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Finish Powerball All in 1 Tabs

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Brand: Finish / Type: Dishwasher Pod / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    6 Reviews
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      24.07.2013 19:53
      Very helpful
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      Deep clean for your dishes, excellent results

      In the past I have used many different dishwasher tablets but I have been using Finish Powerball All in One tablets since November 2012. This is actually the last time I bought any dishwasher tablets and my daughter actually bought them for me from a shop attached to a petrol station when we were on the way to Wales. They were on a promotional stand and were at the very special offer of buy one for £10.99 and get two free. I would say that there is still just under half a box of these left so they have been fantastic value.

      There are 39 tablets in the box which is bright blue and red and tells you that it is a new formula and has a fizzing action. There is a picture of a lemon on the front, however they don't smell that much of lemon but rather of soap powder however it is a very pleasant smell.

      The tablets are all individually wrapped in white plastic which needs to be removed before use. I know a lot of tablets have disposable wrappers but they do open very easily with your hands and it only takes a few seconds. The tables themselves are white with a light blue layer on the top and have a reddy pink ball in the middle which is the 'fizzing powerball'. They have quite a chalky feel which does sometimes leave a small amount on your hands but it is easily wiped off.

      The tablets claim to have 6 power actions, which are a powerful clean, salt function, rinse aid function, tea stain removal, grease cutting and machine limescale protection. The fizzing powerball releases bubbles inside the dishwasher which delivers deep cleaning agents to whatever is inside and the dual layer tablet contains powerful ingredients to lift stains plus a rinse and salt action.

      For those people who think that a dishwasher uses a lot of water you actually save 48 litres of water per wash according to claims by Finish. As we have recently gone over to a water metre this is very good news to me. It is recommended that if you are using a short cycle to place the tablet directly onto the floor of your dishwasher next to the filter which I sometimes do if there are only cups and glasses to wash. I would assume that the tablet may not dissolve if the cycle is short.

      There have been one or two occasions when some of the pans on the bottom layer are not completely clean but I think this is probably due to me cramming things in until I can't get anything else in there. Generally everything comes out sparkling clean, even roast dishes and baked on or greasy dishes and there are no smudges or marks.

      I would definitely recommend these tablets and especially if you can get them at the price I did!


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        10.03.2013 19:19
        Very helpful



        Clean and sparkling washing up with no wet hands!

        After nearly 4  years in our home my husband decided we needed a dishwasher so we bought one in the January sales and it came with a voucher for Finish All In 1 Powerball tablets. 

        The dishwasher tabs are sold in a  box which is mainly blue and red, the front of the box displays the Finish Powerball logo and informs the customer that these dishwasher tabs have a "fizzing action, are a "new formula and the box contains 39 of them", a strange amount I thought.  The front of the box also shows 2 lemons which indicate the fragrance. 

        The back of the box gives some information on the different Finish products that are available and also gives the 6 powerful actions that the All In 1 tabs have, these are:-Powerful Cleaning, Salt Function, Rinse Aid Function, Tea Stain Removal, Grease Cutting, Machine Limescale Protection.

        Inside the box the tabs are all individually wrapped in a foil type paper to keep them dry and fresh, the actual tabs are a rectangle shape with slightly rounded ends and are made of 2 layers, the bottom one white and the top a mottled blue, set into the middle of the tablet is a red ball which is the fizzing powerball. The tablets have a slight washing powder smell tot them and they also have a faint lemon smell. 

        The directions for use state 1 tab per wash which should be placed unwrapped in the dispenser  compartment of your dishwasher. 

        I have been impressed with the performance of the Finish All In 1, all my washing up is clean and grease free. Glasses come out sparkling with no smears at all. I never find anything needs a second wash even dried on food is removed the first time. I cant say I can smell any lemon in the dishwasher afterwards and there's no evidence of it on the actual washing up. 

        I have also not had any problems with the tabs not dissolving properly, I know this can be a problem with certain brands but certainly not these. 

        I'm really happy with my Finish All In 1, everything I need is included in the tabs and the results are always excellent. Finish all in 1 are available in most major supermarkets, Tesco are currently selling them for £11.00 for 39 tabs however I bought my last box when they were half price. 

        If you have a dishwasher I would recommend giving these a try, they really are reliable.


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        16.04.2012 12:38



        Would buy again - would recommend to all :-)

        Over the last few months I have been using Fairy dishwashing tabs for my Diplomat dishwasher. A couple of weeks ago I recieved a free sample of 10 Finish Quantum tabs through the post (these can still be requested through the Finish website) and I have the say the Finish tablets really surprised me and left me very happy.

