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Febreze Apple Spice Candle

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Brand: Febreze / Type: Products / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      11.12.2013 09:32
      Very helpful



      The scented candle that smelled of nothing

      ===Burning down the house===

      I love the idea of candles burning and making the house smell fantastic, but I'm also a complete cheapskate so I never tend to shell out for the more expensive candles, or at all for that matter. Very occasionally when we are shopping, however, Allan spots a nice smelling candle and decides to chuck it in the cart. That's how we ended up with the Apple and Spice Limited Edition Febreze candle that's currently sitting on our coffee table.


      Febreze specialise is odour removal and became quite well known for their sprays that could tackle even the more horrid smells. Adverts with blindfolded people sniffing the underwear of rugby players come to mind. How erotic. Coincidentally, Febreze include a tiny warning on most (if not all) of their products reminding you filthy lot that their products "do not replace good hygiene practices", just in case you thought that burning candles meant you could stop showering or that their sprays mean you no longer need to clean your knickers.

      Febreze are owned by Proctor and Gamble who make/own a tonne of toiletry related brands (Head and Shoulders, Gillette, Olay, Always, Pantene just to name a few). They were founded in 1837 in the US by an English and an Irish dude, starting off as a soap and candle company and growing into what it is today.

      If you want to get in touch with them their details are as follows:

      Proctor & Gamble
      P.O. Box 268
      1213 Petit-lancy 1,

      Phone number: 0800 328 2882

      Website: www.febreze.co.uk and www.pg.com

      ===Something to sniff at===

      The first thing that attracted Allan to this was the fact it was in a vaguely Christmassy box: it's a luxurious red colour with a couple of snowflakes, and a band of apples and cinnamon sticks. Red things for smelling or eating, by law, have to have the most delicious scent or flavour on the planet and this one is no different. Pick up the candle and shove it up to your face and you'll be greeted with the lovely (if not completely expected) warm spicy scent of cinnamon with apples dancing around in the background. It's not overly spicy, and the apples don't leave a horrible sickly sweet smell behind either so on first sniff, it's quite well balanced. The box boasts of berries, spice clove oils and vanilla too but I don't detect any of that in the candle we got. Pretty flat apples and cinnamon.

      ===The Look===

      When you take the candle out of the box, I'd have to say it's a little bland looking. It's in a plain glass holder; not small enough to be a shot glass, not big enough to be a Whiskey glass. That means that when your candle is spent, you'll have limited options for re-using the glass afterwards if that's your sort of thing. It also means that if you were looking for a particularly Christmassy candle, this one only fits the bill in that the wax is red. A bit dull really so I'll be taking a star off for that.

      ===Burn the witch===

      The most important thing with a candle, usually, is how it smells when it's burning. After lighting this one a few times I can honestly say I can't smell it at all when it burns. The first half hour of burning gave off a very faint cinnamon smell and after that, nothing. The next time I lit it, I couldn't detect a thing. Since then the only time I can actually smell anything from this is either when I pick it up and sniff the wax (a bit pointless really) or when I blow it out. At that point you get a faint (and admittedly, not unpleasant) smell of burnt cinnamon from the smoke that pours out of the wick. Our living room isn't even that big and it's certainly not draughty either; we keep the door closed so that our Tortoise doesn't catch a chill and it still doesn't fill the room with any sort of scent. According to product descriptions on Tesco's website it can burn up to 30 hours, but it won't really matter since you probably won't be able to detect it after a very short while which is a huge shame. This loses the candle another star.

      ===Busting odour-busting myths===

      As I mentioned, I've been burning this in the same room we keep our Tortoise. Little Percy's enclosure is full of topsoil which can occasionally give off a whiff of moistness. Even better, he poos in there too, though thankfully he doesn't smell all too intrusive with it. Near the end of the month when his soil is due a change and you open the door to the room you can usually detect a hint of something in the air for a couple of seconds. This means that our living room is probably the perfect place to test out the "odour-eliminating" claims from the box. It supposedly releases odour neutralising chemicals (particles, bits, whatever) while it burns. I can say, without a doubt, that it doesn't do anything in that respect. Considering that the only odour in our living room is very light anyway, I'd not imagine this would stand up to stronger odours such as food or cooking smells either. Another star off.

      ===Not for your fish===

      Some of the warnings on this candle are obvious. We all know never to leave a candle to its own devices; they are terrible for throwing candle parties when you leave the room and there's nothing more horrifying than a candle party, especially if the entire place goes up in flames. The most interesting warning is that this candle is harmful to aquatic organisms and may cause long-term adverse effects in an aquatic environment. So no burning your candle in your fish tank (obviously) but it's probably also a good idea to keep this far away from the same area your little fishies are in. The candle also advises (though after experiencing the lack of smell, I feel this is maybe a boast too far) that if you suffer from perfume sensitivity you should be cautious when using this product. Who would have thought?

      ===The Price===

      This candle comes in at £2 and gives you 100g worth of candle. As it doesn't actually work or let off any detectable odours after a short time, it's not really worth it. Essentially all this candle is good for is if you like having candles burning. If that's the case, you can get much bigger unscented candles or lots of tea lights (some scented, some not) for the same price, giving you much more burn time and occasionally giving you more scent than this kicks off. Some will even look a lot prettier on your coffee table than this really simple looking candle will. So, that's a star off for price.

      ===The Verdict===

      Unless you plan to sit this candle directly under your nose on a makeshift shelf (or between your breasts if you have them and they'll hold the candle there) this candle is utterly useless. It doesn't get rid of even the faintest odours in our small living room, it doesn't send out a smell after the first 30 minutes of burn time and it's very small for the £2 you'll pay for it. I'd recommend you go for something else as this one is just a bit disappointing as soon as it comes out of the festive box. One star out of five from me. Not recommended.


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