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Glo Care Stain Devils Stain Specific No.1

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    5 Reviews
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      07.03.2009 15:01



      fantastic solution product.

      The stain devils ball point pen remover is absolutely fantastic! My son came home from school with black marker pen all down the back of his red school fleece plus some on the sleeve, it would seem that they are now taught sitting on the mat with a white board and marker pen!! these kids are 5 & 6 years old so cannot sit still, remember to put the lids on pens or avoid others clothing, however I poured some onto each mark and then washed on 40% wash with normal soap liquid and hey presto not a sign of ink and no damage to the material or colouring, so girls get stocked up today, this is a brilliant solution to common stains such as ball point pen ink and felt pens, it also says it cleans beer and liquor stains, can't vouch for those as I didn't need to take to drink!


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      27.01.2009 14:21
      Very helpful
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      Works on most fresh stains - wouldn't be without it

      After having tried numerous supermarket stain removal products that didn't work, I found Stain Devils and haven't looked back since. They come in many different varieties and cover most everyday stains you can think of. They all have a number which are -

      No.1 removes Ballpoint Pen, Felt Alcoholic Drinks
      No.2 removes: Blood, Egg, Ice Cream, Milk
      No.3 removes: Oil, Grass, Grease, Make-Up
      No.4 removes: Tea, Coffee, Ink, Cola
      No.5 removes: Cooking Oil / Fat, Curry, Sauce, Chocolate
      No.7 removes: Deodorant, Rust, And Iron Mould.
      No.8 removes: Paint, Candle Wax, Chewing Gum

      I tend to splash my clothes with oil when cooking and my husband never seems to put a mouthful of curry in his mouth without it first going via his shirt!! Therefore No.5 is the one I use most often and am going to review.

      It is very easy to use and only a small amount is needed. It comes in a narrow, yellow, plastic bottle with a child safety top. The label advises you to test the solution on an inconspicuous area of the fabric you are about to use it on, basically to test if it for colour fastness. I haven't had any problems with this, but most of the clothes I use it on are cotton based. I do think I would be wary of using it on silk or delicate fabrics.

      You do not need to dilute the solution before using. The first thing you need to do is remove any residue of food that may be over the stain and then place an absorbent white cloth underneath the stain. Please note that it says white cloth and I would advise you do as the label says, otherwise you could end up with the colour of your cloth on the garment you are treating! All you need to do now is place a small amount of solution onto the stain. It advises you to tap it in with your fingers but from experience I find it best to work it in with a fingernail, therefore pushing the solution through the stain and onto the cloth below. Having said all that, nine times out of ten, I don't put a cloth underneath as I find it removes the stain without the need of a cloth. Once you have worked in the solution it advises to rinse with warm water, however if I am just about to put a load of clothes in the washing machine, I don't bother rinsing it off. However I would advise not letting the solution dry on a garment, otherwise it leaves a mark of its own, rather like a watermark.

      As this product contains chemicals you should wash your hands after using it and avoid splashing it in your eyes. A bottle contains 1.7fl oz/50ml and costs approximately £2.50.

      This is a brilliant product that I wouldn't be without. It's the stain remover that does what it says and gets rid of those stubborn, hard to remove greasy stains. I would definitely recommend you give it a try.


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        01.08.2008 01:47



        Stain Devils no 7 is brilliant for removing iron mould stains, which if not treated spread and stain other items as well.


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        19.05.2008 01:09
        Very helpful



        Cannot fault this.

        This is an excellent stain remover. To be honest, I was pretty sceptical at first, but having had no other economical idea, there wasn't really another a choice. I had foolishly left an upturned biro in one of my coat pockets and needless to say it left a very large ink stain. Without removing it, I would have had to waste a very expensive coat.

        The stain remover comes in quite a small bottle; I guess it is not often that you end up with stains that cover the size of a slice of bread. There are separate instructions for tackling different types of stains - small spot marks to large mapped stains.

        The instructions are pretty straight forward and allow you deal with the stain quickly.
        There is no need for dilution.

        Spot stains:
        You will need to have an extra scrap of absorbent cloth that you can place under the stain. Then using another clean cloth, moisten with a little of the solution and continuously dab on the stain until it has disappeared, and finally rinse with warm water. Depending on how stubborn the stain is, it will of course affect the amount of time you work on it.

        Large stains:
        It will be useful to have a saucer or some similar container of the sort as you will need to pour some of the solution into the saucer and then immerse the stained area fully into the liquid to soak for 10-15 minutes. Then to rinse the area with warm water. It is advised to repeat with fresh solution if required.

        With the stain I had to remove (it was the span size of, roughly, an orange) I actually carried out all of the instructions - that is, dabbing and scrubbing the area with the solution first and then soaking it in a dish of liquid for half an hour. I also had to repeat this procedure. In the end I used up the whole bottle, and thankfully it was just enough to remove all of it.

        But the results were excellent. My coat was a kind of trench coat/mac type garment, so wasn't exactly delicate fabric. Because the results were so good, I'm assuming the mixture is chemically quite strong, so I'm not so sure what the effect would be on delicate materials, it may be best to test on a small area.

