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Essential Waitrose Thick Citrus Bleach

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Brand: Waitrose / Type: Bleach / Category: Laundry

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    1 Review
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      29.05.2012 00:00
      Very helpful



      Good product

      I recently did my online supermarket shop with Ocado and as you may know they sell branded products, aswell as their own and Waitrose products. I needed some bleach and this was the only one I could find on the site (other than Parazone etc which were more expensive). The scent of mine is citrus but looking on Waitrose's website I can now see that there are also aqua, forest and original types available. I paid 87p for 750ml of bleach but there is currently an offer from Waitrose where you can buy two for £1.20. 87p is a little more than I tend to pay for bleach as I usually pay around 65p - 75p from Tesco or Asda but this wasn't overly pricey in my opinion.

      The bleach comes in a standard bleach bottle. It is a yellow plastic bottle with a red child proof lid and there is a very simple white paper label around the bottle which tells me that the product is essential Waitrose citrus thick bleach and has what appears to be a very light shaded picture of a toilet.
      Bleach has many uses around the home as I am sure you all know but I mainly use it in the bathroom or occasionally on my kitchen sink and draining board as this is made of white plastic and where its a few years old it is often difficult to keep it looking clean and nice as there are various scuffs and marks from the previous tenants.

      Using the bleach is simple, on the back of the bottle it advises you on what ratio to use on floors etc but I always use the bleach neat as I only ever put it down the toilet or on surfaces where it immediately gets wiped and rinsed off.

      When pouring the bleach I find that the perfect amount comes out. You do need to put slight pressure on the bottle for the bleach to come out in a steady stream which I think is good because then you dont end up getting bleach everywhere when you only wanted a splash.

      The bleach has good coverage. When using it on the toilet you only need a small amount and it covers the bowl well and does not all run straight down the sides into the water. I usually leave the bleach to work for about an hour before flushing the toilet but sometimes have flushed it about 5 minutes after and in both cases all of the bleach is washed away and the bowl is sparkling clean. There is also a nice citrus smell in the air which isnt too overpowering but does give off that 'clean' smell.

      Whenever I use it on the sink I wash it off straight away but find that it removes dirt and marks really well and my sink looks a million times better than when I just use a surface spray or cream cleaner.
      Luckily I have never got any of the bleach on my skin or clothes but it is worth noting to be extra careful when using this as it is likely to cause burns to the skin and take the colour out of your clothes.

      This bleach is a good product and I cannot find any flaws with it. I've been using my bottle for a couple of weeks now and there is still about a third of it left so it lasts well too.


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