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Easy Midnight Inspirations Bio Laundry Powder

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Easy Bio Laundry Powder is a very affordable washing detergent. It cleans effectively and the same amount can be used as the more expensive brands.

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    1 Review
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      15.04.2012 16:48
      Very helpful



      An impressive wash powder


      When it comes to washing laundry I tend to opt for liquids rather than powder. There's no specific reason as to why it's just a preference as I think it tends to last longer and doesn't clog up the inner drawer in my machine like powders can. For the past few months I have been using Easy liquid at the bargain price of just £1 from my local Iceland store, and when I was running low recently and went to purchase another bottle I found in it's place was a powder version.

      Easy is a brand owned by Jeyes which is a renowned company and whilst I have never had complaints about other Easy products I wasn't sure what to expect with the wash powder. For the same price of just £1 (for the record most of the Easy products in Iceland are £1 making them good value - if they work of course) I chose the rather delectable sounding Jasmine & Orchid fragrance which is part of their Midnight Inspirations range. My review will now focus on my experience of using this..

      *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*

      The main thing that caught my eye here over the other fragrances was actually the packaging; being in a predominantly black with a deep pink patterning it stood out the most being both very eye catching and attractive. I liked the sound of the Jasmine & Orchid and whilst I couldn't smell it like you can with a bottle (I always unscrew the lid and see what they are like whilst still in the shop) there was a very pretty fragrance emanating from the sealed box so I had high hopes that I would be happy with my choice.

      As mentioned this cost me just £1 from my local Iceland store, and whilst I've only seen this in the one size of an 884g it gives an impressive 13 standard washes according to the box though I always add slightly less making the contents last longer. Although I don't normally buy powders I have noticed this in Superdrug and Poundstretcher which are both located close to my local Iceland so I am sure that it can be found stocked at a plethora of other stores though it is not something I have particularly searched for in the past.

      *~*My experience of using this*~*

      On opening the panel on the right side of the box I was instantly greeted with a very impressive and luxuriously scented wash powder. The price to buy this may be cheap but the product itself is anything but, and not only does it have a rich and deep floral aroma but it is impressively thick in consistency and looks more expensive than it is.

      The washing powder consists of mainly white 'grains' with the odd fleck of blue throughout and the grains are quite thick which did surprise me somewhat as I expected the powder to be very thin, and to be honest I didn't have very high expectations of this at all.

      I poured a small amount out of the powder into the drawer of my machine and tried this firstly without any fabric conditioner. As it was only my husband's work clothes I was 'testing' this on I would be able to see if this cleaned as well as fragranced my laundry.

      After my machine cycle had ended and I was getting the laundry out I did notice the Jasmine & Orchid aroma had embedded itself into the clothing. It wasn't too strong a scent but it was noticeable, and most importantly the clothes had come clean which is the main thing.

      I would most certainly buy this Bio laundry powder again in the future despite it being an actual powder and not a liquid as at the end of the day it washed well and cost very little. I prefer liquids as I find them easier to measure out though and the thing with powders is it is a bit guess work when pouring into your machine which I'm not keen on as it is hard to gauge the correct amount.

      I have almost used this box up in it's entirety and even despite using scented fabric conditioners I have still been able to detect a hint of the Jasmine & Orchid which proves how strong (but not overpowering) the scent of this is.

      This is a top quality product by Jeyes (under the name of Easy) that is cheap to buy and impressively works meaning it isn't a false economy as so often 'buying cheap means buying twice' but not with this. Also worth mentioning is it is not tested on animals nor has caused any skin irritations to any member of my family after using it. The most important quality though is it gets my laundry clean without costing the earth and in this day and age where every penny counts this is a worthwhile and practical purchase.


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