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Harveys Leather Care Kit

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Brand: Harveys / Type: Cleaning Accessories - / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Bucket, Broom, Brush etc.

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    1 Review
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      29.08.2010 09:49
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      Harveys Leather care kit

      Harveys Leather Care Kit


      We have recently been redecorating and updating our spare room at home and as well as laying a new floor and replacing the wallpaper we bought a new leather sofa from Harveys. As is the case when you buy something in store you are offered various extended warranties and extra add-ons all with the aim of making you part with your hard earned cash and for the most part we always say "no thank you".

      The Leather care kit was one such extra we were offered and as we already have two leather sofas in our living room and our latest one now makes three we decided that this may be a wise investment given the amount of use they get on a daily basis. As shown in the picture above the kit comes packaged in a largish rectangular box and if you look very carefully you will detect the RRP in the corner - £39.99 which is, frankly, outrageous but a clever marketing ploy as in store this is offered to customers for just £10.00.

      Deciding that £10.00 wasn't *too* much to pay for what could be a useful kit we were sold to the idea, bought one and brought it home with us.

      **What do you get for your money? **

      Inside the box there are:

      8 Soft Cleaner Cloths
      8 Protection Cream Cloths
      4 Ink Remover Wipes

      Plus a leaflet stating that the kit "provides the required products to care for and maintain the appearance of your leather upholstery" Each of the cloths are individually wrapped in a protective plastic sleeve and directions for use are printed on the reverse side and ideally should be used in the following order; Cleaner cloth first followed by Protection cloth.

      **In Use**

      Cleaning Cloth

      After removing a cleaner cloth from its packaging I noticed that it was a white, square piece of thin cloth which was reminiscent of the cleaning wipes you can buy. The cleaning solution is impregnated into the cloth itself and the directions indicate that you simply wipe over your sofa in circular movement without rubbing too hard. There is enough solution in a single cloth to completely clean a small sofa or a single armchair but as we have a two seater and a three seater in our living room we had to use two of the cloths to completely clean ours. I found this to be a very effective cleaner and it was surprising just how dirty the sofas actually were, the cloths certainly changed colour during use and the end result was very pleasing with our sofas taking on a gleaming appearance. The cloths had no discernable smell to them so were not overly 'chemical' or harsh to the nose and there was no transfer of aroma to our hands. You are directed to leave the leather to dry for approximately half an hour before moving onto the second stage; the Protection cream cloth:

      Protection Cream Cloth

      This one out of the packaging felt heavier than the cleaner cloth and somewhat damper, the cream is again impregnated into the cloth itself and the directions for use indicate that you transfer the cream directly onto the leather in light circular movements. There is no aroma again from the cream but the leather takes on a shine which is clear to see and the end results looked very impressive, we found that once we had applied the cream to the sofas that they looked as they originally did when we bought them new and the cream cloth really is the better of the two products in this kit.

      Whilst the cleaner cloth was effective we could have realistically got the same results with a generic wet wipe, the protection cream however did leave the sofas looking and feeling brand new. The leather had a smoother feel to it and whilst there is no visible 'sheen' to the protective layer this leaves behind you can certainly tell a difference between the 'before' and 'after'.

      Fresh Ink Remover Wipe

      Included in the kit are 4 ink remover wipes which I suppose could be handy for those people with children. It is worth mentioning here that these wipes are intended for fresh ink and not for existing stains so would probably not be any good for removing ink that has had time to become ingrained into the leather. We haven't used these to be honest so I can't say if they are effective or not but they are there if required.

      **My thoughts**

      I'm in two minds overall with this Leather Care Kit from Harveys, the protective cream cloths are very, very good and do leave leather looking fresh and new but is the kit worth the money? In all honesty no I don't think it is even at £10.00 and definitely not at the RRP of £39.99. The whole kit is over-packaged in my opinion with the cardboard box being an unnecessary addition and whilst I wouldn't say it has been deliberately packaged to deceive I do think that its usefulness has been overstated. The cleaner cloths could easily be replaced with normal, everyday wet wipes and the protection cream be replaced with any other generic leather cream so all in all this is an expensive add-on which could easily be sourced from any supermarket at a fraction of the price.

      There is no information on the box or the wipes themselves as to what they contain so I can't advise on what solution is used but there are warnings indicating that these are suitable for most types of leather except for aniline, coated leather, suede or nubuck so if you were considering these then do bear this in mind.

      This kit can be bought online from Amazon from a third party seller for just £8.00 but even at that I wouldn't recommend it, in store at Harveys you will be told that this is on special offer with every purchase and has been discounted from its original price of £39.99 - take this information with a large pinch of salt as I doubt it has ever been sold at its full price and for me is just a marketing gimmick which leads you to believe you are bagging a bargain.

      Overall I can only award a 2 star rating for the Harveys Leather care kit basing this on everything I have mentioned in this review. The protection cream wipes are the best thing about it but 8 wipes for £10.00 is extortionate by my reckoning and wouldn't be something that I would recommend. Buyer beware would be my advice, this is certainly something to avoid if you ever find yourself buying a leather sofa from Harveys.

      Thanks for reading my review.


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      Leather Furniture Cleaning Kit

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