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Glue Dots Brand Adhesives

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Manufacturer: Glue Dots / Type: Adhesives / Quantity: 300 adhesives

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    3 Reviews
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      19.12.2011 13:45
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      Handy little tools for any household

      There were the days of blue-tack and rolled sticky tape but now there doesn't seem to be any contest.
      Glue dots are sticky adhesive dots which provide great grip for posters, Christmas decorations, collages and temporal attachments to walls and vertical surfaces.

      As a Photographer working in a studio these are great to keeping rounded and unsteady objects from rolling off or toppling, in some instances from the table top. They don't leave much of a mess on the products themselves. When we photograph small fiddly items of jewellery they work best keeping little glass bobble ear-rings in position nicely. On walls unlike tape they don't take off the top layer of paint so perfectly effective and low or no damage created. It's best to keep the strip intact and not rip off as they cover the remaining dots from other contact. They really have multi-purpose.

      You unwind the glue dot reel which loosely comes apart when you pull. Press the section of reel with the glue dot attached onto you surface and peal back. This leaves the glue dot in position and ready for use. If you stick it to the wrong place you can easily peel the dot back off and re-apply to the correct place with your fingers. They provide instant secure attachment and are acid free.

      These boxes are available from craft-shops/hobby stores and come in packs of about 300 usually. This may vary and it's best to always check the packaging to be 100% sure.


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        08.03.2011 12:37
        Very helpful



        A great alternative to glue

        As I am getting married in July I have have recently made a start on making our favour boxes (well my mum and myself) In order to make the boxes, a small heart shaped box with pink ribbon and a small flower we needed to buy something to secure the ribbon in place, a glue stick or liquid glue gun were options we looked but decided this was going to be far too messy and would probably result in the glue going everywhere. We looked around the shops and ended up going to a small local craft shop and discovered Glue Dots, basically small dots of glue which can be used to stick a variety of materials with no mess at all, and they come in a variety of sizes. We opted for the Didi Glue Dots, the smallest glue dots they did, these were perfect for making our favour boxes.

        The glue dots came in a small dark green and white box, the top half of the box is white and has the words Glue Dots written at the top in black writing, the word dot is written in white writing inside a black circle, just below this in much smaller writing it says "The Dot That Does Alot". The bottom half of the box is dark green, in large black letters outline with a white border is the size of the glue dots, in my case Didi, below this is some rather small black writing, a little hard to see on the dark green background but it describes the dot as "bonding instantly" "no mess" "acid free" and "permanent adhesive", this is repeated in a further 2 languages, right at the bottom of the box, again in black writing and a little hard to see it states how many dots there are per box, 300 adhesives. All of the writing tends to be down the left hand side of the box with the right hand side being taken up by a large drawing of the reel of glue dots. On the back of the box, which is plain white in colour is all the relevant information about the dots including how to use them which is demonstrated with words and pictures, it lists where they can be used and the types of materials they can be used on, it also states one or two warnings about the dots aswell, all of this information is written in English and a further 2 languages aswell. All of the information is written in black writing making it very easy and clear to read against the white background.

        The glue dots come stuck to a large reel of what looks like a shiny grease proof paper, the dots are revealed as you gradually unroll the paper. the dots themselves are basically extremely clear dots of glue which barely measure a millimetre so the Didi version of the dots are very small, but this is ideal for what we want. The dots easily peel off of the shiny paper either with the use of something like a cocktail stick or even with just your finger ready to be stuck to the material you require. The dots are totally clear and can therefore not be seen when being used to fasten materials together.

        The Didi Glue Dots can be used in a variety of situations for example in the home, in workshops, for craft, in the office or even in schools. Glue Dots can be used to bond most surfaces including paper, plastics, metal, wood, foam, textiles and more. I have been using my glue dots to fasten the ribbon onto my favour boxes, so fastening fabric to cardboard. The dots really do work and hold the ribbons in place securely, the fact that they are totally clear means that the dots do not show at all. To stick the ribbons in place on my favour boxes I simply peel each dot off of the paper with my fingers and in turn stick it to the underside of the ribbon, I personally find this the easiest way to get them just where I want them, however you could use a cocktail stick or something similar to remove the dots from the paper and stick them in place, there is no right or wrong way of doing it, its just whatever works best for you, although I did not follow the exact instructions on the back of the box.

        Instructions (as per the box)
        1) Firmly press the item you wish to glue against one of the dots on the paper reel
        2) Gently pull the item away, the glue dot should be stuck to the back of the item
        3) Press the item to the surface you wish to glue it to

        That is basically it for the usage instructions they really are simple to use, with my favour boxes it is a little hard to press the ribbon direct to the glue dot and follow the recommended instructions as this is a bit too fiddly, however you really can use them in a way which works best for you. The dots are sticky both sides making them perfect for securing even very small items. What I also like about the glue dots is that if you have stuck them item slightly in the wrong place you can unpeel it and restick it back in the correct place with the same glue dot, I have don't this several times whilst making the favour boxes and have had to unpeel the ribbon from the box, the glue dot left no mark whatsoever on the box itself and I could securely restick the ribbon in the correct place using the same glue dot so there is very little chance of wasting them, but with 300 dots per roll you do have plenty for mistakes.

