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    1 Review
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      08.09.2004 23:51
      Very helpful



      Let?s face it. A kettle?s job description is fairly simple: it should be able to boil water and it should be able to have that water transferred to a teapot/cup. I had an old Kenwood kettle. It worked correctly, it looked OK and it allowed me to pour boiling water into a mug. But it broke. So I replaced it with a Morphy Richards Filtermaster III cordless jug. The box displayed those attributes which sold it to me: 360 degree cordless, hinged locking lid, removable filter. The kettle looks fairly good ? it?s mainly white plastic with a viewing panel on both sides. The panel is blue ? seeing the level through this is quite tricky without a bright light. 360 degree cordless means that you can put the kettle on the base and have it facing any direction you want. Big deal! The kettle holds 1.5l of water ? enough for 4 or 5 mugs ? about the same as my old kettle. One thing it does really well is boil water. From full, it?s twice as fast as my old kettle. One thing it doesn?t do well is pour. It dribbles. It dribbles a lot. There?s only one thing that dribbles more and his name is Wayne Rooney. I do like the removable filter. The manual says that you should fill using the spout so that the water entering the kettle passes through the filter. In order to speed up the rate at which water passes through the filter, the mesh is rather coarse. I don?t know where they are expecting me to fill the kettle from but if anything came out of my kitchen tap that was large enough to get stopped by the filter I?d be straight on the phone to the water company. It seems to make a nice cup of tea though, so it must be working. One thing that grabbed my interest in the electrical store was the two year guarantee. I personally think that if a manufacturer has the confidence in its product to offer an extended guarantee, then it must be good. If I was to redesign this kettle from scratch, I would make the viewing panels a
      bit paler, so the water level could be checked without a torch and I?d make it so that it poured into the mug, and only the mug. Surely, in the time when a whole computer can fit in your hand and everybody has a pocket sized mobile phone, it must be possible to design a kettle that doesn?t dribble. Morphy Richards hasn?t.


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