come home from a cold night in town after standing freezing for a taxi to snuggle into a warm bed.

      The blanket is both machine washable at 40 and tumble dryable on a low heat, keeping it clean and fresh although I usually hand wash mine, spin on a wool programme and line dry as I'm not sure how it would keep it's shape in a long wash programme. I never tumble dry my bedding unless I really have to as I love the smell of outside freshness and this is highlighted as soon as you put the blanket on after it been outside.

      I would highly recommend this for someone who wants extra warmth in the cold oncoming winter months and is a much cheaper alternative to bumping up your central heating.

      It retails from £49.99 for single, £69.99 for double and £79.99 for king but will save you on central heating bills


      Dual detachable controls.
      Advanced safety system
      Ultra thin wires.
      Rapid Heat
      Pre-heat facility.
      9 heat settings.
      10-minute heat-up time.
      Timer with auto shut off.
      Auto adjusting sensor maintains chosen temperature throughout the night.
      Machine washable at 40C & Suitable for tumble drying.
      Low energy consumption.
      Comes with a manufacturer's 2 year guarantee.


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        21.11.2008 02:18
        Very helpful



        Morphy Richards knows how to do it better, but not a bad effort - could be a lot better.

        Normally if I need a double heated blanket I'll go with what I know and use past experience relying on anything that is produced with a Morphy Richards label; my last blanket lasted for a good couple of years and now rests with my cousin. As far as I'm concerned if a heated blanket is plain and doesn't offer anything other than heat with a good bargain price and a well trusted name backed up with a three year guarantee, who's complaining? Trouble is it seems everyone in Edinburgh has been buying up utility blankets, woollen blankets and Morphy Richards heated blankets leaving the likes of Dreamland products behind - even though they mirror MR in offering a three year guarantee too. Although I have never sampled Dreamland before, I recently bought an over blanket for my mum and it seems to do well with her. Whereas Dreamland appear to make several products including the aforementioned double or single over blanket, they also produce a different range of heated mattress/under blankets either fur lined or plain, single, double, an Aromatherapy version and this latest version, a Dual Control version of the double fur lined blanket - naturally for double beds. Now at the time I considered that it would be cheaper to buy the Dual Control version simply on the pretence that it was cheaper at £59-95 and could be used only by me or if I had two guests staying like a couple who could take advantage of the dual controls rather than be subjected and authority to one hand control. One side of each of this double mattress blanket has 150 watts which for a total of 300 watts isn't bad, economy and power wise. ** This is a long review **

        Out of the zipped clear acrylic packaging (handy to keep as it serves as a reusable storage bag for this product when not in use) came a very tightly packed soft fleece lined double blanket with an approximate measurement of 152cm by 137cm and the two Dual Control hand sets that plug into two plastic flush fitting permanent flaps located at the top of the blanket. I must say that I'm impressed with this design as my old Morphy Richards blanket suffered from having a control permanently stitched into the lining of the cloth and additionally caused a slight hump at the side of the bed that could be felt through before falling over the ends of the mattress or felt uncomfortably by my elbow! Luckily Dreamland has fitted the flaps as thin as possible so not to cause intrusion to the sleepers intended for use. The two hand sets are hand-sized and consist of a 9 level heat system that is controlled by two different heat settings; a fast 10 minute heating up system that confusingly works by selecting the "75 minute" option or for continuous through the night function, the "12 hour," setting. If the blanket goes over the selected 75 minute setting a smaller LED light will constantly flash on the handset to let the owner know that the blanket has automatically switched itself off, thus alerting the owner to switch off the blanket via the handset and re-programme it by switching it on again. But the heat settings don't just stop there. Generally speaking the 1-4 levels should be used for all night use, 5 to 7 for a medium pre-heat and 8 to 9 for a high level pre-heat - or so Dreamland would have you believe...

        As well as being BEAB approved, I find these protective measures including a thermal cut out/overheating cut out very reassuring as well as the fact that unlike my Morphy Richards blanket that was damp cloth washable only, the Dreamland 6705 blanket is machine washable to an extent of a 40º centigrade "Gentle," washing machine program and can only be spun through a wool program and not through an extra spin cycle. In a tumble dryer the Dreamland blanket can be dried but it has to be on a high or low setting for domestic dryers and low only in launderette dryers. Additionally the blanket can also be washed via hand washing but it can't be wrung out, simply stretched out to let the water drain and over a washing line must be hung over the line without pegs to ensure no damage to the wires inside the stitched cloth. With both instances, the blanket has to be fully dry before it can be used again.

