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Flash All For One Bathroom Spray Cleanfinity

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4 Reviews

Brand: Flash / Subcategory: Bathroom Care / Type: Room & Linen Spray / Category: Home Fragrance

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    4 Reviews
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      17.03.2013 12:50
      Very helpful



      Not one I will buy again

      I was cleaning the bathroom earlier when I had a good root about in the back of the cupboard that's built under the sink and came across a third of a bottle left of this Flash Bathroom One for All 'Cleanfinity'. I don't recall buying it and the label looks quite old fashioned so I'll bet it's a few years old! Still, I am sure cleaning products don't go 'off' and began using it to clean around the sink and shower.

      The claim
      The product works for everything you can imagine you want to clean in the bathroom but I used it on sinks and shower and the two windowsills in there. It works on soap scum and water marks with intense freshness (more on just how intense later!) and leaves a brilliant shine.

      In use
      The product comes packaged in a white plastic bottle with a trigger spray that can be locked. Whilst I usually clean with bleach, I must admit the trigger spray is handy when aiming the product at specific areas like the shower. I found it easy to use but really hated the smell of this product and it made me choke, hitting the back of my throat (and I love strong smelling bleach usually!). It was easy to rinse off and definitely did a good cleaning job but I had to open all the windows to disperse the cloying smell of it.

      My thoughts
      I think this may account for the reason it was hiding in the back of the cupboard, that I just don't like the smell of this product. I can't fault it for its cleaning properties but just can't work with something that strong that makes me feel ill when I'm using it. I liked the packaging and the trigger spray was powerful even towards the end of the bottle.

      Waitrose sell this (with an updated label but the same packaging) for £2 and it's a 500ml bottle which I think is a really good price.

      Final word
      I am actually quite glad to have finished this now and it's not one I'll be buying again in the future as I just don't like the smell of it. I do like to have a separate cleaner in the bathroom even though I use bleach a few times a week down the toilet and plug holes. Not one I am madly keen on.


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      09.05.2011 19:26
      Very helpful



      I will use this one again

      I had recently run out of my current bathroom cleaner, I tend not to stick to the same brand and will often buy whatever is on offer (within reason) I had a look round and found that Flash Bathroom Cleanfinity was on offer, this was not one I had ever tried before so I thought I would give it a try, I have tried Flash products in the past and they have always be of a good quality so I was happy to buy bathroom cleaner in this brand.

      The Packaging
      Flash Bathroom Cleanfinity comes in a white plastic spray bottle, it is wider towards the bottom with a thin shaped neck slightly shaped to make gripping it easy. There is a label stuck onto the front of the bottle, it is mainly blue in colour. The word "Flash" is written in large yellow letters across the bottle outlined in dark blue making it really stand out against the pale blue background, just underneath this is written " Bathroom Cleanfinity" again these are written in blue and green. Right at the bottom of the label is a picture of a sparkling clean bath and sink standing on very shiny floor tiles, almost inline with this at the top of the label is a large splash of blue water. The only other information on the front of the bottle is a white circle outlined in pale green with the words "Continuous protect formula" written in the middle of it. The label on the front of the bottle is quite simple and does not contain a huge amount of information, but it does tell you exactly what it needs to and gives the impression that this product will leave your bathroom clean and sparkling. All of the relevant information about this product is written on the label on the back of the bottle, this includes a small description about Flash Cleanfinity, the usage instruction and also various warnings about the product, most of these are also accompanied my small pictures.

      Flash Bathroom Cleanfinity is like most other cleaners in terms of use, it has a blue and white plastic trigger spray on the end of the bottle, you simply press the trigger to spray the cleaner over whatever surface you care cleaning, the nozzle releases the cleaner in a fine mist it also means you can cover a reasonably large area in one go, handy for when you are cleaning the bath. Once you have covered the surface you rinse or wipe with a damp cloth. If however you have any tough stains, for the best results you leave the product on the surface for 5 minutes before rinsing.

      Areas of Use
      Flash Bathroom Cleanfinity can be used on most areas in the bathroom including
      *Shower doors,
      *Shower heads
      *Ceramic tiles
      I particularly liked that fact that this product could be used on a variety of surfaces as it meant I did not have to have a lot of clean products just to clean one small room;

      There are various warnings about Flash bathroom Cleanfinity on the back of the bottle, these are pretty much standard for this type of product and are all demonstrated using small pictures. The warnings consist of
      *Keep away from children
      *Keep away from your eyes, should this happen rinse well with clean water
      *Rinse and dry hands after use
      *If you have either sensitive skin or damaged skin on your hands you should avoid prolonged contact
      All of these warnings are standard but should be taken into consideration when using this.

      I purchased my bottle of Flash Cleanfinity from my local Tesco and it cost me £1.99 for a 500ml bottle, this was quite a bit cheaper than most of the other bathroom cleaning products. So far this bottle is proving to be long lasting and therefore well worth the money.

      My Opinion
      When I first sprayed the Flash clean into my sink the first thing I noticed was the smell, it was not the overpowering chemical type smell you usually get with these sorts of cleaners it had an almost fruity smell to it, it reminded me slightly of apples, the fragrance was strong but not overpowering, it had a lovely clean fresh smell to it. The liquid inside the bottle is totally clear when sprayed meaning it can be a bit hard to see the areas you have sprayed but this was not too much of a problem. As I started to wipe over the area I was very impressed with the way in which the cleaner foamed up, I liked this because in my mind the more it foamed the better job it was doing of cleaning. Once the area was fully wiped over I started to rinse with clean water, the amount of foam produced meant it did take quite a bit of rinsing to get rid of it all, however once it had all been removed I was very impressed with how clean and sparkling my sink, bath and toilet looked, I have chrome taps in the bathroom and the cleaner removed all lime scale and watermarks on them leaving them as sparkly as the rest of the room. After I had used Flash Cleanfinity in my bathroom the whole room smelt lovely, it looked extremely clean and smelt very fresh. All in all I was very pleased with the results and the way in which Flash had cleaned my bathroom.

