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Dulux Kitchen Plus Matt Paint Brilliant White

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Manufacturer: Dulux / Type: Paint

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    1 Review
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      05.10.2012 12:49
      Very helpful



      A good quality paint

      I have made the mistake before of painting a kitchen with regular emulsion but this really is not advisable. The reason being, you can not wipe it as the paint comes off and it makes the wall paper quite porous so it absorbs condensation from cooking and smells from cooking. On my last spurt of decorating I used the well known brand Dulux and went for their brilliant white matt paint kitchen paint which is specifically designed to deal with these problems.

      ==Price and availability==

      The paint costs £17.99 for a 2.5 L tub. The advantage of this paint is that you will only need 1-2 coats as long as you have white washed the wall underneath.

      ==Description and directions==

      The paint covers 32.5 m sq depending on the surface; some bumpy wallpaper may take a little bit more to cover it. The paint dries with a matt finish and feels lacquered to the touch. It dries so that it is stain proof and grease resistant, it means you can wipe it clean.
      You can also use this paint in the bathroom which needs the same sort of protection. The paint can be used with brushes or rollers and it goes on evenly and it dries within five hours.

      ==My experiences==

      Painting is not the easiest task, especially ceilings however this paint goes on smoothly, without too much resistant and it dries evenly. The paint is hard to see when you put it on as there is no hue to let you know where you have already been so you need good daylight to make the painting an easier job. Working up from the bottom and left to right round the room also helps keep track of where you have painted.
      As the paint is thick, you need to work at spreading it out but the advantage of this is that you do not need to keep filling the roller. The best advantage of the paint is the after effects when it is dry. I can clean my kitchen cupboards with a little spray and cloth and follow round to clean the walls. Finger prints around the light switch come off with ease as does splashes from food, a problem when I am making soup as the tiles do not go high enough up the wall.

      The old painted walls before using this had yellow stains on as condensation form cooking hit the walls and wall paper absorbed it. It did not look good and the kitchen did not smell great. After painting with this paint not only did the walls look clean and smell fresher, it meant that the condensation did not soak into the wall and I could just wipe it off, it gives the walls a waterproof texture.

      It really is a false economy to buy cheap paint as this will last you for a long time and you can keep the kitchen looking cleaner for longer. I have not used all the paint in the tub so I have resealed the tub and put it in the cellar. This means I can use it to touch things up or re paint the bathroom ceiling when it needs refreshing.


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