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Enrituals Desire Laundry Detergent

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Brand: Enrituals / Type: Laundry Detergent / Category: Laundry

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    2 Reviews
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      23.06.2012 19:16
      Very helpful



      Great inexpensive everyday laundry liquid - super for quick washes

      ---Why I Bought This---

      Having had teenagers at home and now still with a student son (and friends!) I do tend to have quite a bit of washing. Often however the clothing and towels are not really dirty at all but just need a freshen-up. I therefore like using a 30 degree quick wash cycle which takes about half an hour. I find that washing powders do not disolve very well in this quick wash so prefer to use a little washing liquid. With this being only £1 for a large bottle I find it very economical - even cheaper than the Tesco Everyday Value one which is £1.65 for 1 litre of concentrted bio liquid.

      ---The Brand---

      Purity Global Ltd, based in Hull. Their ethos is that 'Purity is passionate about bringing good quality, high value household products to the UK market and making them a success for our customers and consumers'.

      ---The Product---

      I litre thin plastic bottle shrink wraped in a black and mustard yellow plastic sleeve with a black screw cap.
      States can be used for up to 25 washes.
      Supposed to combine cleaning power with exotic aromas.
      Made in the EU by Purity Global Ltd.
      Also comes in a pink version called 'Enritual Passion'. Tesco also sell their fabric conditioner, softener and gels.
      Mine was purchased online from Tesco - I do not know who else stocks this.


      £1 for a litre.

      ---My Opinion---

      This is a thinnish white liquid which pours out very easily - but is not too watery.
      With family members often discarding towels and clothing without them actually being dirty I find a quick wash on the shortest 30 degree cycle is fine - the clothes come out fresh and smelling nicely - which is a bonus.
      This liquid does not seen strong enough to clean really dirty clothes such as stained collars etc - but these I usualy do on a 40 degree wash with some powder such as Daz.
      This may sound as if I a not happy with this product but that is not true. I would say about 85% of my washing is just damp towels and t-shirts that are not actualy dirty - so a quick wash is all they need and I find this cheap liquid works well enough, smells pleasant in a faint way and is econonomical as the bottle seems to last me absolutely ages - much longer than when I was buying the Tesco Value washing powder.
      I have also bought the pink 'Passion' verson as well but I find that this one has a pleasanter and stronger smell - though it is still faint - but then I am not buying it for the aroma - it does not actually smell of anything specific, just a nice sort of soapy smell.
      Most fo my own and my son's items I can wash this way - and the endless pile of towels. I use a hotter wash and powder for hubby's clothes - but he spends time pottering in the garden - also I do this for bedclothes as well.
      I cannot criticise this liquid too much as I have never really tried it in larger, stronger concentrations as they suggest for heavier soiled items
      All in all a really cost effective way to do your laundry - and I do not have to resmort to what my sister used to do with her teenage daughters many years ago and just hang the stuff on the line to make the think it had been washed!

      ---Star Rating---

      4 stars - not so good on bad staining and dirt.

      ---Would I Recommend?---

      Yes. Good for not too dirty items and ones that just need a quick rinse through - economical.




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        18.04.2012 10:22
        Very helpful



        Decent Laundry detergent at a super low price


        Living alone now means that I can make all of the decisions when it comes to what brands I buy in my weekly shopping and whilst I've never been one to settle for budget brands there are times when it seems pointless spending that extra bit of money on something that has a recognised name when there are cheaper options available that do the same job. Given the vast amount of products that are available down the laundry aisles in the supermarkets you can be overwhelmed with choice with every one of the brands claiming to be better than their competitors and choosing what to buy to put in your washing machine can be something of a hit or miss affair as you are faced with powders, capsules and liquid varieties all offered by the big brand names.