        Although, a very small bottle (not stated - approx. 30ml) this only cost £1 from Tescos.

        Excellent stuff!

        ©Leighsady 2008


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          17.11.2005 13:02
          Very helpful



          Easy to use, efficient stain removers for household stains.

          I am very clumsy and am constantly spilling things on my clothes or sitting in chewing gum! My greatest disaster so far was when I shook a pot of Tip-Ex at work and managed to cover myself and by brand new jeans and wool jumper with sticky white correction fluid!! Apart from feeling stupid, I knew not to worry about getting the stain out, as I knew help was at hand at home in the shape of a little bottle of Stain Devils.

          **What are they?**

          Stain Devil Specifics are small yellow bottles of stain removing solution. As every stain is different Stain Devils have created a unique system of individually formulated stain removers to effectively remove 100% of household stains. There are 8 Stain Devils available, with each one catering for a different sort of stain.

          Stain Devil no.1 removes ballpoint pen, felt tip and crayon etc
          Stain Devil no.2 removes blood, milk, cream and yoghurt etc
          Stain Devil no.3 removes chewing gum, glue and correction fluid etc
          Stain Devil no.4 removes coffee, tea, cola, and ink etc
          Stain Devil no.5 removes fat, grease, oil and curry etc
          Stain Devil no.6 removes fruit, red wine, baby food and mildew etc
          Stain Devil no.7 removes rust and iron mould
          Stain Devil no.8 removes tar, wax, paint and wax polish etc

          Stain Devils are formulated to be kind to fabric, hell on stains and suitable for use on most colourfast and washable fabrics. They are not suitable however for use on leather or suede.

          **The bottle**

          Each Stain Devil is sold in a small yellow 50ml bottle. They have a push down screw top lid, similar to those on a medicine or bleach bottle. The label on the front of the bottle outlines which stains the product can be used on, and the label on the back gives the directions for use.

          **How do I use them?**

          Aim to use the Stain Devils as quickly as possible, as the fresher the stain the easier it will be to remove it. However if it is a stain like correction fluid or wax, let it dry and then pick off as much as possible from the fabric before using the Stain Devil.

          If it is a small stain apply the Stain Devil liquid to a clean cloth and dab the stain, whilst also having a clean cloth below the stained fabric. Be careful to only dab and not rub, as rubbing can grind the stain further into the fabric. Reposition the clean cloth under the fabric frequently until the stain is removed. When the stain is fully removed rinse the treated area in warm water, or wash the whole garment according to its washing instructions.

          If it is a large stain (as it was with my Tip-ex accident!) pour the Stain Devil solution into a shallow bowl or saucer. Then immerse the stained area into the liquid and let it soak in for a few minutes, making sure you don’t let the solution dry on the fabric. Gently scrape away any residue using a blunt tool, or dab off the stain using a clean cloth. Again when the stain is fully removed rinse the treated area in warm water, or wash the whole garment according to its washing instructions.

          Always make sure you test the Stain Devil liquid on a hidden area of the fabric first, to check that it does not remove any dye or damage the fabric. The Tip-Ex I covered myself with also stained my dark coloured denim jeans, but the solution was gentle enough not to remove any of the dye.

          **Tips for removing stains**

          The Stain Devil website gives a number of tips for removing stains which include:
          - Be very wary of using hot water on a stain, as heat can often set stains rather than remove them.
          - Soak very soiled items for a few hours overnight before washing. Automatic washers with pre-wash cycles are ideal for soaking. Making sure powder detergents are dissolved completely before soaking and always note the garment care instructions.
          - Never soak garments made of wool or silk in an attempt to remove a stain.
          - If you are not certain of the type of fabric or finish of the garment, do not attempt to treat it immediately. In this case, take the garment to a dry cleaning specialist.

          **My Opinion**

          I have several different bottles of Stain Devils for each of my many stain disasters (I must learn to stop eating curry while wearing a white top!) and each different type of stain remover has worked brilliantly. They are incredible quick and easy to use and have not harmed any of the fabrics I have used them on, including a pure wool jumper and a silk top. Each of the stains have been removed my simply dabbing with a cloth covered in the solution, and only once (with the Tip-Ex) have I had to leave the solution to soak through the stain. The bottles are only small so they are easy to keep in a cupboard for emergencies.

          I would recommend Stain Devil Specifics to anyone who is a bit clumsy like me or with children. Each bottle cost £1.99 and a tiny bit of the solution goes a long way.


          Stain Devil solutions are extremely strong so make sure the bottle is kept tightly closed and out of the reach of children. Some of the solutions contain irritants so make sure you wear rubber gloves while using them and use them in a well ventilated area.

          **Where can I buy Stain Devils?**

          Stain Devils can be bought in most supermarkets, Wilkinsons, Marks and Spencer and other hardware shops. They can also be bought for £1.99 from the Stain Devil Website (www.acdoco.co.uk)

          **Further Information**

          If you are unsure as to how to treat a stain or require any further information, the bottle labels states that you can contact Helen Why at Acdodo Customer Service Department, Bolton BL1 8PP, or email her at Helen-why@acdo.co.uk


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