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Enrituals Vitality Laundry Gel

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4 Reviews

Brand: Purity / Type: Liquid Laundry Detergent / Category: Laundry

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    4 Reviews
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      12.06.2013 12:09
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      I will buy it again and do recommend it.

      I had decided a while back to seek out an alternative laundry detergent, mainly because it had occurred to me that I was using a very expensive laundry detergent to wash some rather 'unimportant' items, and thus, I felt I was wasting my product slightly. To explain this a little better, I regularly wash my cat's various bedding items, in addition to other household items such as curtains and shower curtains. Items such as these are not a priority when it comes to doing the laundry, but they need washed and cleaned, nevertheless. I wondered if I could carry out these tasks whilst saving a little money, which led me to seek out an alternative, cheaper laundry detergent product.

      I actually purchased two separate products, which totalled a sum of £3. I felt this was an excellent price to pay, especially considering the purchase price of my usual laundry detergents. This review will outline my experiences of using the "Enrituals Vitality Laundry Gel" which I purchased from my local branch of Tesco. I paid only £1 for the 770ml bottle of Gel - a price that I thought reflected excellent value for money, particularly as the bottle contains enough product for 22 washes, or 'loads' according to the label on the bottle.

      Stockists of the Enrituals Vitality Gel include Tesco, Poundland and Pound World, so I certainly wouldn't pay more than £1 for the product as it is widely available for this price. I believe there are three or so different 'scents' of the Laundry Gel available, depending on where you shop.

      The packaging is pretty basic, I feel, although it serves its purpose perfectly. Comprising of a sturdy bottle made of robust, white-coloured plastic, there is a sort of 'triangular' shaped lid made of bright pink plastic sitting on top of the bottle that is removed easily. This lid doubles as your measuring 'cup' when dispensing the Laundry Gel. Once the lid is removed from the top of the bottle, it reveals a white, hinged, 'flip up' cap, through which you can dispense the thick gel. I have encountered no issues with using the product's packaging at all, even though I suffer with limited strength in my hands as a result of reduced mobility. In particular, I find that although the plastic bottle is robust and sturdy, it is not overly 'hard' which would undoubtedly see me having difficulties with squeezing the bottle. I completely recommend the product as being suitable for those consumers, who, like me, suffer with limited strength or mobility in their hands.

      The Gel itself is white in colour, and is pretty nondescript. I did notice, however, that it is not overly 'runny' in its consistency, although it is slightly thinner than some other, similar products that I have purchased before. I find that when the product is being dispensed, it 'pours' easily from the bottle, allowing for a 'quick' and 'fuss free' approach. This suits me down to the ground perfectly, as I am not particularly fond of household products that feel 'gimmicky' or fussy.

      To use the Enrituals Vitality Laundry Gel, I need to pour the liquid into the measuring cap, following the 'guide' on the reverse of the bottle to ascertain how much liquid I need with each wash. I generally only wash one or two items at a time when using this product, so the smallest measurement, which sits at the inside of the measuring cup, suits my own needs. This is all explained on the back of the bottle, so I don't feel it is particularly relevant to list the full details within this review. Once I have measured my liquid out, I simply need to sit the pink cup on top of the 'pile' of laundry within the washing machine. I find this easy to do, mainly because the very end of the measuring cup/bottle's lid has been helpfully 'shaped' in a flat design. The cup therefore sits neatly on just about any surface. I then need to shut the machine door and, of course, set the washing machine to the correct programme.

      After washing, I remove my laundry items from the machine and need to dig out the pink measuring cup that is usually bundled up within the folds of fabric somewhere. Once located, it can simply be popped back onto the Enrituals bottle top, where it fits snugly, giving an audible 'click' noise as it rests. It is worth mentioning, I think, that I have noticed nothing in the way of wear and tear to the laundry cup/bottle's lid throughout the time I have used the product, and it has remained fit for its purpose until the very last load of washing has been hung out to dry.