        I'm not particularly choosy when it comes to the product I wash my clothes with, I expect nothing other than them coming out of the washing machine clean and am not too fussy about how they smell so long as they're fresh and begrudge paying over odds for any kind of laundry detergent. I've used the big name brands before and will still buy them when they're on offer but the last time I needed to replenish my supply my eye was drawn to a new product in Tesco's which they were offering at a low introductory price of just a pound and that was "Enrituals Desire" laundry detergent and the subject of this review.

        Enrituals Desire

        Contained in the bottle as shown in my picture the black and yellow detailing caught my eye, I'm not usually drawn in with any sort of fancy packaging but because this one looked a little different to the others on the shelves and was priced so cheaply I decided to put a bottle into my basket figuring that at worst it would be Ok to use to freshen up my towels and bedding if it wasn't any good for my clothes. My bottle contains 1 litre of laundry detergent and is described on the back as giving you the "real cleaning power you need with the exotic aromas that your laundry deserves". The directions for use are explained and as with any liquid detergent it is advised that you pour this as capfuls into the drawer of your washing machine and for it to be used alongside a fabric softener to give the best results. It is recommended that 1-2 caps of liquid should be used on slightly soiled clothes and up to 3 capfuls on anything dirtier with each capful containing 35ml of liquid. It's suitable for use at lower temperatures in a washing machine with the manufacturers claiming that it will still be effective at 30 degrees and can also be used to hand wash clothes if so desired. There are various warnings printed on the bottle about keeping out of the reach of children etc. which are the standard things you would expect to see and a 1 litre bottle should give you up to 25 washes for your single pound according to the label on the front.

        Removing the cap from the bottle and taking a sniff at the liquid doesn't reveal anything too exciting, there's a mildly soapy aroma which is apparent but nothing floral or flowery which for me is a good thing as I don't particularly want my clothes to smell of flowers and the liquid has a white pearlescent look to it which is quite gloopy in consistency. It's easily poured into the cap and then transferred into the drawer of my washing machine and as I tend to use the 'quick wash' function my clothes are usually washed and ready to be dried after around 30 minutes. I had few great expectations from this liquid as already mentioned, so long as it managed to clean and freshen up my clothes then I would be satisfied and I have to say that I was surprised at just how good this actually is. I've used this on all my clothes from cotton tee shirts to denim jeans and have found it to be absolutely fine at getting rid of any food stains or dirt that needed removing and whilst there isn't a great deal of 'exotic aroma' left behind on my clothes I think for the money it costs that there's very little to actually complain about with this and I've found it to be just as reliable as the more expensive brands when it comes to actually washing my clothes. Admittedly my clothes don't smell as fragrant as they would do if I'd have used Persil or Daz and anyone who buys this should be made aware of that fact but for me, a single bloke living by myself I can't find anything negative to say about it at all and for a pound I consider this to be money very well spent.

        I can't really comment on how effective this would be for use in a busy family environment as I don't have kids clothes to wash so can't say how good this would be on ground-in or really dirty stains. Similarly if you work in an industry where you're likely to have very dirty clothes then you might experience different results to me as my clothes are lightly soiled at worst being the things that I wear during the day and then freshened up a couple of times a week when I do my laundry. Its probably best worth mentioning that this would be fine for anyone who just has a small amount of washing to do each week or if there's a couple of adults living at home rather than expecting it to tackle anything too difficult but for something that costs just a pound then it's well worth taking a chance on just to find out for yourself. Larger families may want the added fragrance that the bigger brands give so could find this a little lacking as I don't think it adds much freshness to a batch of washing although if you were to use a more-expensive fragranced fabric softener (as I do) then it does offer better results than if it was used on its own.


        Overall though for what it is and how much it costs I can't complain about the cleaning ability of Enrituals Desire and as far as my rating here goes I think that 4 stars is fair. It's not as fragranced as some other laundry detergents but it leaves my clothes looking clean and smelling fresh and for me that's all I need from a product of this nature and it's something that I will continue buying especially as it's still so cheaply priced. Definitely recommended, thanks for reading my review.


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