      Flash Cleanfinity is supposed to form a barrier to prevent bathroom dirt and watermarks from attaching to your surfaces keeping them cleaner for longer, I have used my Flash a few times now and I cannot say that I have noticed a huge amount of difference in this area, I still get watermarks on my taps however this may change the more I use the product, even if it does not I'm not too worried about this as the product still does an excellent job of cleaning my bathroom. I would definitely recommend this product as it is an extremely good cleaner and leaves your bathroom looking spotless.


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        06.03.2011 18:23
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        excellent bathrom cleaner that is not overpowering

        Flash Bathroom cleanfinity is my current bathroom cleaner. I do tend to try out a few different ones, especially when they are on offer. This was on offer recently in Wilkinson's for £1 (normally priced £1.99) for a 500ml bottle.


        The product comes in a sturdy white plastic spray bottle. The lid itself is quite chunky compared to a lot of others I have seen, as is the nozzle and spray trigger. This allows for a firm grip and easy but firm spray action. The nozzle you can twist to an off position of spray.

        On the back label is most of the product information set out in a simple written and picture format.
        As with most bathroom cleaners this is suitable for baths, sinks, showers and toilets. They do point out though that it should not be used on marble, coloured enamel or enamel over ten years old.

        Pictures also guide you through what not to do with the product like keep out of the reach of children, don't get it in your eyes and avoid prolonged contact with skin or inhale the spray.

        A small written piece at the top tells you that the cleanfinity brands are supposed to form a barrier to help prevent your average bathroom marks sticking to the surfaces for longer. Interestingly they compare it to there own flash multi purpose brand. I like this as many other company's compare there products to "leading brands" which you are never really sure who or what that is.

        Made by Proctor and Gamble company, they give an address and free phone contact detail.

        **THE PRODUCT**

        The spray comes out fast and is fairly wide spread, with no option for a finer narrow spray like some others. It is instantly visible where you have sprayed as the liquid foams slightly immediately. The foam is supposed to be left for up to ten minutes to soak, then washed away or wiped with a damp cloth. I tend to use a sponge for mine and then rinse away. This seems to work very well I have to put very little effort into getting the white enamel clean and I like the fact that the product foams up even more. The only down side to this is that you need to rinse more especially for those areas where you cannot spray clean with a shower head.
        The smell is not unpleasant, it does have a bathroom smell but not bleach ridden like so many others and I don't find it overpowering even in my small bathroom.
        My enamel does seem to have a shine for longer than with some other products although I do clean my bathroom every few days anyway where her it needs it or not..


        Very impressed and will defiantly buy again.


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          26.05.2010 16:24
          Very helpful



          One of the better bathroom cleaners

          I've been very busy today and, included in my chores was cleaning the bathroom. I gave it a very thorough clean. I'm not overly keen on housework, I admit, but this is one of the jobs I don't mind, especially if I have a good cleaner to use. I find Flash products generally good and this bathroom 'Cleanfinity' spray, is no exception.

          This cleaner comes in a 500 ml plastic container with a spray trigger effect nozzle. The nozzle can be closed after use. It's easily recognisable as a Flash product through the labelling, which is a white bottle with a blue label and further blue on the lid, and the yellow FLASH lettering on the label. The picture on the label shows water and a sparkling bathroom.

          I'm a little short of elbow grease these days owing to a neuropathic condition which makes cleaning not an easy task, therefore good products are essential to me. I find with some cleaners, and not necessarily only the cheaper brands, that more power is needed than I have to give. Not so in the case of this cleaner.

          The bottle (very importantly for me) is easy to grip and to use. I find some containers slip, which is annoying and slows one down. The nozzle is easy to use and, again, with some products you really have to keep pumping at the trigger and, although, this will sound strange to those without similar problems, can really cause problems. I would think arthritis sufferers would understand the need for a well designed container and spray.

          With this product you simply spray it onto all surfaces to be cleaned. I use it on the bathroom suite, shower attachments and screen plus shelves. I then leave it on these places for a few minutes while I clean the bathroom surface (worktop type) with a detergent, and then return to the bath, sink and toilet and wipe with a cloth. I finish by rinsing the bath and shower screen with the shower head, so not to leave any surfaces dangerously slippery. I find that my white bathroom suite and chrome taps are then clean with not too much effort from me. I am always pleased with the gleaming, new look of my bathroom. It really does look inviting, even if this doesn't last too long, owing to the demands put on a family bathroom.

          One thing that I do find with many of the Flash sprays is the smell is strong and somewhat lingering. I like the smell but if it gets on your hands it tends to stay even after washing with soap and water. Because the smell is strong I would suggest keeping the room well ventilated, especially if, like me, you have an asthma sufferer in the house.

          Flash Bathroom Cleanfinity claims it, 'forms a barrier to prevent typical bathroom dirt and watermarks from attaching to your surfaces- to keep your bathroom shiny and fresh for longer.*
          *than with Flash multi purpose cleaner lemon.'

          I'm not sure about that as I tend to clean the bathroom regularly as it is well used. All that I can honestly say is that it is definitely easy to use and does leave the surfaces sparkling.

          * DO NOT USE on marble, stone containing marble. Coloured enamel or enamel that is over ten years old or worn.

          As with similar products this MUST be kept out of the reach of children.

          Keep away from eyes.

          Rinse and dry hands after use. people with sensitive skin should avoid prolonged contact with this cleaner.


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