        With the fairy tabs I noticed quite a lot of things coming out the dishwater still soiled and marked, with the impressive results from my free sample I decided to change to Finish on my next shopping trip.

        Last week I entered Tesco, where I could have bought 30 Finish Powerball tabs for £7.50 or I could buy 39 tabs for £5.00 - No contest, I picked the 39 tab box where I got 9 tabs more and it was £2.50 less. The Quantum tabs were more expensive than the box I purchased but I but I figured I would be safe as the brand had impressed me before :-)

        The exact product I purchased was Finish Powerball All in 1 Lemon.


        About the packaging

        The box itself is made out cardboard. The packaging notes on the bottom of the box the total contents come to 772g.

        of The box I have purchased is Limited Edition for the Queens Diamond Jubilee - it also advertises the chance to win a pair of Dartington Crystal Champagne Flutes (60,000 pairs to be won in total). Hope I win!

        Compared to the regular Finish box's which are blue, the limited edition box shows a big distorted Union Jack in the background - red, blue and white in colour. As you normally see on the Finish box's you have the brand logo in the middle of the front and the caption "#1 Recommended" and a couple of lemons in the bottom left corner to show the scene of the product.

        On the top of the box, there is a slit in the cardboard which one of the sides goes into place - meaning you have a securely sealed box and keeps the product inside fresh :-)

        On the product it states it has 6x power actions which are

        * Powerful clean
        * Salt Function
        * Rinse & aid function
        * Tea stain removal
        * Grease cutting
        * Machine limescale protection

        * The product states that the built in salt function is effective in soft/medium water and for hard water up to 26oe. If your water hardness is hard it can be improved by adding Finish Salt (another product from the brand). This however does not effect me as I live in the north west which is very soft water otherwise if I lived in a hard water area I would think twice about using a dishwasher for the fear of damaging due to whats in the water.

        The only difference between this product and the Quantum range is that these tabs come in a white wrapper - Quantum is wrapped free (less mess) and Quantum apparently gives amazing shine. The amazing shine option to be is aimed at glasses which makes no odds to me as I never put them in the dishwasher due to having a wine glass smash inside it once - I prefer to hand wash to avoid this happening again... So I can't justify paying more for the Quantum tabs for two things which don't bother me.

        The following dishwasher manufacturers recommend Finsh:

        * AEG
        * BAUTMATIC
        * BEKO
        * BOSCH
        * CANDY
        * ELECTROLUX
        * HAIER
        * HOOVER
        * HOTPOINT
        * INDESIT
        * KLEENMAID
        * NEFF
        * SIEMENS
        * SMEG
        * WHIRLPOOL
        * ZANUSSI

        My dishwasher is a Diplomat which does not appear on the list but never had any issues with the dishwasher due to these tabs. I think as long as you have a good reliable dishwasher you will be fine :-)

        The packaging also advertises maintenance products from finish:

        * Finish dishwasher cleaner
        * Finish rinse aid

        I can't say I have purchased either of those products to maintain the dishwaster i run some soda crystals through every few weeks to keep it in good condition


        Appearance of the tabs

        The tabs are quite hard to touch - and not feeble where they will break to bits in your hands. The tabs are of a rectangular shape, they are white on the bottom and blue spotty on the top. There is also a red ball in the middle of the top - the packaging states that this ball is a "New fizzling Powerball" - which releases bubbles that disperse deep cleaning agents to wherever they are needed. The blue and white layers are described as containing powerful ingredients to lift off tough stains plus a rinse & salt action to deliver a great shine.

        The white and blue sections of the tab



        Like all good products it gives the normal information like if swallowed seek medical attention / if product gets into your eyes rinse with water and seek medical attention... KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN ESPECIALLY - the appearance of those tabs can be mistaken for sweets by kids so always keep out of their way...


        How to use?

        Really easy to use tabs... you just unwrap the tab from the white wrapper it comes in, and place in the dishwasher dispenser - shut the dispenser... The packing also states the Finish range are suitable for use for properties who are connected to a septic tank - not connected to public sewers.

        For short cycles you can place the Finish tab on the floor of the dishwasher next to the filter for best results.

        Under this is gives little diagrams on how to use the product as well as instructions.



        Finish powerball contains:

        >30% Phosphates, 5-15% oxygen based bleaching agents, < polycarboxylates, non-lonic surfactants, phosphonates, enzymes (protease, amylase), perfume, limonene.