      Whilst the washing is being hung up, I am able to notice that the assorted fabrics are not at all 'brittle' or hard, which is rather what I had been expecting, I think, considering the low cost of the Enrituals Gel. Instead, the fabric feels soft and snug, although it is not 'softened' to the same extent as when fabric softener is added to the washing machine prior to starting the laundry. This result is to be expected, I think, and I find that even the most expensive of laundry detergents or powders will obtain an 'added softness' when they are used alongside a separate fabric softener product. In terms of the look and feel of the laundry after washing with the Enrituals Vitality Laundry Gel, I have no complaints.

      As far as cleanliness goes, I am pleased with this too. Small spots of cat food (from my old feline's assorted bed and 'throw' covers) appears to be no match for the Enrituals product, with all traces well and truly removed by the use of the Laundry Gel. Likewise, mud and dirty footwear stains on my interior foot mats are completely removed after a quick wash with the Laundry Gel. Shower curtains come up fresh and crisp after washing with the Enrituals too, any I have noticed that small particles of soapy 'residue' are easily removed from the curtains with the use of the product.

      'Tougher' stains such as blood seem to be a little hit-and-miss, however, and there have been a few occasions where I have had to carry out a second wash on some items of my old cat's bedding, due to her various ailments causing staining that requires a little more 'stain-busting' power than can perhaps be found within the Enrituals Laundry Gel. This is not required EVERY time, to be fair, but I do tend to use a 'pre-wash treatment' on my cat's bedding prior to washing, now that I am used to the Enrituals Laundry Gel. A little trial and error is probably the key here, but for the most part I have no complaints when considering the product's performance in terms of washing and cleanliness, particularly when the low purchase price is considered.

      When considering the Enrituals 'Vitality' scent, I feel this is where the product will not live up to the expectations/hopes of many consumers. Whilst there is a definite 'fresh laundry' smell present on all items after washing with the Laundry Gel, there is nothing particularly 'innovative' about the scent, with it being rather mundane in its fragrance, instead. I find too that its aroma is not nearly as 'powerful' as most other laundry products that I purchase nowadays, although to be fair most of these rival products are from much bigger brands than the Enrituals brand, and of course, they cost considerably more than £1 too. For my own needs, however, the Enrituals Vitality Laundry Gel's 'understated' scent is perfectly acceptable, especially as I don't use the product to wash my clothing or bed linen. For my cat's bedding and my assortment of bathroom mats, small rugs, shower curtains and foot mats, the Enrituals 'Vitality' scent suits me perfectly. It's not special, but it doesn't have to be.

      For my own needs, I am extremely happy with the performance of the Enrituals Laundry Gel, and I have already repurchased the product for use in my household. If I had to tighten the 'household purse strings' as it were, by trying out some cheaper or more 'budget' household products, this Laundry Gel would be my number one choice for trial when washing my own clothing. I do trust it, and find it offers excellent value for money, without 'skimping' on quality or performance. I personally prefer something a little more luxurious for my own clothing and other items, but other consumers may not be as fussy as I am, and certainly for those endless piles of 'household' laundry, the Enrituals Vitality Laundry Gel is good enough for me. I do really recommend the product, and feel four marks out of five is an appropriate award in the Dooyoo product rating score.


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        18.02.2013 13:39
        Very helpful



        Alright for the price, but not perfect

        I used to be a bit wary of non-branded washing detergents, but since I took the step of trying them, I've found a lot of the cheaper ones are just as good as the branded versions. I had seen Enrituals Vitality Laundry gel in a pound shop, but I actually bought it in Tesco in the end where it also cost me £1. Even the ASDA own brand one I often buy (The Orange Flower and Papaya gel) costs £3, so I was interested to see how this one matched up.

        The gel comes in a white bottle with a very pink label featuring a heart filled with flowers - all very girly. The lid which doubles as a dosing device is also a shocking pink colour and the overall look is a little cheap, but I wasn't too fussed as I was more concerned about the product inside.

        The bottle advises that this laundry gel has cashmere proteins for extra softness and also refers to 'an exotic fragrance' on the back of the bottle but doesn't specify what the fragrance actually is.

