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Brand: Finish / Type: Dishwasher Pod / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      19.03.2013 13:08
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      not necessary, and a complete waste of money

      A dishwasher is something that I'd never be without - ever again. Even my husband agrees, years ago before we had a dishwasher I cooked the dinner, and he did the washing up. He always used to say, and still does, that I have the ability to use virtually every single pot, pan, and piece of cutlery just to make beans on toast. I think that I probably agree with him, as we have a full size dishwasher, there's only the two of us, and the dishwasher is on every single night. In fact some days it's on two or even three times if I've been baking that day.

      Although having a dishwasher makes life easier i.e. no washing the pots, a dishwasher does require all sorts of products to go along with it; tablets powder or liquid, rinse aid, special salt, fresheners, cleaners, and protectors. Granted you don't need all of these products to run a dishwasher, and I would say that one of the products that you definitely don't need, and one of the biggest wastes of money that I've found has been the Finish dishwasher protectors.

      I always buy Finish products to use in our dishwasher, I've tried cheaper brands in the past but they just don't give the same results that the Finish products do. I decided to try a Finish dishwasher protector after finding that some of my glasses were going cloudy after repeated goes in the dishwasher.

      The Finish Protector is specially designed to keep your dishes looking new for longer. Apparently frequent dishwashing can leave your glasses cloudy and fade the patterns on your plates and crockery. I haven't had any problems with the patterns on plates and crockery fading, but I've definitely had glasses go cloudy over time. Apparently this change in appearance is caused by corrosion of the surfaces, which is irreversible. The glasses that had gone cloudy were just cheap glasses from Ikea, so I decided to replace the glasses and then purchase a Finish Protector to stop it happening to the next set. The Finish dish and glass Protector would then supposedly protect my new glasses from going cloudy and keep them clear and super shiny.

      Normally one of the major supermarkets will have Finish products on offer, unfortunately I couldn't find the Finish protectors on offer anywhere - I normally shop in either Sainsbury's Tesco or Waitrose. So I ended up paying the full price of around £5 for each one. (I ended up buying 3 of these as obviously if you stop using the protectors once they run out then why start to buy them and use them in the first place- if they actually work that is!)

      The Finish Protectors are easy to use, you just hang the protector on the inside of the bottom rack of your dishwasher, it's a bit like hanging a dishwasher freshener from the top rack of your dishwasher - it hangs on with the same type of little plastic clasp. You are advised on the pack that you will still need dishwasher detergent (er well obviously!), rinse aid, and dishwasher salt if applicable. I do always use rinse aid and dishwasher salt along with my dishwasher tabs, plus I've always got a dishwasher freshener in the dishwasher too. The protectors state that they last for up to 50 washes, so we're good to go for the next 50 washes, for us that's about 6 weeks. Apparently for maximum protection, you should replace the protector before the diamond is completely dissolved.

      I was on my third Finish protector when I found that the new glasses had started to go cloudy again, so around the 4 month mark. It's probably around the 3 month mark when the glasses start to go cloudy without using a dishwasher protector. So I suppose it slows the process down a bit, but not by much, and I thought the whole purpose of buying the protectors was to actually eliminate the cloudiness - not just slow it down. I feel a bit cheated out of my £15 actually, as it actually didn't really make a blind bit of difference.

      I haven't had any fading of patterns on crockery anyway so I can't comment on this aspect of the protector. As to leaving and keeping my glasses shiny - I didn't notice that they were any more shiny than prior to using the protector - obviously this is until they start to go cloudy.

      I wouldn't recommend the Finish dishwasher protectors at all, they are very expensive, rarely - if ever on offer, don't last that long, and most importantly don't actually work!


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    • Product Details

      Finish Protector was the world's first product designed to protect even your premium glassware against glass-corrosion, throughout the whole dishwashing cycle / That's why leading glassware manufacturers recommend Finish Protector, to keep your glasses looking new for longer!

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