        You can find more ingredient information at: www.rbeuroinfo.com


        My verdict

        Overall I think this is the best product you can buy for your dishwasher at this price. I think the quantum range do clean slightly better - with the powerball all in one I have noticed two things come out still showing slightly dirty. The best advice I could give is to give soiled plates ect a rinse with water before placing in the dishwasher to get best results.

        It sounds strange to say but when you lift plates and cups out the dishwasher after using this everything feels really clean to touch and they actually smell clean. Although the product is lemon scented I believe they use lemon as it is often used as a cleaning agent (it works really well I'm forever using lemon juice to clean my house!) & the smell of lemons doesn't linger at all on your things.

        One suggestion for them - me having a young child - is to possibly look into making child safety box's to stop any unexpected hospital visits in children? I'm not aware any other dishwasher tab company does this and I think it would be a brilliant idea :-)

        My opinion is just to buy these - they work just as well as quantum if you give your dishs a quick rinse.

        Its currently on offer in Tesco at the moment for £5.00 for 39 tabs. Not a bad deal I don't think.


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          01.05.2010 16:50
          Very helpful



          the best tablets I've found so far

          We have an old dishwasher which we inherited when we bought our house about 8 years ago but luckily it's still working (good job as it is an integral part of the fitted kitchen!) so I try to get the most out of it by using a good dishwasher tablet.

          I've tried cheaper brands but keep going back to Finish despite the awful TV ad with the orgasmic-sounding female lol. I find that, although expensive, they do the job well & I rarely have to re-wash all our plates, cups, cutlery, glasses etc.

          The last time I bought a box they cost £12.71 for 60 but luckily I had a £3 off voucher - usually I look for offers because we use quite a few especially when the family are all together.

          The tablets come in a sturdy cardboard box but I usually decant them into a large lock & lock to keep them as dry as possible. Each is individually wrapped in cellophane which I sometimes find a bit awkward to open & then you just pop into the drawer (or cutlery space) in the dishwasher & let them do all the hard work.

          We live in a soft water area but these are recommended for soft/ medium & up to a hardness of 26 dgrees (not sure how you measure hardness?!)

          They claim to cut through grease, remove tough stains, protect the machine against limescale & provide a supershine on glasses, crockery & silver. I haven't exactly noticed a supershine but often noticed that our plates & dishes feel squeaky clean & on the whole I think they are worth the money. Any items which may need re-doing could be because of the age of the dishwasher & not the fault with Finish.

          The other nice thing is that everything smells so nice when you go to remove everything - I'd say fresh though rather than lemony. Despite the good smell it doesn't linger for long so you can't taste anything on what you've dishwashed.

          The only thing I've found is that sometimes the tablet may disintegrate in the drawer so you're left with barely-washed dishes & a little pile of clump to deal with. It's for this reason that I store in a strong plastic container once the box is opened.

          I've also tried using Finish dishwasher cleaner every few weeks & this makes a big difference to the efficacy of these detergent tablets.

          I've yet to find a better product but if you can recommend a cheaper but effective tablet I'd love to know!


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            18.04.2010 12:58
            Very helpful



            An okay dishwasher detergent!!

            I have had a dishwasher for about 7 years and have found it a Godsend, especially having 3 young children. Okay I know there are many out there, who will say that they prefer to wash their own dishes by hand, and how lazy some are with dish washers,but times move on and life can get a bit hectic at times.

            It goes without saying that having a dishwasher is only the start of the 'washing process' though. In order to wash the dishes you need a detergent. After watching hundreds of Finish adverts on the television I think I was a bit brainwashed that there was only one product on the market. In fact there are dozens and many are a lot cheaper.

            So over the first few years we bought Finish Powerball All in 1. I mean if they are recommended by Hoover, Zanussi, Hoptpoint etc they must be good mstn't they? In fact if you go by the list on the box, of No1 Recommended, then there are very few manufacturers who don't recommend them!

            I live in a Medium/Hard Water area if the box is anything to go by. Apparently 'Hard water causes limescale, spots and water marks on your dishes and glasses. Hard water may reduce the efficiency of your dishwasher'.

            I am further told on the box that 'the built -in-salt and rinse aid action of Finish Powerball All in 1 is effective in soft, medium and hard water upto 26oe of hardness. Your dishwasher will work perfectly, even if the rinse aid or salt warning light comes on'. So no excuses then. This box offers 10 power actions

            Tough Stain Removal
            Grease Cutting Power
            Soaking Action
            Tea Stain Removal
            Super Shine Function
            Stainless Steel Shine
            Machine Limescale Protection
            Glass Protection
            Silver Protection
            Powerboost Action


            Unlike some dishwasher tabs, these are in solid form and come in a rectangular shape, with asmall ball in the middle. It says that you need to unwrap the tablet and place in the dispenser provided.