        To use you simply squeeze the gel into the pink dosing device and then place the dosing device into the drum of the machine towards the back. There are instructions on the back of the bottle advising how much to use per wash and this depends on how heavily soiled the laundry is and whether you are in a hard or soft water area. The consistency of the product is quite thin compared to the gels I'm used to. In fact I'd say it's only just bordering on being a gel, it's actually a sort of lumpy pink liquid and doesn't look particularly nice!

        The gel has a light floral fragrance to it, which is quite pleasant, however I find once the washing has come out of the machine, the scent has all but disappeared.

        In terms of cleaning power, I find that whether you will get on with this product will depend on your needs. I find that if clothes just need to be freshened up, then this is great, they will come out clean, colours don't appear to fade and they feel soft to the touch. Unfortunately, if clothes are stained then this is where this product seems to struggle. I recently had a toothpaste stain on a t-shirt and although it faded a bit, it was still quite visible after washing with this product. I also had a tomato sauce stain on a hoodie which didn't come out with this product, yet did when I then washed it with a branded detergent (Surf Tropical). Generally speaking, for us as a two person household with both of us in office jobs, generally our laundry just needs to be freshened, we don't have a huge array of stains to contend with. I suspect if someone in your home does a more manual or messy job, or if you have children, you may need something with a tad more cleaning power.

        I have eczema (and so does my husband) and I find some detergents to cause flare ups, but neither of us have had any issues as a result of using this product.

        For £1 for a bottle which gives 22 washes I still think this is good value. Due to the issues I've found with stain removal, I do have to try to remember to throw a bit of stain remover in with the wash when I'm using this, but for general day to day laundry it has been fine. That said, on the whole I'd rather pay a little extra for the convenience of a stronger detergent, but I suspect if I was strapped for cash I would buy this again.


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        07.10.2012 22:58
        Very helpful



        A decent cost effective laundry gel

        This is a review of Enrituals Vitality Laundry Gel which I picked up at Tesco for just £1 (770ml). The main attraction for me was the pink label and lid I have to admit! I also bought the corresponding fabric softener (also £1) although this is packaged totally differently to the gel. I finished the bottle and wrote this review a while ago and have since tried a number of other brands.

        This has a plain white bottle with a bright shocking pink label and lid. This did not look like a cheap laundry gel to me but really can't beat that price. You can recycle this plastic packaging too which is an extra bonus. You use the pink cap as the measure for each 'serving' and can send that in the drum or pour it direct into the drawer.

        You get around 20 washes out of one bottle, how good is that? I make that 5p a wash for the detergent. The outcome of these washes was perfect every time as long as I hadn't overloaded the machine. Those things that went in again (with a little Vanish) came out immaculate. I can't fault its performance.

        In use
        The liquid is a pearly clear colour, not pink as I was expecting. You squeeze out a cap full and place in the drum with the clothing. It smells nice and clean and flowery and not too strong. My bedding smells delightful after a whirl in the machine with this liquid detergent. You can also use it to hand wash if you prefer and it has worked well for me when I want to turn one item around quickly.

        I like that this small bottle only takes up a small amount of cupboard space. It is clean and easy to use and I have not had any problems with leakage etc. to date.

        As I mentioned already, this product costs just a pound! The size of the bottle is 770ml and you get around 20 washes for this. What great value.

        Final thoughts
        I would buy this again to wash either whites, colours or darks. It is by far the cheapest detergent I have used and you can do your wash on a low temperature with this product too (I tend to go a little higher due to washing baby clothing).

        When my daughter wears her fleecy jumpers that are washed in this detergent we both enjoy a cuddle as they smell amazing with the 'vitality' version. We have bought another one from the range (purple lid) to try too.

        I would recommend using this liquid detergent with the softener too if you use this in your wash as it really does penetrate the clothes making them soft and smelling lovely.


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          04.03.2012 10:36
          Very helpful



          A cheap to buy laundry gel which is fine on lightly soiled items but not so good on stains

          Branded washing detergent can be pricey - the cost of all the advertising doesn't come cheap after all. So if savings can be made I am always on the look out for an alternative, even though I am, at heart, a Surf girl.

