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Glade Essential Oil Plug In Diffuser Summer Delight

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Brand: Glade / Type: Diffuser / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      24.03.2011 10:20
      Very helpful



      Lovely scent, easy to use and helps!

      When it comes to air fresheners they really are something that I tend to buy each time I do a big shop, however I always feel disappointed with them cos although their intial fragrance can be wonderful and disguise nasty niffs I feel that they never seem to last long enough.

      With four hamsters, a flatmate and a boyfriend that comes to stay often and myself all smoking and eating all my pad can smell less than beautiful rather often. I can open the windows of course to my hearts delight but one of my hamsters (Maud Fanny) stinks the place out with pee no matter what I try do to and I don't feel its particulary healthy to keep spraying stuff in the air but I refuse to let my lovely flat smell bad!

      Which is why recently I purchased a few different varities of Glade plug in diffusers. I wanted something to fragrance my home 24/7 and this you can buy refills for (in any Glade scent) and so I felt it was very worth a try.

      The Packaging:

      The box the diffuser comes in is white and yellow with a photograph of a yellow flower on the front if it along with the diffuser being shown and we are told that it is Johnson 'A Family Company', Glade Essential Oil Electric Diffuser 'Summer Delight'. Other information stated on the box includes being told a bit about the product and how to use it (including a couple of diagramns being shown), the size of the liquid is given which is 20ml in all cases, warnings are given and contact details for the manufacturer are also stated. Inside you get the diffuser and the liquid in a bottle and all in all this is nice enough packaging and informative enough.

      The Diffuser:

      What you get is simply a white plastic tear shaped case with a small hole to the top of it and then you get a Glade scent which is light yellow (in this case) in a see through plastic bottle and you twist off the white lid on the top of it and simply and gently pop it into the hole in the bottom of the case till you here a slight click and this is ever so easy to do indeed. This fits neatly and plush into a plug socket via plastic pieces that fit into said plug socket and all you are left to do then is play with the plastic integrated dial on the front of it which has settings from 1 to 5 on it, 1 being able to lightly fragrance you home (we are told on the front of the box that on this setting it could fragrance with one refill for about a month) and 5 being the heaviest setting releasing the most fragrance. The pieces of plastic in the plug socket do get warm but not too hot or dangerous on the back of this unit/diffuser and warms up the scent thus releasing it into the atmosphere.

      This particular scent 'Summer Delight' is really, really pretty and to me really feminine. I expected it to be lightly floral and green fragranced however to me and the people around me this has a slight scent of florals sure but a really rich and velvety smell of vanilla! I love it thought I wouldn't really call it summery! I can put this on any setting of course that I choose to and depending on where I put it depends on the settings I have these on. Like in the hallway say I'll pop one onto the 1setting and it does last around a month till you can see the fragrance has ran out and not really smell it anymore. However a 3 setting is needed in my bedroom and near my smelly hamsters (living room) I continously have this particular unit always on a 5. Although on a 5 setting this really does release a strong and noticable scent it isn't overpowering at all and is really fresh though do be aware on this setting it does run out in a bout two weeks (if your lucky!).

      This doesn't irradicate smells just helps to override them and in my case I really do appreciate that and find them very useful to me indeed.

      Expect to pay around the £4.00 mark for a box containing the diffuser and one scent and like I stated earlier refills are available though don't expect them to be very much cheaper than buying the unit plus scent! I bought mine in Asda though I have seen them in all major supermarkets etc too!


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