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E-Cloth Kitchen 2 Pack

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Brand: E-Cloth / Type: Cloths / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Wipes, Towels, Tissues

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    1 Review
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      23.04.2012 20:19
      Very helpful



      A fantastic product that is certainly no gimmick

      *~*Introduction and reason for purchase*~*

      A few years ago when I worked in my local pub behind the bar I used to help out on a Saturday night with the cleaning, as there was no cleaning lady on a Sunday morning. There were 3 of us who would take it in turns to do various jobs when all of the customers had gone, and behind the bar were several large mirrors which were quite frankly a real pain to get clean. One of the women I worked with was always buying the latest cleaning products for home and kept telling our boss that we needed some 'E Cloths' for work as they would cut out a considerable time it took to try and get things like the mirrors smear free. I didn't really take much notice of this 'E Cloth' talk until last year when I placed an order online with Lakeland who said if you spent over a certain amount you got a free Kitchen Starter Pack of E Cloths. As I spent far less than was required to receive the free item I was very surprised when my parcel arrived to find Lakeland had kindly enclosed the free E Cloths..

      *~*What's so special about an E Cloth then?*~*

      E Cloths work by just adding water and claim to clean surfaces more effectively than any chemical product. According to their official website they clean by using "...480,000 fibres per cm2, e-cloths have enormous cleaning power. The act of drawing this volume of cleaning edges across a surface gives a deeper clean than cleaning with chemicals. The fibres break up and remove more grease and dirt, incredibly using just water..."

      I have always had my doubts about these type of products thinking they are just gimmicks but as this was a free gift then it was certainly worth trying for nothing.

      *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*

      The E Cloths come presented in a thin cardboard box which boasts of high profile companies that recommend and endorse them on the front. The main colouring is blue and green which fits in well with the cloths themselves and on the back of the packaging there the many tips on how to use your e cloths for maximum results.

      There are many different starter packs of E Cloths but this one is the Kitchen Pack as mentioned and consists of:

      *One large General Purpose Cloth which is green in colour and approximately 12 x 12 inch

      *One slightly larger Glass & Polishing Cloth in blue which is approx 15 x 15 inch

      These cloths are priced in Lakeland at £9.99 per pack which does sound expensive but considering that no other cleaning materials are required then it does become an economical purchase in the long run. As these were free though I don't know whether I would have been prepared to buy these at this price as it does sound expensive.

      The E Cloths can be purchased either via Lakeland stores/ online and are now available on Amazon and direct from their website @www.e-cloth.com where this pack can be bought for £9.49 with a further charge of £2 for P&P.

      *~*My experience of using these cloths around my home*~*

      I must admit I seriously had my doubts and reservations about these cloths promises as I did wonder how on earth they could clean more effectively by just using water alone..until I tried them.

      The general purpose cloth is fantastic in my kitchen as by simply wetting with a small amount of water I can wipe grease away from my hob top with ease. Normally I would be spraying and wiping and scrubbing but none of this action is needed here as a simple gentle wipe just literally removes any grease and stubborn stains - I was simply amazed the first time I used this and couldn't believe just how good it was.

      I have also used the general purpose cloth in my bathroom - mainly on my porcelain sink basin, tiles and cast iron bath as again it cleans with ease though obviously I don't use at the same time as in my kitchen as it wouldn't be very sanitary.

      The blue cloth is also extremely impressive and delivers just as highly with results as the green cloth does. This is the glass and polishing cloth and is designed more for buffing up a shine after using the green cloth and though it can be used slightly damp I find it gives best results when used dry immediately after the green cloth.

      Both of the cloths are fantastic for cleaning and when used in conjunction with each other they seem to give the best results. For example if I use the green cloth whilst damp to wipe my mirrors/ windows/ tiles (anything 'shiny') then buff up with the blue cloth they not only gleam but there are never any hints of smears or marks afterwards so it makes cleaning windows especially easy.


      Definitely yes! I wish I had of listened to the lady I used to work with now when she kept raving about these cloths as they really are a fantastic piece of 'equipment' that has made cleaning my home a lot quicker and with much more impressive results. So many times in the past I have cleaned my windows inside only to then see smears when the sun shone on them making the task seem pointless, but since using these cloths my cleaning time has been significantly reduced which is obviously a very good thing. I often think back to the arduous task of cleaning the pub mirrors and just wish we had these cloths back then as it would have saved a lot of time and effort.

      The blue cloth is also fantastic at buffing up anything stainless steel related and though I don't have anything made of this in my kitchen my mum's kitchen is almost all stainless steel. As she was complaining that everything was so hard to keep looking clean I leant her my cloths and she was just as amazed at the results herself and has since bought herself a multi pack containing all of the different varieties (including these 2 cloths). For the initial outlay of the cost it saves a substantial amount of money in the long run and also seems to clean everything much easier as well so I would highly recommend them. Keeping them clean is also easy as they can be popped in the washing machine and dried in the usual way as other washing and are completely reusable giving the same results each time. It is worth pointing out though that if you wash using a fabric conditioner then it is advised to rinse through and rewash without. Personally I have never done this and have had no problems though I'm not endorsing it!

      I wouldn't be without mine and as a yorkshire lass I can definitely say 'E these are good!'


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