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Finish Quantumatic Lemon

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3 Reviews

Brand: Finish / Type: Dishwasher Pod / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    3 Reviews
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      23.01.2011 02:00
      Very helpful



      A unique product that is overprice and not a necessary purchase.

      Being a somewhat savvy shopper I am always scouring the internet for money off coupons for when I go shopping and over the Christmas break I had a voucher for £5 off this product so I printed it off and put it into my purse ready for when I was in the shop. Dishwasher tablets can be quite expensive so I thought if this voucher saved me some money it may be worth the purchase.

      Whilst in Tesco completing my weekly shop I spotted it on special offer at £4.39 so as I had a £5 coupon I actually got the full amount knocked off my shopping bill! A real bonus.
      The current retail price for this item is £10.99 which in my opinion is very, very high but does it justify the high price tag? Read on and find out.

      *~*What is Quantumatic?*~*

      Designed by Finish it is a dishwasher detergent dispenser that will automatically release detergent for 12 washes. The starter pack currently retails in Tesco for £10.99 and contains the dispenser and the detergent cartridge. Refills are currently priced at £8.16 for two.

      *~*How does it work?*~*

      To use Quantumatic, you will need to turn the lid and then pull to remove it and then slide in the refill, place the lid back on and push down before turning the lid to lock into place. It should also line up to show a padlock on the side.

      The dispenser is designed to clip onto the top rack of your dishwasher and it comes complete with an adjustable clip to ensure it is the correct height for your dishwasher.

      Each time you operate your dishwasher it will automatically release the correct amount of detergent to clean your dishes.

      It is important to ensure that the dispenser is ready before placing the dishwasher on another wash. The top of the dispenser contains a ball which moves around the dispenser to indicate how many washes are left.

      It is vital to keep the dispenser upright and not cover it during the cycle to ensure it operates correctly and to only refill when it is cool.

      *~* How Good is it?*~*

      Well my husband and I are not brand loyal and we try to get the best dishwasher detergent for the best price so I highly doubt we will be purchasing the refills or a starter pack again unless I manage to get another voucher like this one.

      Whether or not I am in awe of this product is because I was using the most awful tablets before I don't know, but I do know that the dishes are clean each and every time and also they smell clean and fresh and so far we have not had any items that have had to be rewashed as they were not properly cleaned.

      They did smell fresh but not necessarily of lemon, I was just glad that the contents were clean and fresh and the glasses and cutlery were sparkling! Something we hadn't seen for quite some time.

      I do think this is a fantastic product and although it may seem a lazy purchase it is a nice "novelty" to just load it up and switch it on and forget about it and I don't hear the thud of the tablet dropping out during the wash.

      Although the dispenser is quite chunky it doesn't take up all that much room in the dishwasher that would feel you were lacking in space and we have a slimline dishwasher so to us we need all of the space we can get so in a standard dishwasher you shouldn't miss any space at all.

      So with a price tag of over £10 is it worth the money? In a word no, it is overpriced Finish do offer high quality products but having used the powerball and other tablets that have offered the same finish I do think that this is priced out of the market.

      I understand this is a unique product but it will only really be beneficial to those that really struggle to put that tablet into the dishwasher for each load. I do like the ease of use of this product but in this current climate it is a product that I don't think will land in too many shopping trolleys and when it runs out I am back to my Tesco Value tablets which do the job quite well for under £2!!


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      04.04.2010 12:37
      Very helpful
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      gets clean wash with less and less work to do

      Needing some salt for our dishwasher we spotted a demo for finish quantumatic. I had never seen this before and stopped and listened because they were offering it for well under half price!
      A bargain so we bought it.

      What is finish quantumatic
      It is a refillable, automatic detergent dispenser. It comes with a cannister and a 12 wash dispenser.

      How do you fit it
      Open the quantumatic by turning and then pulling. Put the refill in, the right way up and close the lid until it clicks.
      Clip the quantumatic on to the top rack of your dishwasher and adjust the height with the moveable clip. You really have to make double sure that it is already upright.

