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Glade Bali Sandalwood & Jasmine Candle

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2 Reviews

Brand: Glade / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    2 Reviews
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      14.01.2013 22:24
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      A lovely rich warm aroma from Glade

      I love to keep my home smelling fresh and clean and one of my favourite ways to do this is with scented candles. I love the way they can create a clean fresh feeling in the house or a warm cosy atmosphere. My house is open plan so they are also good for banishing any lingering cooking smells.

      Just before Christmas Tesco were selling Glade candles for £2.00 instead of their usual £4.00 price tag, I always like to buy a few of these when they are on offer and I have just finished burning Bali Sandalwood & Jasmine. I was drawn to this one because it has jasmine in it which is one of my favourite fragrances when it comes to scented candles.

      As I mentioned I bought my Glade candle from my local Tesco for just £2.00, The candle is sold in a small box with one corner cut away allowing you to give the wax a good smell before you buy. The box is mainly green and white and displays the Glade logo on the top and sides. The top of the box also informs the customer that this is Bali Sandalwood and Jasmine and will last for up to 30 hours. There is a small picture of some jasmine flowers on the box along with sandalwood.

      The rest of the box is taken up with the usual information you would expect to find on a product like this such as a few safety do's and don'ts and warnings. All of these are really just common sense and are written in several languages.

      The candle is sold in a little round glass jar which measures approximately 3 inches high, this has a plastic wrapper stuck tightly around it which although sounds a bit tacky does actually look very pretty once the candle is lit. The pattern looks like part of the glass. In this case the wrapper is a cream and gold colour with a gold swirly pattern on it, its very pretty and has a lovely sheen to it when the candle is alight.

      The wax itself is white in colour and smells absolutely gorgeous, its warm, sweet and rich, an ideal fragrance for the winter evenings.

      Once lit it doesn't take long for the delicious smell to filter around the room, the fragrance is warm, heady and floral with the jasmine dominating, its ideal for winter evenings creating a cosy warm atmosphere. The smell lingers well after the candle has been extinguished and I could even smell it faintly when I came down my stairs the next morning.

      Glade state that this will last for up to 30 hours, personally I found that a little ambitious but it did last for a good 25 hours. I found the wax burned down evenly so it was all used. For the £2.00 price tag this was a great buy however I loved the fragrance so much I would be prepared to pay full price for this one.


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      21.11.2012 13:22
      Very helpful
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      A nice enough candle from Glade - one of their better ones

      Glade Bali Sandalwood & Jasmine scented candle

      I cannot walk past a scented candle and these lovely little glass jars containing the scented candle from Glade just sort of popped into my trolley as they were on special at £2.00 each. I do have a few candles I bought from Amazon and ebay but I still thought these were worth trying as I do love my home to smell cosy and welcoming. I always think scented candles are more necessary in winter when the windows tend not to be open and we are inside more.

      The candle is in a small rounded glass jar without a lid. The jar came with a cardboard outer but luckily you could still smell the candle as the cardboard outer didn't cover the entire candle. I tried smelling them all and came away with this Bali sandalwood and Jasmine fragrance and another that I forget now but will be reviewing later.

      The jar is a warm caramel with a swirly design around the jar on a shrink wrapped plastic darker at the top fading to cream at the bottom. The plastic decorating cover on the outside of the jar does look quite attractive and certainly wouldn't look out of place in a sitting room or bedroom. If you are in to candles in the bathroom then it would look fine in there too.

      The actual candle is weighs 120g. On the front of the cardboard outer is a picture of few cinnamon sticks and jasmine flowers and the words "Bali Sandalwood & Jasmine". I am also informed that the candle will last up to 30 hours but I think they are quite safe in claiming that as I cannot imagine anyone timing a candle bur but maybe I am wrong. I am not going to bother as I have far too many other things to do in my life!

      I have had this candle since the start of October and it has been burning on and off for a number of days for about 4 hours at a time in quite a small room with the door closed as it is cold and we have the small radiator on rather than heating the entire house. Times are hard and we are also trying to do our bit for the planet!

      This fragrance is much more noticeable than the previous Glade offering I bought. Glade candles are usually quite good I have found in the past and this was a good example as the smell was beautifully India and the fragrance of Sandalwood is one of my favourites which is lifted a bit by the floral jasmine addition. When I held the candle unlit under my nose I could smell a lovely sweet spicy blend which reminds me of India and evenings in tropical gardens. The room smelled comfortably warm and sweetly spicy, a bit like walking down a market in Oman or somewhere similar.

      How this candle is scented is not divulged on the pack but I am warned that
      "Air fresheners do not replace good hygiene practices".

      So bummer I will have to continue cleaning the house and washing my clothes and having baths. What an amazing surprise. Who do they write these instructions for? Or should I ask "Who thinks of this sort of rubbish to write on packs?" I am honestly almost struck dumb with amazement at things I read on some packs.

      Anyway this candle is not full of natural essential oils and natural ingredients it does contain octabenzone, and 2-(4-tert-butybenzyl|) propionaldehyde. Now doesn't that really tempt you? Apparently this may cause an allergic reaction. I am now wondering why I allowed this to jump into my trolley as it sounds more like a bomb than a scented candle.

      Curiosity has got the better of me and I have discovered that octabenzone, is used to protect polymers against damage by UV light. Then the next ingredient propionaldehyde "is a colourless liquid with a slightly irritating, fruity odour".

      It does say on the box that the candle is harmful to aquatic organisms but I am not sure if that is from the aroma or if you throw the candle into the tank or river. This might need investigating further if you own a fish tank.

      I would suggest that you could have this one burning before or after a meal as the smell is warming and festive but in my humble view would not interfere with the food, especially not the desert or pre dinner drinks part. I'm not sure how I feel about scented candles during a meal personally I don't use them except before guests arrive but that is a matter of choice. I tend to save them for the relaxing area of the house to move into after you have enjoyed your meal.

      I have used it to get rid of cooking smells and it does slowly freshen the stale cooking smell from my kitchen and replace it with a hints of Eastern markets generated by this candle's aroma which is much more pleasant so I can say it works with aroma removal but slowly.

      So in short I would recommend this candle for its air freshening and scented qualities and I am sure it lasted the full promised 30 hours. This candle is one of the better ones from Glade you have just about and I hope the other candles I have are as good. Personally I prefer the Airwick Ribbon scented candles to these as the scent is much stronger, the jar more classy looking and the jar is much nicer and can re re-used or flowers etc after the candle has finished which I wouldn't bother with these Glade jars.

      Thanks for reading and hope this has been of some interest to you. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.

      © catsholiday


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