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Easy Fabric Conditioner

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3 Reviews

Brand: Easy / Type: Fabric Conditioner / Category: Laundry

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    3 Reviews
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      11.02.2011 08:31
      Very helpful



      A good product for the price

      All I want from a fabric conditioner is to stop static on my clothes, if I use nothing or a 3 in 1 powder/liquid the static is impossible which also causes far more static shocks every time I go near anyone. With this in mind so long as it solves this problem the the cheaper the better...... within reason.

      The Product
      Easy fabric conditioner comes in a variety of fragrances and 1lr or 2ltr sizes, I prefer the 1litre as it fits better in the cupboard next the the laundry liquid. In this instance I bought Lavender Lullaby 1ltr, concentrated, which is purple. The packaging states 30 washes which I believe is about right when using a capful.

      Smell, static and softness
      The smell from the bottle is quite strong perfumed but pleasant smell, I can smell this on my clothes when wearing them so am very pleased with this as I do only use a capful in my wash. #The liquid itself is very thin, I did wonder if it was just perfumed water, but I do not get any static in my clothes so another tick there. It doesn't soften in the way that will make you hug your towels but it does stop them feeling stiff and horrible so a little tick here too.

      Overall a good product for the price


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      19.05.2010 11:32
      Very helpful



      Won't be buying this again

      Well you know by now about my fabric conditioner obsession and if you don't; where have you been??
      I like good quality products that do their job but don't like to pay over the odds and mainly buy the likes of Comfort etc when on offer.

      As I had run out of a few household items I asked my husband to pick them up on his way home from work via Iceland. Amongst the things I required was a bottle of fabric conditioner and this is what he brought home: Easy Concentrate..

      The appearance of the bottle resembles a squashed figure of eight (it differs to the one shown above) and is transparent with a blue plastic lid. There is nothing overly fancy about this and to be honest looks a little on the 'cheap' side.

      According to the label on the front of the bottle, this is a concentrate. However on closer inspection (i.e wiggling the bottle so the contents swish about) the consistency is extremely on the watery side.

      The one my husband bought was the 'Daisy Delight' fragrance which is a summery looking sky blue colour. On removing the screw top cap and inhaling the scent I wouldn't immediately say this was even floral based, let alone supposed to smell of daisies. It has a very fake - though not entirely unpleasant- over processed lavender based scent; though it does not contain lavender.

      Okay, it was not something I would have picked myself but I'm not a wasteful person so decided put it to use as I had bedding and school uniforms to wash.

      According to the instructions you need to use 33mls (one cap) for a 4-5kg wash load and 50mls (one and a half) for 6-7kg.

      I opted for the latter and poured into the compartment and switched the machine on.

      After the cycle had finished I opened the washing machine door and was greeted by..nothing!

      Normally my clothes are infused with whichever brand I have used and always come out of the machine smelling beautifully fragranced - but not in this case.

      After the clothing had been dried and ironed I was still disappointed at the lack of scent; though it worked quite well at making them soft (and easy to iron) so it scores points there.

      I used again when washing my bedding and even added 2 full cap fulls but this made no difference at all.

      So I think you know the answer to would I recommend this product?
      It's a definite no!
      I'm not saying all Easy cleaning products are the same as I have used various different things made by them in the past that have worked well - including their range of washing powders - just in the case of their fabric conditioners they haven't got it right so save your money. I was also very surprised at how strong the scent of this is whilst in the bottle, yet once used in my washing machine it left no fragrance at all.

      *Costs £1 for a 1 litre bottle
      *Gives 30 washes
      *The liquid and it's ingredients have not been tested on animals
      *For more information visit www.easycleaning.infoenquiries@plp.co.uk

      I'm not a snob with cheaper brands - far from it - but there are some products that really are a waste of money and unfortunately for me, this is one.

      Because it did soften my clothes making them easy to iron I am going to be generous and award them 2 stars.


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        06.02.2009 21:00
        Very helpful



        very good value i buy it when i see it

        hi i first found out about this fabric conditioner about 4 months ago whilst on a vist to farm foods to do my monthly frozen food shop.i looked and read the bottle of this one and the easy iron(green in colour)for quite a long time as it was about half the price of the popular fabric conditioner.
        i decided to bite the bullet and buy them.i tried them straight away and found the texture a bit watery but the smell was ok.i placed it in the wahing machine draw and waited .to my amazment the machine had taken all the liquid ,which sometime it never does with my other one as it seemed to be a bit thick and as todays washing machines do not take in a lot of water for ecomomy.
        the clothes smelt fresh but it was when they were dry i notice how good it was.the clothes were very smooth with no wrinkles and was very easy too iron.
        this is good value for money as its half the price of the leading brands and works for me as well if not better.


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    • Product Details

      1l / Fabric conditioner / / Easy Wild Orchid and Gardenia Concentrated Fabric Conditioner has been formulated to give a luxurious softness to your wash / The concentrated liquid provides a massive 25 washes per bottle, ensuring the customer gets outastanding value for money.

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