      What does it do
      Around the edge it has 12 numbers. One for each wash. There is a little ball that will tell you how many washes you have left. Once the quantumatic is on and in place you need not bother touching it again until it has done the 12 washes.

      How good is it

      The wash comes out perfect and really clean and shinning bright. It cannot get much better!


      At the moment because it is new look out for half price offers. A full set costs around £7 with refills about £5. If you go on the finish www site you will find a voucher you can print off for £3. I am stocking up at the moment and pay about £3 for 12 washes. This is not a bad price bearing in mind that before I had to buy the tablets, salt and rinseaid now only the one item.

      Would I recommend this

      Yes definately. You should see my drink glasses now they are sparkling like they have never been before and it leaves the dishwasher gleaming.


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        09.03.2010 11:52
        Very helpful



        If you get the chance to get this with a voucher then I would definitely give it a try!

        Wondering down the aisles in Tesco's the other day I noticed this different looking dishwasher product. To be honest I didn't need any more dishwasher tables as I have a cupboard full where Tesco's were doing a 100% offer free on each box, so I have quite a few months stocked up already.

        Well being the nosey person I am I cound not resist the temptation to pick one of these strange looking packets up. It came in a bubble pack with a round canister on one side and a round looking sleeve on the other side.

        It was claiming to be the worlds first automatic detergent dispenser ( quite a claim a worlds first and it was in my Tesco's!). First thoughts to come to mind is how lazy are we getting, how long does it take to put a tablet into the dishwasher and HOW MUCH!!!!!!.

        For 12 washes it should cost you a staggering £9.99, well the next words that came into my head I cannot write as I would probaly be barred from Dooyoo!!!. So you are probaly wondering how I know so much about this product, well the good news was that it was on a promotion for £4.00 and I just happened to have a coupon from Tesco's for £3.50 which I was going to throw away a few days before, but don't like to throw it away until after the date has passed incase I change my mind about it which was just as well in this case!.

        Now in a round hard plastic canister, the top looks a lot like a mini roulette table, as it has 1-3 sectioned in red and 4-12 sectioned in white, with a little bubble on the top with what looks like a silver ball bearing that goes around if you move it. To use you unscrew the top and will find a hollow middle, with a space to drop the next part in. This consists of 12 individual tubes all attached in a circle that drops into this canister, each tube has dishwasher powder in. Screw the lid back on and it's ready to use.

        Now this canister has 2 sturdy clips at the back that you slide over the wire basket on the top drawer of your dishwasher at the front.

        Well with that all done I decided to do a wash and I really must say that it did the cleanest wash my dishwasher has done in a long time and my dishwasher is not all that old. I always try and use Finish tablets so I was surprised to see how much cleaner it all looked especially the glasses they just gleamed!!.

        When I picked this up you could buy it in Lemon or Original, I went for the Lemon one so I don't know if this is what helped to make the glasses so shiny, but something certainly did!.

        I can't personally say that I could smell any lemon coming from the dishwasher when I opened the door ( I just tried it again as it has just finished a wash and nothing but a clean steamy smell!), so it isn't a very strong smell if there is any.

        Apart from the perfect wash that it does each time, the main thing that I am fascinated with is the "Intelligent Counter" ( the ball bearing on top!) as this pops round to the next wash thats left when it has finished so you can see at a glance how many more you have left before you replace it. I always check to see if it has gone wrong but it is always right there wobbling on the right number!.

        I do have to say that this is really a brilliant idea and although my first thoughts were that only lazy people would buy this, I would definitely buy this if it was a lot cheaper as it does a great wash and just switching on the dishwasher knowing that the right amount of powder will be given is just damm LAZY!! (I'm getting lazy!)!!!!!

        Now all joking apart it is good but very expensive for 12 washes and is nice to have had a chance to use it for 50p but I will not be buying it again as sometimes I have to do 2 washes a day, so I will just have to get used to bending over and putting a tablet into the door of the dishwasher again!.

        I would give it 5 Dooyoo stars, but have knocked one off for the price that it costs!


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