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Easy Sicilian Lemon & Water Lily Laundry Tablets

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Brand: Easy / Type: Laundry Detergent / Category: Laundry

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    1 Review
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      02.09.2008 21:08
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      Easy Washing Tablets

      Despite my beauty product obsession, I am actually quite strict with money, and have set budgets for different things, such as food and household expenses - like cleaning products. Given the sharp rises in food prices that we have seen recently, I'm finding it impossible to stick to my food budget, so have had to increase it. That means cutting back in other places, and rather than cutting into my precious beauty product allowance, I decided my cleaning products budget was the one that would be cut! I hoard cleaning products the same way I do beauty products, so I actually have enough to get me through the next few months, but one thing I don't buy in bulk is washing powder - mainly because I find it too heavy to lug home!

      I usually use Daz or Surf powder, which costs around £1.90 for a box that will give me 10 washes, working out at 19p per wash. When I spotted Easy Laundry Tablets at £1.50 in Iceland for a box that would give me 15 washes - working out at just 10p per wash -I decided to give them a try.

      The tablets are available in two different fragrances - Sicilian Lemon & Water Lily and Aloe Vera & Orange Blossom. I decided to go for the Sicilian Lemon & Water Lily, as I have a particular liking for lemon fragrances.

      The tablets come in a yellow box, which has pictures of lemons and water lilies on the front, and gives lots of product information on the sides. On opening the box, you will see that the tablets are individually wrapped in clear plastic, which keeps them fresh and stops moisture getting to them.

      How many tablets you use per wash, will depend on two things - the water hardness in your area, and how soiled the clothes are that you are washing. For lightly soiled clothes, you will only need one tablet, regardless of the water hardness, but for more heavily soiled clothes, you could need up to three tablets if you're in a hard water area. This is something you will need to bear in mind, if you are planning on trying these as a money saving option, as obviously you will then get less washes per box.

      I was surprised at the size of the tablets, as ages ago I used to use Daz tablets which are actually quite large and bulky and you needed two per wash. These, in contrast are only around the size of a £2 coin and just over half an inch thick, so I was a little dubious as to how good their cleaning power would be.

      To use, you simply place directly into the drum of your washing machine, underneath the washing. You can also use these for hand washing, using two tablets per 10 litres of water, but I have never tried this, so cannot comment further.

      To be totally honest, I'm not sure what the water hardness is in my area, but suspect it's either soft or medium. So far, I have only ever used one tablet per wash and found that to be enough. I don't have children, and I have an office job, so my clothes don't really get that much of a chance to get messed up (although I can be quite messy with food!), and I have always found that one tablet is enough to get all of my clothes clean. The one time I did get a stain on my clothes, was when I managed to drop a liquid eyeliner brush, resulting in it rolling down my front, getting a huge black stain on my white top! When I washed it, I had intended to put some Vanish Oxi-Action in with the washing tablet, but forgot, and was amazed when it came out with not a mark on it, so the cleaning power of these has been quite impressive.

      My clothes also felt soft after using these, even if I didn't add fabric conditioner. I have on occasions bought washing powders that have left my clothes feeling stiff, and almost scratchy, but these have always been fine. It might be worth noting though, that they don't recommend using these on wool or silk.

      One thing I had been quite worried about, was having an allergic reaction to these. I have eczema, and it sometimes flares up or reacts to certain washing powders, which is why I have always tended to stick to Daz and Surf, as I know these are fine with my skin - Bold 2in1 on the other hand, turns my skin bright red and has me scratching for months after even just one use! Since using these I have had no reactions at all, which is obviously a huge plus point for me. They are biological though, so may not be great if you have babies, as their delicate skin can often react to some of the ingredients in biological powders. Also, they're not tested on animals, which is reassuring to know.

      One more thing, I must note is the smell of the washing when it comes out of the machine. If you are one of those people who likes their washing to have a strong fragrance, then these may not be for you. I didn't think the tablets had all that much of a smell before the wash, but afterwards, there is only a faint trace of sweet lemon left on my clothes. Saying that though, they do smell clean, and any horrible smells, such as when you have been around someone smoking, disappear. To me, the fact there's no strong smell left on my clothes isn't a huge problem and something I can live with. Also, if you use a fragranced fabric conditioner with your wash, this will solve the problem anyway.

      So, in conclusion, I was very pleased with these, and will continue to buy them, possibly trying the other fragrance next. The fact they come in tablet form makes them quick and convenient to use (no measuring out powder), and they're much cheaper than my usual powder. The results they gave were fantastic, getting my clothes clean and soft, and if you're looking for a more economical alternative to your usual washing powder, I would certainly suggest giving these a try!


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