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Dylon Sunflower Yellow Fabric Dye

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Brand: Dylon / Type: Products / Type: Fabric Dye / Category: Laundry

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    1 Review
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      23.12.2013 16:36
      Very helpful



      An amazing product

      As grown up members of my family have finally got round to returning to their bedrooms and sorting through memorabilia, we have finally been able to redecorate, making their rooms more suitable to the adults they have become. That way when they visit they can enjoy their rooms without too much clutter!

      We recently finished painting my youngest daughter's room who is now 24, and as she shares my love of yellow we decided to update her room adding a more vibrant shade to the walls. They were originally primrose yellow, but they now are what is my favourite Dulux shade of all time- "Cornfield". This is available off the shelf in gloss, but you can ask for it to be mixed specially in matt, endurance and eggshell, and as our preference for walls is endurance matt this is what we had made up. The result is a beautiful vibrant yellow which is warming and imparts a summer glow to the room. I love this shade so much I have it in 3 other rooms in my house.

      A few years ago I had purchased some primrose yellow curtains from Laura Ashley, and they had hung at the bedroom window which faces south, so had faded from their original shade but were otherwise in good condition. I took the risk of washing them in the machine which they survived well, and then I set about trying to find a way of dyeing them to match the lovely warm summer colour that the walls in the room had been painted.

      Dylon Sunflower Yellow Machine Wash Dye
      I came across Dylon Sunflower Yellow machine dye and having read several reviews on Amazon regarding the colour, that was described as being more orange than yellow, I decided to try to use the product in the hope that it would match the walls.

      Dylon say that using this dye it is possible to change or to renew the colour of clothing and soft furnishings on suitable fabrics such as cotton, linen, viscose and poly-cotton, but not for delicate fabrics such as woollens, or for synthetic or dry clean only items. One pack dyes up to 600g of dry weight fabric and using more fabric and less dye results in a lighter colour result. Additionally you are warned that the final colour depends on the original shade. The product is designed for automatic front loading machines only. The price for one pack is £5.99 with free delivery from Amazon, and you can also purchase this in stores including Wilko.

      My curtains are very large, as the window is of a decent size and the curtains are fully lined. I worked out the weight and calculated that I would need 4 packs so it was going to cost £22. Additionally I also read that I was going to need salt which Dylon sell, but actually table salt suffices perfectly well. I would advise not to buy the dye salt as it is £2.20 for 500g and this is the amount you need however many dye sachets are required, so table salt is a lot less expensive.

      How To Use
      To use the dye it is imperative that the item has been freshly laundered and is damp. Then you place the salt into the machine drum and the dye on the top before adding the items. Take care not to get dye on your hands- rubber gloves are advised. You then run the machine on a 40 degree wash with no detergent. At the end of the cycle you simply add detergent and run again with the items still in the drum. On removal it is then advisable to run the machine one last time with no items in it to remove any trace of the dye. I actually used paper towel to wipe inside the seal after this cycle, as I felt there was some dye residue that had collected in there. It was minimal, but I wanted to make sure that it was not going to dye other items that I put in subsequently.

      On removal of the curtains I was absolutely delighted. They looked almost brand new, and were a gorgeous vibrant sunny Mediterranean yellow. The colour had taken well in all areas of the fabric, and only in one or too places was there any evidence of fading that wasn't quite uniform, related to previous wear prior to dyeing. This was absolutely minimal so I was delighted.

      I ironed the curtains and when rehung I was blown away by the transformation. I struggle in winter with lack of light and this colour scheme lifts my spirits and makes me think of warmer days and the summertime. Cornfield is the exact shade these curtains become - just like the Dulux shade, and when combined with pure white gloss-work the result is a warm and inviting bedroom that also looks spotlessly clean.

      For £22 plus a pot of table salt, and the cost of electricity to run three wash cycles, I have a pair of curtains that look brand new. I have been so impressed I am thinking what to dye next - the possibilities are endless, especially if you purchase white to begin with. Soft furnishings have a new lease of life with this product that excels in every aspect. I think my only caveat would be to check the machine thoroughly after use, especially around the seal, and run a hot wash with vinegar or a machine cleaner just to make sure all residue has gone if you are worried.

      As Dooyoo don't allow images to be added to their reviews I have a link below that takes you to the Dulux page, as it shows the exact shade shared by the colour "Cornfield" and the Dylon shade "Sunflower Yellow". I feel it is important to include this as not all yellows are the same, as I think of sunflowers as being a less orange shade than the resulting items I dyed. Obviously my curtains were pale-mid yellow already, so bear this in mind if you are using this colour.

      The beauty of this is that it can give items a new lease of life and does so without breaking the bank. It is good for the environment and pretty satisfying too!

      This review will also be published on Ciao under my user name Violet1278 with photographs.


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