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Focus Do It All Own Brand

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    1 Review
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      23.02.2002 19:39
      Very helpful



      I’ve had a couple of days off from the painting! We had a visitor from down south so instead of painting, I offered him the use of my drill and pointed him in the general direction of something that needed fixing. It’s fixed now too. What a good bloke! I was starting to think that a paintbrush might actually be a natural part of my body. Every time I looked at my right hand, there it was. I rarely wore anything half decent at home anymore, just a pair of old black trousers and blue checked shirt, covered in paint spots. My hair looks different too - it has multi-coloured ends. But hold on, isn’t that supposed to be trendy? Maybe not. Believe me, once this lot’s done, it’ll be a long time before it gets re-done! I’ve just finished off the front porch, am halfway through daughter no. 2’s bedroom and have now used both emulsion and gloss from Focus Do It All. As I’ve used three other brands so far during my home make-over attempt, there’s been enough to compare with for me to be able to say that I’m VERY impressed with this paint, without that being down to not knowing any better. EMULSION First of all, this paint was very true to the colour shown on the colour chart. I chose “Nutty Sundae” (a sort of orangey terracotta) for the porch, and although it seemed to be far more orange than I’d originally expected, when I checked the wall against the chart, the match was pretty much spot on. It’s just that when you have a 2 x 1 cm oblong of colour amongst numerous other colours, colours appear different to what you see when they cover an entire wall. It still looks a whole lot better than it did before I started though. I hate having to do more than necessary, so coverage is important to me. Two coats gave me a perfect finish. I chose the matt finish, as I didn’t want too much shine, and I can only say that I’m extremely satisfie
      d with the result. All Focus Do It All emulsions are available in both matt and silk finishes. Drying time for the matt emulsion was very quick. An hour after applying the first coat, I was able to get going on the second without any “dragging” problems. The consistency is perfect. Not too thick and not too runny. It went on beautifully. A real pleasure to paint with. The can is the old-fashioned type with a tin lid that you just prise open. You can’t see the paint inside, but as I said, it does match the colour chart and the splodge on the front of the can. Smell is minimal, due to the low VOC content (0.30% - 7.99%) typical of all modern emulsion paint. However, if the environment is your main concern, there are emulsions that have a lower VOC content that this one. Brushes/rollers/pads can be cleaned in warm water, although I did find that my brush and pad were stained. Mind you, I’ve since used them again without any of the colour coming through, so it wasn’t really a problem. I was also able to remove some spilt paint from the carpet with warm soapy water and a scrubbing brush. A word of advice here. If you do spill some, let it dry first before trying to remove it. If you try to do while it’s still wet, you’ll probably just end up spreading it about even more. As with all emulsion, allow the paint to set for about a week before attempting to wash it down with a damp cloth. Emulsion is available in two sizes. 2.5 litre = £8.99 5 litre = £16.49 GLOSS The choice this time was Noen Bright (a bright, deep lilac). Again the paint was very true to the colour on the chart and it covered beautifully. One coat was all I needed and it wasn’t even one-coat paint! Consistency, once again, was perfect. The paint went on smoothly without any dripping. I love painting the woodwork. I find it very therapeutic to just
      sit on the floor painting the skirting boards. I suppose it’s because I have a focus for my concentration and that empties my mind of all the rubbish it usually contains and allows it to wander off to pleasant pastures. It’s almost like meditation! But it doesn’t work if I have to spend more time smoothing out drips than actually painting so this paint was perfect. The can is just like most other gloss paint cans. A simple tin lidded can. I like them like that. I know what I’m doing with them. The paint was touch dry within about 2 hours, and if needed, should be ready for a second coat in 16 hours (according to the tin). The VOC content is 25% - 50% but compared with the gloss paint of a different brand that I used a few days ago, there wasn’t much smell to this one. Obviously, more than you’d get with emulsion, but nowhere near as bad as it could’ve been. Brushes etc can be cleaned using white spirit or special brush cleaner, but I never do that. I wrap them in a sandwich bag to keep them soft overnight, and when the jobs finished, they get binned. I can’t be doing with all that mucking about. I always get into too much of a mess. The end result was lovely. A nice, smooth finish with very few brush marks or drips. Gloss paints are available in 750 ml tins costing £4.65 GENERAL I really can’t fault either the emulsion or the gloss. They’re both excellent value for money. There are plenty of colours to choose from, so finding something to suit your taste shouldn’t present too much of a problem, unless of course you want something that isn’t in vogue at the moment. As with all paint manufacturers, the colours match today’s decorating trends. Special kitchen and bathroom paint is available, although I haven’t used this so can’t comment on the quality I’m afraid. I haven’t
      decided what to use in the kitchen yet, but if I choose paint from this range, I’ll come back and update. If you’re the lazy type and want one-coat paint (wouldn’t you think I’d go for that?) it’s perhaps better to look elsewhere as the colour choice is very limited for this type of paint. The latest introduction is cupboard paint. Evidently, this can be painted straight on to MDF, melamine and acrylic without the use of a primer. There isn’t a huge range of colours to choose from but it sounds pretty handy. I wouldn’t think twice about using this paint again, and if any of you have read my op on B&Q paint, you’ll understand just how relieved I was to get a good result. In fact, I was so pleased I got the Vodka bottle out to celebrate! Skaal ;-) ~~+~~+~~+~~


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