        I have only used the dots on the ribbons so far and have not tried them on other surfaces, however they fasten them so securely that I'm sure they would be perfect for many different crafts or even for securing things around the home and work place as suggested by the back of the box. They would be ideal for Christmas decorations. I would definitely use Glue Dots in the future should the need arise, the fact that they also do them in different sizes is also handy as there are Glue Dots for a variety of sized items, but again I have only tried the Didi ones which as I have said are the smallest Glue Dots I could buy in the shop I went to.

        As I have mentioned I brought my Glue Dots from a local one off craft shop and they cost be £2.85 for a box of 300, I would say they are averagely priced but for me they have been worth every penny as they have made making my favour boxes very easy and quick aswell as less messy than regular glue would have been. Since buying my Glue Dots I have seen them being sold in various stationary type shops and various craft shops, the price does vary a little depending on where you buy them from and also the size Glue Dots that you buy. With the fact that you can reuse the dots if you stick something in the wrong place means that there is very little waste, so I would say that the Glue Dots are very economical and long lasting especially with 300 ion one box.

        I would definitely recommend Glue Dots they are an ideal item to have around the house as they can be used for so many different things and on most materials, they are acid free meaning they are suitable to be used around children, the box even says they are suitable to be used in schools. There is no mess whatsoever when using them and they are very quick and simple to use, you do not have to wait for the glue to dry simply press it onto the back of the item you wish to glue and press it onto the surface you wish it to be glued to and that is it, no waiting for ages for the glue to dry before you move it. The instructions are clearly explained on the back of the box but there is no actual stick way of using them. Glue Dots can be used for so many different things they are the perfect alternative to regular glue, I would recommend these to anyone, and for me they have been perfect for helping me to make my favour boxes.


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          28.11.2009 15:53
          Very helpful



          Handy in a craft cupboard

          As some of you may know I enjoy scrapbooking in my spare time and that is how I first came across this wonderful little product. I spotted the multicoloured boxes in my local craft store and had to give them a closer inspection.

          Glue Dots are a double sided adhesive. It is quite difficult to describe them but they are basically blobs of clear glue that are stuck to a special paper. When you need to use them you peel off one side of the paper and attach them to the item that you need to stick down. You then peel off the glue dot from the other piece of paper and attach the whole thing where you wish it to be.

          There are many advantages of using Glue Dots instead of traditional glue:

          Instant Bonding- the Glue Dot gives an immediate, strong adhesion. There is no waiting around for the glue to dry. As soon as it is attached the object is stuck down.

          Clean- there are no messy glue pots or containers and there is nothing to knock over or splash in the wrong place by accident. If you have got a dot in the wrong place it is usually possible to peel it of with your nails except on paper where it will probably rip it unfortunately.

          Acid Free- when using adhesive in scrapbooking they need to be acid-free or eventually, over time, they turn brown and can damage photographs and paper. There are several glues on the market that are acid-free but it is always best to check. The whole Glue Dots range is guaranteed acid-free.

          Sticks a variety of Materials- Glue Dots can be used on paper and card but also on a variety of other things such as fabric, metal and wood. The only thing I have found that they are not successful on is treated leather.

          The Glue Dots can be used for a variety of purposes. As I said I was originally attracted to them because they appeared to be useful in scrapbooking. Due to their instant bonding they are particularly suited to sticking on heavier embellishments such as buttons and metal trims to pages. Using ordinary glue in these situations usually means laying a design aside for several hours whilst the glue sets, using the Glue Dots means that you can just carry on with your project. This is great because when the creative urge has taken hold I don't like to stop until I have finished the piece.

          The Dots have now found various other uses around my house. They are useful for attaching decorations at Christmas and for Birthdays around the house (obviously only the removable ones!) and cards. We have attached ornaments firmly so that our kittens don't knock everything over. Children use them to attach posters and pictures in their rooms (once again removable type only!). I have attached beads that have come off a pendant and also attached decoration to a fancy-dress costume when I just couldn't be bothered to get out a needle and thread! They have also come in handy when wrapping presents as they give a nice discreet finish and also allow easy attachment of bows and ribbons. Sticky tape is cheaper but since that always seems to sprout legs and walk in our house it is useful to have the Glue Dots to fall back on!

          There are many different Glue Dots available and they are usually available as sheets, rolls or Dot'n'Go dispensers. I tend to buy the rolls as I find them easy to use and more cost effective than the dispensers. The price of 300 mini size is about £2.99.

          Didi/Mini/Craft Dots- vary in size from 3 to 12 mm, gives a permanent, immediate adhesion. These have a slight thickness to them so things are slightly raised after being glued down.

          Pop-Up- marketed to give a raised effect or to attach heavy items. I have never tried these and find that the ordinary craft dots are quite sufficient.

          Memory Dots- these are particularly aimed at scrap bookers as they are very thin so that everything lies flat after it is glued. 10mm size.

          Invisi Dots- these are used to attach velum sheets. I have used these and found them quite good and they are hardly visible through the velum.

          Removable Dots- these are very useful for decorations around the house and they do not leave marks after they are removed.

          Overall I have found these to be a very welcome addition to my craft cupboard. I don't use them for all the gluing I do as they would work out quite expensive and there are better value products out there. However I do find that they are very good at attaching more unusual and heavy items to my pages. They are also good when children are working on projects as the results are instant; there is no waiting around for things to dry.


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