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Evostik Gripfill Adhesive Solvent Free

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Brand: Evostik / Type: Adhesive

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    1 Review
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      29.12.2010 21:35
      Very helpful



      Great all-round use

      This is a superb all round product for both diy-ers and professionals.

      The innocent looking white paste that readily extrudes from the tube really packs a punch. I have recently used a dozen tubes to stick about 70 metres of mdf skirting in a house, it made the job so easy with no mess, no smells and sets rock solid. As a bonus it is a paintable brilliant white filler.

      The bright and cheerful yellow tubes contain 350ml of product and comes with a screw-on nozzle. To use you need a ratchet trigger "gun". Ensure you get the slightly larger size; the basic guns only take the 310ml tubes. The product currently costs £2.75 from Screwfix or £2.54 if you buy a dozen. The gun about £3.50 - the product costs only about £1 plus VAT to the trade. It's available from many builder/DIY suppliers.

      You slice off the top of the threaded nozzle with a Stanley knife to expose the product. Screw on the pointed nozzle and slice off the top to the size and angle you need. The smallest hole at an angle to squeeze out a thin bead for filling the smallest gaps or just chop the end off to squeeze out a healthy bead for fixing large items eg skirting or architrave.

      Surfaces to be stuck need to be clean and dry but basically the product will pretty well stick anything to anything. I stuck primed mdf skirting to plastered walls that had had one coat of watered down emulsion. They'll need blasting off to shift them.

      Using the trigger gun the product extrudes smoothly and cleanly with no air bubbles. For the skirting I ran quarter inch strips along the top and middle of the skirting. The product is basically a grab adhesive, ie it sticks almost immediately so you need to push the two materials together as hard as you can in the correct position and hold them for a few seconds. However if you touch them together very gently you can wriggle and manoeuvre them into place before a good push fixes them for good.

      If you stick, realise they are into the wrong position, and prize them apart you'll lose the strength if you re-position and try again. Quickly scrape off all the adhesive from both surfaces before it sets with a knife and start again. After 24 hours the two materials are stuck together forever. For long lengths of skirting where the walls curved and the skirting tried to pull away from the wall I hammered temporary blocks into the floor against the skirting to wedge it for 24 hours.

      As a filler this product is superb. Using my skirting as an example I squeezed a narrow bead of Gripfill between wall and skirting after each piece was stuck and set on the wall. Use a wet finger to smooth the product to a neat white line sealing the gap. Any excess can be wiped away with a damp cloth, a damp towel is ideal. Take the trouble to remove all excess in this way, as once it is set, it is an effort to scratch it off with a blade or having to sand it off.

      Gripfill washes off the hands easily with warm water before it sets too hard.

      As a filler you can fill gaps up to about 3mm in one go. Try and fill bigger gaps and it'll crack, so just fill in several stages over a couple of days. The filler takes any paint as good as plaster, so either emulsion you might use on the walls or undercoat on skirting.

      If you don't finish a tube then wipe away the excess from the nozzle and leave it. To use again just push a nail in the top and squeeze out the stopper of set compound and carry on.

      A creamy soft product that is a pleasure to use, highly recommended.


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