            My experience

            In the beginning I was really happy with these tablets. I hadn't experienced any other dishwasher tabs of any kind, and the dishes appeared to come up well. I did notice though a lot of wear and tear on the plates, and the glasses were a lot more 'cloudier' than normal. I would also notice that hard stains would just not shift and often I would need to do several dishes again by hand. I also noticed that on many occasions my tablets got stuck in the dispenser and when I returned to the dishwasher to remove the dishes, they were all filthy.

            In fact on one occasion I was so annoyed about the amount of times my tablet was getting stuck I wrote to finish. I received an apology and told to make sure the dispenser was dry before use, or to throw the tablet in the cutlery draw. To be honest this did work and they did send me a nice voucher as way of an apology.

            However I wasn't still happy with the dishes, and one day whilst shopping I picked up another big brands 'dishwasher detergent'. but this time it was in liquid tabs. These obviously did not stick to any dispenser, and I have found my dishes are coming out a lot cleaner, so sadly Finish and me are well, 'Finished'.

            If they did bring a 'liquid tab' out I would be more than tempted to try them again, but for now I'll give them a miss.

            Copyright Stebiz 2010 This may also be published on Ciao and on other sites.


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            22.06.2009 21:09
            Very helpful



            Dishwasher tablets

            Dishwashers have become more common place now and deciding which product to buy becomes harder as the choices become bigger. I admit to often buying a tEsco own product but when there is an offer and the tablet costs less than the shops own make then I will try the bargain offer. This explains as to why I had a box of Finish Powerball all in 1 in my cupboard for the last couple of months.

            Finish is a well known product and is recommended by leading dishwasher manufacturers in the UK. Made in Germany by Reckitt.

            What is it like?
            The strong box is brightly coloured mostly blue with some red and white and a picture of slices of lemons in the one corner. There is a picture of the actual tablet. There is information on every side of the box, far more than you can read whilst shopping!

            The tablet
            The actual tablet is encased in a paper wrapper which rips open quite easily. It has a deep white layer on the bottom with a blue layer on top, which has specks in it and a red bead nestles in the centre. The instructions say to unwrap and place in the dispenser, fortunately mine fits but tablets with beads in the centre didn't fit into my old machine as it was manufactured when there were only powder products. It does say on the box if it doesn't fit consult the dishwasher manufacturer.

            What is "All in 1"?
            There are 10 power actions in one tablet.
            Tough stain removal
            Grease cutting power
            Soaking action
            Tea stain removal
            Super shine function
            Stainless Steel shine
            Machine Limescale protection
            Glass protection
            Silver protection
            Power boost action

            Does it work?
            I do agree that it does seem to wash the dishes clean, removing baked on food, I hardly ever have to re-wash dishes now. Any greasy dishes come out shining clean so the grease is removed, and so are tea stains, I drink fruit infusions so some mugs get stained red, and my daughter drinks black tea so again stains can occur. We don't have a problem with lime as we are in a soft water area, so I can't comment there, the plates do shine but not any better than other products and my glasses have never gone cloudy, so not sure if the glass protection makes any difference in soft water areas. I don't often use Silver, and if I do I don't put in the dishwasher so can't comment, but my cutlery which has just reached the age of 40 years still looks reasonable so the Stainless steel shine must be working!

            Finish suggestions
            It is suggested that you can reduce the temperature by changing programmes to save energy and water, I have tried this and although the dishes are nice and clean they don't dry as well with my machine. They also suggest if you live in a hard water area you can improve the performance by adding Finish salt and Finish rinse Aid, but it is built into the All in 1 and is OK in areas with soft, medium and hard water up to 26 degrees of hardness.

            Is it safe?
            It is suitable for Septic tanks so that is a useful thing for people who live in areas that aren't on main sewage, but it can cause irritations if it gets in the eyes or may effect the skin so rinse well after touching.

            My box contained 42 tablets and weighs 866grams and was on offer. Currently the box containing 60 is on sale in Tesco for £8.00 instead of £12.71.

            Providing it is on offer it is a product I will buy again as I got good results but I do think normally it is quite expensive, but I don't buy salt and rinse aid as it isn't necessary in our area, so if you live in an area where it is needed you would be saving more as it is built into the tablet. I didn't notice a lemon fragrance, so presume it only had a little lemon in the tablet.


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          • Product Details

            The built-in salt and rinse aid action of Finish PowerBall All in 1 is effective in soft, medium and hard water up to 26°e of hardness.

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