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Glo Care Rescue It Coloursafe

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Brand: Glo Care / Type: Bleach / Category: Laundry

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    1 Review
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      20.05.2008 23:12
      Very helpful



      Worth a try but don't hold your breath!

      I have been having a run of bad luck (The pun there is unintentional) with new clothes I have bought recently. I have spoilt a new white top with foundation that doesn't even come out with neat bleach, on its second wearing. Had the stitching on the hem of another top go after just a few times of washing and now this.

      I bought a lovely red two layer top, basically it looks like a red T shirt over a white one, you know the type they are everywhere at the moment. I wore it once and put it in the wash basket, as you do.

      I pulled out a load of coloured washing and a dark load to put on (you can see what is coming can't you!) and I brought both downstairs. I loaded up the coloured load and put it on to wash leaving the dark load down by the washing machine. Thought nothing more of it then once finished I started to put it all out on the line.

      Then I noticed my nice new top and unfortunately my nice charcoal grey trousers that had been in the wash with it all! I could have cried! My new top was now grey and red and not in a good way! All the white parts where a horrid patchy grey!

      I email my other half throughout the day and I told him what I had done while being extremely annoyed with myself for putting in the trousers by mistake. How stupid not to have checked through everything again downstairs!

      My other half went to Sainsburys in his lunch break and had a look for something to sort it out. I hadn't asked him to, what a sweetie! He called me and told me what he had found and checked that I thought it would be ok.

      All I said to check was that it was suitable for coloured as well as white clothes. It cost him £2.68 not a horrendous amount to spend.

      He brought home a bright red and blue eye catching box. It was only small, 13cms x 11cms x 3cms. The front of the box says "Glo Care Rescue-it colour run remover... for white and coloured items. 2 x 65ml sachets."

      The back of the box goes into more detail saying "Colour runs are a wash day nightmare, especially when they involve your favourite garments... the bleach free formulation removed only unwanted dye... ensuring colours and whites are clean, stain free and ready to wear everytime. You don't even need to worry about colourfastness tests! "

      There are full directions for using Rescue-it in the washing machine and by hand. I used the washing machine. For hand washing you use one sachet mixed in water and leave it to soak for an hour then rinse.

      With a washing machine you do as I did. Cut open both sachets of gel (I will tell you about them in a moment) and pour them into the empty drum of the machine. Put the item/s in on top of it and put it on a wash as hot as the fabric can stand (check the label!) DO NOT ADD DETERGENT, you can add conditioner if you want.

      I cut open the white plastic sachets, which also have the instructions on and poured in the clear gel which I was surprised to find actually smelt rather nice, a lot like detergent.

      I sat with my fingers crossed while the wash went on and wasn't surprised when I opened the door to find that it hadn't really worked. The white parts were not white again just a slightly paler grey than before. By slightly I mean it didn't do much at all.

      I did this the same day before it had even gone dry from the first wash. It wasn't a rescue, not by any means!

      My top did smell and feel ok the fabric was in no way damaged by this treatment.

      Do I recommend it? I think if you have ruined an article of clothing and want to try then do but don't think it will be a miracle! I didn't lose anything by trying and it could have saved my nice new top but it didn't!

      In the end I unstitched the white parts and bleached them before sewing it all back together, a lot of effort but I wear it quite a lot now, it is a nice comfy top. As you can imagine I am much more careful about what it gets washed with now!

      Dos and don'ts

      Never use detergent,
      Don't use time delay, wash straight away,
      Don't over load the machine,
      Don't use economy or pre-was cycles,
      Do treat colour runs when they are fresh,
      Do try again with a second treatment for strong discolouration.
      Keep out of reach of children.

      For online advice visit www.glocare.co.uk/colourruns

      For expert advice write to Helen Why, ACDOCO Customer service department, Bolton, BL1 9PP, England. Tel, 01204 600500 email, Helen-why@acdoco.com

      Contains among other ingredients;
      5-15% Non-ionic surfactants, Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone.


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    • Product Details

      A bleach free formulation that removes unwanted dye for colours and whites.

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