          Browsing my local branch of Pound World recently I spied the Enrituals Vitality Laundry Gel. I must admit to being shallow here - my eye was initially caught by the bright magenta pink label and lid, with the price - just one pound - suckering me in shortly afterwards.

          I usually stock up on Surf laundry liquid when it's on offer but I was running low when I saw the Entrituals product and decided to give it a try - after all if I didn't like it I'd only lost a pound and if I did like it there was the potential to save a lot of money using this product instead.

          ~~What You Get~~

          This isn't a laundry liquid - it's a laundry gel, so what you get is 770 ml of product inside a plastic bottle with the measuring cap sitting on top. When you take this off you are met with a flip top lid which I am happy to say is fairly heavy duty and stands up to repeated openings.

          The gel itself is a white pearlescent liquid and I have to say it's surprisingly runny for a gel but it does have a lovely sweet floral aroma. The bottle doesn't tell you what this is supposed to smell of - just that it has "exotic fragrances". I wouldn't call the aroma exotic but it is pleasant.

          ~~Using the Gel~~

          This is a fairly easy product to use. You place your dose inside the pink top cap and then place that inside the washing machine with your laundry.

          Enrituals give a dosing guide which suggests 35 ml of gel for a light/medium soil in soft/medium water areas and 50 ml in hard water areas. If your laundry has a heavy soil then they suggest you use 50 ml in soft/medium water areas and 80 ml in hard water areas. These guides are based on 5 kilo loads.

          The cap is well designed and easy to measure a dose. There is a line inside the cap to mark 35 ml and if you fill the inner cap to the top that's 50 ml. If you need 80 ml you just fill the whole cap.

          At the risk of stating the obvious if you have a washer dryer it's imperative that you remove the cap before you start the drying cycle or ensure the cap is removed from your laundry before placing it in a tumble dryer.

          This is a biological product so it's not suitable for use on wool or silk fabrics.

          ~~My Thoughts~~

          I've almost finished my bottle of Enrituals Vitality now and while I have been impressed with it in some ways I am not convinced it can ever pull me away from my beloved Surf liquid.

          I have used this predominantly on whites - towels in particular - having been drawn a little by the label claiming the gel contains "cashmere proteins for extra softness". In hindsight this has been a little unnecessary as I use fabric softener in almost every load I wash.

          Towels in my house have a habit of getting dirty as my daughter doesn't always remove all her make up before rubbing her face on a towel. As a result I invariably use an in-wash stain remover when I wash towels and the Enrituals, in conjunction with my Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White powder, has repeatedly removed every last trace of make up on my white towels.

          The gel doesn't really add much of a fragrance to the laundry however - on the rare occasions I have used this without fabric softener I haven't noticed much of a detectable aroma on my laundry at all. Similarly I haven't noticed any extra softness on the laundry in the absence of a fabric softener either.

          I have been a little more disappointed using this gel on heavily soiled clothing. I've had stains that Surf has seen off even on delicate programs stick about with the Enrituals which is a bit of a disappointment considering it's supposed to be biological. If you buy this my advice would be either add an in-wash stain removal powder or treat the stain first.

          Where the Enrituals Vitality gel does completely beat the Surf liquid is on price. You can potentially get 22 washes out of this for a pound, whereas you are looking at £4.50 for a litre bottle of Surf which claims to do 28 washes. The Surf liquid is on offer fairly regularly but even then it's still significantly more expensive than the Enrituals product.

          I must be honest however and say that while I like this gel, I don't love it the way I do with Surf and I do believe one of the reasons for that is the dosing method. I know it's silly but I prefer to put my laundry liquid into the drawer when I am washing and not have to worry about looking for a plastic dosing device when I am finished - and I don't even have a tumble dryer at present!


          I probably would buy this product again but keep it for use on very lightly soiled items or for use in conjunction with an in wash stain remover. It lacks the stain removal power of other laundry liquids I have used unfortunately.

          The aroma is pleasant if light and not particularly long lasting and neither my daughter nor myself have suffered any reactions on our skin to the product.

          The best thing about this laundry gel however is the price. It's an absolute bargain in comparison to other brands and it's for that reason I've given it 3 stars and can recommend it - but with some caveats.


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