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Enchanted Lucky Dip Burner

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Brand: Enchanted / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      28.07.2010 08:57
      Very helpful



      If you're putting in an Enchanted order anyway, then why not pop in lucky dip burner!

      These lucky dip burners are a great idea. If you are after a burner of a specific colour or deisgn, then the lucky dip is not for you- Enchanted do sell a range of other burners that range from £3.50 to £4.00, where you know exactly what you will be getting.

      With the lucky dip, you pay £2 and you will receive a mystery burner with a minimum RRP for £4. Some of the lucky dip burners are even worth £8, so it is a great saving if you are not fussed about the colour of it.

      The main purpose of a burner is to fragrance the room. This can be done in two main ways. Firstly you can pop a tealight in the base of the burner, and then put some fragrance oils in the well at the top. The heat from the tealight warms up the oils, allowing the fragrance to spread through the room. This is probably the most well known use.

      The second use, and my personal favourite is wax. As with the fragrance oils, you need to pop a tealight in the base of the burner, but you then put wax in the well at the top. Wax comes in all shapes, scents and sizes, the most common of which are wax tarts, and snap apart bars. Enchanted also make and sell wax, and as well as making tarts and snap apart bars, they also sell wax shaped like doughnuts, shortbread pinwheels, and jamtarts! The heat from the tealight will melt the wax, and as it melts the scent is dispersed throughout the room.

      The website (www.enchantedbath.co.uk) states that all of the lucky dip burners are of a good size, and the well part at top will be big enough to take a full sized wax tart. If you are burning wax then this is an important feature. I have purchased burners in the past where the well was not quite big enough, which is very annoying and messy, as the melted wax will drip over the top of the well and down the sides of the burner. It is also a faf having to cut up the wax into smaller portions prior to use to ensure this doesn't happen, and of course if you use less wax then you get less smell, so I would really recommend investing in a burner with a large enough well.

      As all burners in the lucky dip vary, a description of my burner is of limited use. However, I may give you an idea of the type of burner that you might get, so I shall give you a brief description.

      It is about 15cm high, and is made from what appears to be clay. It has a lovely glaze which starts of blue at the top, and merges to brown at the bottom. There is a large enough sized access hole at the back to place the wax tart in- this is a useful feature, as with prevous burners I owned, the access hole was very small, and this made it fiddly trying to light the tealight when it was inside the burner, yet it was also tricky trying to put the lit tealight into the burner through the tiny hole!

      There is a pretty design on the front consisting of a tear drop shape in the middle, with a crescent either side, and three little dots surrounding the tear drop. These shapes are holes in the clay, and they allow the scent to disperse throughout the room.

      It feels solid and I feel my tealights and hot wax are safe and secure when inside this burner. I was lucky enough to receive this as a free gift for spending over £60 on an order earlier this year, but I would definitely go for the lucky dip option if I need another burner. I think they also make nice gifts, so I shall definitely consider getting a lucky dip burner and a few wax bits from Enchanted for presents later this year (as we're in July, I won't say the C word just yet!!)

      For £2 you really can't go wrong with a lucky dip burner from Enchanted. This is great value for money, and you get the added excitement of not knowing what style you will get! As Enchanted is an internet based site, it means the order will be delivered to you and so you will have to pay postage costs. Because of this I would recommend checking out the site (or my other reviews!) to see if anything else takes your fancy to get your monies worth from the postage costs. Enchanted does sell wax, which is the obvious accompaniment to a burner, and I shall be reviewing their wax shortly.
      Thanks for reading.


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