        When it came to fitting the Dreamland 6705 fleece under blanket cover to my double mattress, I didn't find any problem locking the blanket down -initially. On the back of the cover, it has a simple thin woven fabric so you don't confuse yourself as to which part goes up - logic of the fur facing upwards should be enough to tell you. However, the blanket has a couple of cord pull strings that allow you to pull the mattress upwards and tie the string across to the other side of the cover (passing the string along the bottom of the mattress) so as to lock it to the mattress. Although I had no problems doing this, an earlier vacuuming session meant one of the strings got caught up inside the spinning floor head of my Sebo vacuum which meant by the time it was untangled and pulled, it had unfortunately been ripped off the Dreamland cover; as such the quality and stitching of the string supplied could be better here and against Morphy Richards who supply strengthened eyelet holes as well as the same type of drawstring/shower pull cord, the quality of thought is lacking here.

        One string down however and the cover still clings to my mattress before putting on a mattress cover over the fleece. I have to say that I didn't find this unsurprising that in use the heat transferred through my cotton sheets has been tremendous even though I was unsure at the time of whether I could lay on the actual fleece cover. In the past I've often purchased a separate fleece mattress cover to use in conjunction with a heated blanket - but this time with the extra fleece built in, it makes sense to consider nothing of the sort - unless you really want to sweat it out and stick to the bed!! So what is it like to use?

        One of the effects of the Dreamland series of under/mattress heated blankets is the constant source of annoyance from other reviews by other consumers who complain about the "extra foot," of blanket provided to heat up feet. I have to say that in defence of the reviewers, I can only agree. Being 6ft in height, the first time I used the blanket at night time I realised that the "extra foot," wasn't really much of an advantage if I was to follow the user manual to the rule of placing the under blanket dead centre of the bed - the result? My tootsies were freezing!! In the end in desperation and being uncomfortably cold, I could either assume the foetal position whilst asleep thus giving me sore back pain in the morning when awaking, or get up and put a pair of bed socks on. The second night however I made sure I pulled the cover down towards the end of the bed to ensure warm feet and toes! The heat settings however are not very good which is a complete shock; I find the first four levels produce a simmering warm feeling generally (this is in a rented property with central heating off at night and secondary glazing with hard floors) whilst level 5 to 7 of the medium pre-heat keeps me snug and cosy all night long. This is not good given that the latter settings are for pre-heat only! It doesn't get any better in terms of comfort either; by far one of the worst aspects of this blanket isn't the heat settings or the copious options you have to heat the bed before you get into it; I can feel for the most part the thick cables at times whenever I move over which suggests that although the cover won't move in use, that it really isn't that locked to the mattress. And before you say that it could well be down to having one less string to lock the cover to the mattress, I had already returned my blanket to John Lewis who refunded and replaced me with a new blanket free of charge. Even with a new cover complete with all strings, Imetec who make this blanket should make the cables within the fleece thinner and not as obvious; the fur lining is simply a thin line of fur as opposed to something far more substantial.

        If you don't connect the dual controls at the time of fitting, the bed will only heat up one side of the blanket that you've connected the handset to. This meant that the side I slept on was gloriously warm whilst the switched off side was freezing. When you have a double bed all to yourself with a more traditional hot water bottle, it starts to make sense for a more overall surface warmth compared to worrying about whether you've plugged in the extra handset on the Dual control blanket and reached over to set it! As for that fleece addition, well through a cotton mattress cover its impossible to feel the fur between the toes and this is why fitting an extra fleece cover over a standard non-fur/fleece lined electric blanket starts to make more sense; if you thrive on rolling your feet through fleece as well as feeling the benefit of an actual fleece mattress cover on its own. Despite not being able to do this, the insulation of the fleece does keep the bed warm somewhat after the blanket has been switched off, but being made of synthetics and acrylics mean that the heat insulation between a good tog duvet starts to escape quickly which results in keeping the blanket switched on for longer.

        I'd imagine then, the Dreamland 6705 Dual Control will be a great asset for couples in a double bed, whilst those on their own in a double bed could consider this blanket for its optional sides of heat offering the choice to go double or more economically heating the side you only sleep on. However, given the more simplistic nature of an electric double blanket that doesn't offer the fleece addition, I'm more inclined to be looking for Morphy Richards blankets that offer a better balanced level of heat as well as being simpler to maintain, fit and not be able to feel thick wires at odd points on the backs of my legs and back through my nights of sleep; to my mind an electric blanket should offer plain and simple expectations; Dreamland need to improve the quality here as well as making those wires a darn sight thinner. Nice try, though Dreamland! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2008


        Dreamland products are made by Imetec but there is no company website other than email facility, which is frankly disappointing: info@imetec.co.uk


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      • Product Details

        The epitome of luxury Dual Control With Ties Revolutionary Imetec microprocessor provides:; 10 minute heat up - Ready for bed in no time; Sensitivity to your needs; Maintains your chosen temperature throughout the night; Patented Sleep Guardian Imetec computer chip gives 10 levels of safety; 9 heats; Machine Washable / Tumble Dry; Detachable control for easy storage; Auto switch timer with pre-heat and all-night heat option; Overheat protection system; Extra foot warmth; BEAB approved

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